Saturday, October 15, 2016


by marcs77

Do you remember of So Cal, Huntington Beach resident, punk rockers GUTTERMOUTH? You definitely should because the band has been around quite a long time now –’88 early 90’s but perhaps you’re just too young and the name doesn’t say you that much as it actually does for the generation who was in their teens in the 90’s.
After 10 years since their last full-length release the guys are back with an EP doppietta; the first EP “Got It Made” was release last July and the second one, to be titled “New Car Smell”, is scheduled to drop on November 25th 2016 –both records are out through Bird Attack Records and Rude Records.
Years passed by, line-ups changed but Guttermouth didn’t lose any inches of their irreverence, sarcasm, wittiness and are still here to keep old punk rock spirit alive and kicking.

GAB DE LA VEGA launches a Bandcamp campaign to help the population of Haiti

Punk is always more than music, even when it's acoustic!
Italian punk-folk singer-songwriter Gab De La Vega has just launched a Bandcamp campaign to raiseawareness and funds for One Hundred For Haiti, a non-profit organization working to help the population of the Carribbean recently hit by Hurricane Matthew.

Here's his statement:

"Hey friends, this is very important. I guess many of you have seen the terrible pictures coming from Haiti in these weeks.
Hurricane Matthew hit this country very hard. Haiti is already struggling because of poverty and the consequences of an earthquake that happened in 2010.
People are in need of clean and drinkable water, shelter, food, medical assistance, and everything that is basic not just to live, but to survive.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Will GREEN DAY be still around in 20+ years like Rolling Stones?

A few days ago, while driving, I heard from the radio that GREEN DAY were releasing a new album "Revolution Radio", their twelfth, on Oct. the 7th and the band is booked to play four gigs in Italy, the last of them being hosted at Mediulanum Forum in Milano on Jan. the 14th 2017.
This "breaking news", kind of, hehe..., got two thoughts coming up in my mind; the first one, that led myself down memory lane when back in September 1995 (the date should be Sept. the 15th) I went with a bunch of friends to see Green Day in Milano in the same venue, a sport arena, then simply called Forum. It wasn't a long show, they played for less than one hour, and the stage was looking definitely too big for these Californian punks, freshly rocketed into rock stardom, after the release of groundbreaking "Dookie", but, you know, being myself pretty young and being Green Day a band I dug a lot at the time I'd enjoyed this show alot and walked out of the venue feeling like I had just attended something I would be reminishing about over the years -yet I would never ever thought to be writing about it 21 years later either.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

GUTTERMOUTH “New Car Smell”, the follow-up Ep to band’s recent “Got It Made” Ep

EP doppietta by So Cal veteran punkers GUTTERMOUTH...

Rude Records is proud to announce the release of “New Car Smell”, the new EP from Southern California punk rock heroes GUTTERMOUTH, due out on November 25th worldwide in collaboration with Bird Attack Records.
The EP is the follow-up to “Got It Made”, their first EP of new music in 10 years, which was released in early July.
You can check the announcement here directly in Mark Adkins words!

And listen here to the title track "New Car Smell"

Roma's GRAND THEFT AGE called it a day but also drops their last record

Roma's hardcore street punk combo GRAND THEFT AGE announced last August the 20th they're calling it a day and that the guys will be playing a farewell show in their hometown -read below the official word from the band up on FB.
But that's not about it since the band during the summer completed the recording of their new album "Years Of Fury" which is gonna be released on the same day of the farewell show at CSOA La Strada on October 22nd, 2016; so a double celebration day for the Romans.

They already shared three new songs off the album via youtube, listen to these here

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Youth Crew records to re-release soon THINK TWICE's complete discography

I first got some head ups about this anthological straightedge HC release last January, at a Hardcore
show, where Milanos' Crash Box, Safe, Set Me Free and Die Trying played, and on September 23rd Italy's Youth Crew records finally revealed the official news about it through their fb. Read on...

Finally, the such long awaited THINK TWICE "The complete discography" (YCR 021) is ready!
27 tracks covering their whole legendary history, since the beginning (late 80's) when the second wave of italian hardcore was going to break out. It was the new season of hardcore pride more connected to the Straight Edge and positive lifestyle. Don't miss this essential chapter!
Youth Crew Records & Think Twice

Listen here to the song "Not A Question Of Age" off "Choices We Stand By" The Complete Discography

Saturday, September 24, 2016

OBITUARY "Ten Thousand Ways To Die" Release October 21 on Relapse Records

The metal day part #2...

Death metal legends OBITUARY have announced Ten Thousand Ways To Die, a special two-song single containing a pair of brand new studio tracks plus a bonus live set of twelve classics and fan favorites from the band's storied catalog. Recorded in eleven different cities during the band's highly successful 2015 Inked In Blood world tour, the live tracks capture the incredible performances of a band that has stood atop the death metal pantheon for almost 30 years. "Ten Thousand Ways To Die" is sure to satisfy new and die-hard OBITUARY fans and will quench the bloodthirst of listeners until the band's new album drops in Spring 2017. 

Listen here to the opening track, and one of the new songs, "Loathe"

WE OUTSPOKEN's "All The Right Pieces" new album out

Don't forget your pop punk. And that Canada is always a hotbed for these bands...

Toronto, ON punk rock band WE OOUTSPOKEN returned with a new album titled "All The Right Pieces" on September 16.
"All The Right Pieces" was recorded at Canada's Metal Works Studios and was produced by Joel Kazmi and Blair Robb ( Sum 41, The Weekend) with the exception of track 7 ("Anything For You") which was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during one of the band's South American tours.

The original album artwork was created by Winston Smith, the punk rock surrealist/collage artist behind the ubiquitous Dead Kennedy's logo, Green Day's 'Insomniac' art work, and many other works for Playboy, the New Yorker etc.

Listen here to the new record's title track "All The Right Pieces"