Saturday, July 26, 2014

KID ARMOR interview

by marcs77

I got to know this band through xCommitmentx records; again a solid reality among the international sXe hardcore punk scene like many other bands the cool Dutch label printed classic 7” vinyls of. KID ARMOR live in Mission Viejo, south Orange County, CA and got started in 2010. To this point they have lined up two releases: the “KXD” demo dated 2012, the 7” titled “Better Days” out on Commitment last year. And the five-piece is completing works for the new album “The Outcome Replays” for which they've, in the meantime, posted a track on bandcamp.
After positively reviewing their 7”, almost a few months ago I emailed a bunch of questions to offer the guys to the chance to introduce who they are, get their thoughts on being straight-edge and on those crossing the line after a period of their life, the values they took high care of, the “Youth Crew 2014” compilation their featured in and other things I thought you too would find interesting reading while blasting their record at full volume -all their stuff is up on bandcamp for you to listen to and download, if you're into the digital shit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IRON REAGAN release first song from "The Tyranny of Will"

Everyone who just starts thrashing all around whenever his/her hears are hit by fast, heavy and noxious slabs of thrashy riffing shall keep reading on the item news about the release of IRON REAGAN's new album and listen here to the track "Miserable Failure"...

IRON REAGAN's Relapse debut The Tyranny Of Will is a 24 song wrecking ball of hardcore-punk/thrash fury. The album was recorded with guitarist Phil Hall at Blaze of Torment Studios in Richmond, VA and self-produced plus it was mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. The album will be released September 16th in North America, Sept 15th in the UK/Europe/World and on Sept 12th in Germany/Benelux/World. The cover art was done by Alexis Maybree AKA NevaSafe.

Singer Tony Foresta on Miserable Failure: "Miserable Failure" is a Summer Jam unlike the world has ever seen. Oozing sensuality riff after riff, this song will take you into a hard rock crossover vortex of horniness, lust and confusion. You might need ear condoms for this one. I hate writing quotes for songs."

Listen to "Miserable Failure" here

Monday, July 21, 2014

SICK OF IT ALL – reveal international release dates, track listing and cover of “The Last Act Of Defiance”

I was recently listening to SICK OF IT ALL's  "Built To Last" after many years (still good solid shit) and here comes fresh news about the follow-up to "Based On A True Story". This last record dates 2010 so it's already 4 years since its release, not that meanwhile the New Yorkers have been twiddling their thumbs. How could they ? Read on about “The Last Act Of Defiance”...

After kicking off their European (festival) tour New York Hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL also announce the release of their upcoming album “The Last Act Of Defiance” which is scheduled for the following dates;

Europe, Australia / NZ: September 29th, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

WEAR YOUR BANDANA compilation (the first 5 years)

Please don't hire us as your pr dudes otherwise you seriously riski that the latest news goes up once your record is out or your megafestival is a already good (bad) memory for those who were there smashing the stage, singing along, moshing and partying in the crowd.
This news was planned to go up before the 5th edition of "Wear Your Bandana" Fest took place but that was actually on July the 5th and, see, we're definitely way too late. Well, whether you were not just the average hipster who would have perhaps checked out this year fest and then forget about it hopefully next year around this time there will the 6th edition. So, gear up with the 42-band compilation titled "Wear Your Bandana (the first five years)" featuring all bands that played the 5 editions 

Stream and dowload it for off this link

Saturday, July 12, 2014

ANTI-FLAG celebrates the 20 years milestone documenting their ages of dissent through Fat Wreck Chords

During the interview we did to ANTI-FLAG's Pat I couldn't miss the chance to talk about their 20 years stint as a punk band. Anti-Flag earned their spot in the punk hardcore history of the end of XX's century; a history that goes on to these days and has still to draw to a close.

Fat Wreck Chords recently announced that they'll be releasing a celebrative compilation called "Documents of Dissent: 1993-2013".
Read on the official press and watch to a promo clip for this release...

Friday, July 11, 2014

PAYBACK salutano tutti

Roma based PAYBACK crossed the finish line of their adventure as a band and decided to call it a day
after forming some 13 years ago and releasing their latest full-length "Usque Ad Finem" on Indelirium records in 2011.
Read on the farewell word the guys posted on their fb...

After 13 years of punk-hc, we finally decided to split.
It's getting harder and harder for all of us to follow this band with respect and dedication it deserves.
We played so many shows, doing our best, it didn't matter if we were playing in front of 5 or 5000 people. We had the chance to meet so many good kids, true friends, who helped us out booking shows, feeding us or giving us a place to sleep. We saw so many places, maybe we could never visit. We had fun and we hope you had too.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

DARKEST HOUR new long waited album out on 5th August 2014 via Sumerian

A piece of news I've been waiting with much anticipation. DARKEST HOUR has confirmed the release date
for the new self-titled album and follow-up to "The Human Romance" which dates 2011.
The five-some has pretty much spent the last three years touring and playing festivals like there wasn't gonna be tomorrow and has seen some important changes among their ranks as well as the move to a new label after signing with Sumerian records.

DARKEST HOUR's much anticipated, self-titled eighth full-length album is the Washington, DC-based band's first for new label Sumerian Records. It showcases each individual pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone implementing more clean vocals with expanded dynamic melodies rooted firmly in thrash metal with bombastic shredding guitar solos. This new offering is soon to be yet another benchmark in heavy metal history as it's years ahead of its time.

Listen here to the very first song the dudes posted on the net. It's called "Wasteland". The song shows to me some unexpected influences a la Soilwork produced by Devin Townsend (more audible than on the records DH did with him) and features a Dimebag inspired solo. Can't wait for the full shit to get in for review

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ATREYU are back on track

Love them or hate'em but So-Cal's ATREYU (I can still picture in my mind one of the days I was going through new bands and this curious novel inspired name came up) made it to stand out the metalcore mob throwing punches in the mid '00 and release at least a couple of records that had definitively some value to them and got more than a few heads turn and hearts bleed (this is so emo, shame).
Atreyu are back 10 years since "The Curse" and after announcing in 2011 their will to take an indefinite hiatus, read on the official press...

Southern California’s titans of metal, Atreyu, have risen from the self-imposed hiatus they embarked upon in 2011. The reunited lineup, featuring vocalist Alex Varkatzas, drummer Brandon Saller, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel and bassist Marc Mcknight, will return to the stage for the first time in three years for an exclusive mainstage performance at AFTERSHOCK 2014 festival on September 14th in Sacramento, CA.