Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Remembering Tony Sly - Fat Wreck Chords to release a tribute album in October

We're  not normally reporting about musicians deaths because no words can actually fill the void such a loss causes to the loved-ones, friends, fans and people who got the chance to meet the defunct in person but Fat Wrech Chords announces today, just exactly one year since the departure of Tony Sly, that they will be releasing a tribute album entitled "The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute" and I thought it was okay to share this news.
Read on the press piece on this release...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HARDCORE STILL LIVES Vol.1 compilation

I just hardly know one (i.e. Set Astray) of the 60 bands featured in this compilation which covers lotta smaller realities that
keeps the hardcore flame alive.
Some bands formed in very recent times while some others have been a band for a longer span of time.
They play a variety of styles which fits under the big umbrella that is the hardcore punk.
HARDCORE STILL LIVES Compilation Vol.1 is up now on bandcamp at a name-your-price deal and it's absolutely worth a listen to get to know bands you may still not be confident with.

Here it is! Hardcore Still Lives: Vol.1. Featuring many sick bands from all over the world.
Thanks to all the bands who took part and the admins for helping out
Give it a listen, download it for free or whichever price you want. Share it around, spread the word!

-Mark (one of the dudea behind this project)

Listen to the compilation here

Saturday, July 20, 2013


by marcs77

I won't write much as an introduction to this interview since the interview itself we did with this Edmonton, Canada based band called “The Maddigans” comes as an introduction to this young hard touring pop-punk ensemble.
Their touring roads lead the threesome to Lodi, North Italy to play a weekend show at CLAM on a snowy pretty freezing night together their French touring buddies in Mary Has A Gun.
We actually didn't plan this interview to happen but after their bouncing well received show I stepped over to the stage where Sam (guitar) was still packing up said Hi! and requested them whether they were into being interviewed right there.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


all reviews by marcs77

STRENGTH APPROACH Roma Hardcore State Of Mind (7” vinyl)

From this band, that has been under my radar for a time longer than the average 3/4 years threshold which most great HC bands seem cannot outlive, in the recent times, I got to review only “Stand Your Ground” MCD (yes, I pitifully missed the follow-up “With Or Without You” dated 2012 and out on GSR Music) but now I have finally still the chance to share some thoughts on the latest effort delivered by Roma's hardcore old-school style gladiators STRENGTH APPROACH.
The foursome fronted by Alexxx recorded three brand new tracks together with a cover of “Hood Crew” by Roma's 90's cores Growing Concern -look for some stuff from this band.
“ROMA HARDCORE STATE OF MIND” is a title which clearly suggests that their tight bond within Roma hardcore-punk scene is really something that exceeds the music, the fashions that come and go and other bullshit but it's something that involves you at a higher and yet deeper level. Something perhaps they let grow day by day over these 17 years as a band.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

TORCHE is playing the Creature Fest 2013 in Lodi, Italy

At one of the stops of their 2013 European tour Miami's sludge stoner heavy rock ensamble TORCHE will be playing at annual Creature Fest in Lodi, Italy.
Last July 2012 the same suggestive location saw RED FANG play there a packed, adrenalinic smoke hazed show just a few days after the festival (like an after-festival thing).

Watch a video for the song "Across The Shields" off 2008's "Meanderthal"

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NEW FOUND GLORY announces "Kill It Live" coming out on Oct. the 8th 2013

Fresh off Bridge9 camp...

On March 27th and 28th of 2013, New Found Glory played two sold out shows at Southern California's Chain Reaction. The entirety of their set was recorded and has been assembled as NFG's first live release, aptly titled Kill It Live. This album, scheduled for release through NFG guitarist Chad Gilbert's Violently Happy Records (in conjunction with Bridge Nine Records) on October 8th, features the band's seventeen song live set as well as three brand new songs recorded by Paul Miner and mixed by Kyle Black. All of the live tracks capture the energy and excitement of the live NFG experience and the new tracks give the listener a taste of what's to come from the band very soon. Kill It Live also marks New Found Glory's second collaboration with Violently Happy and a continuation of their partnership with Bridge Nine.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

MY TURN split and Euro tour

Athens, Greece punk-hardcore crew MY TURN has recorded two brand new tracks that are included on
"Friendship" 7" split, with The Bridge, just released on Goodwill records.
To celebrate the release of the follow-up to 2012's "Athens" the fourpiece will be hitting the road and tour Europe starting on July 28th (they'll play the open stage at Fluff) through Sept. the 7th.
They're gonna play a hometown release show on Sept. the 8th though details are still to be confirmed.

It's gonna be a busy and hot summer for these Greeks but they've definitely geared up for everything (and sure the heat isn't something they're aren't used to).

Listen here to the new tracks

THE SMASHROOMS started revealing songs off the upcoming album "Wildfire"

Brescia, Italy's antifa hardcore finest THE SMASHROOMS are back with their latest effort titled "Wildfire", the follow-up to "Questions" EP dated 2010, that is scheduled for release on July 23rd 2013 via Epidemic records.
When talking about then in-progress the recordings Gab (vocals) told us that they kinda shaked up their band from head to toe over a 6 months span and the new song "Antifa And Alert" they're currently previewing can give you some good clues about what The Smashrooms 2013 are all about.

Stream here "Antifa And Alert" and gear up for the 23rd when the album is gonna be available in both CD and vinyl format

Saturday, July 6, 2013

STORYTELLER signed to Let It Burn records - new album out this year

After signing with Let It Burn records STORYTELLER are currently getting thigs ready to enter the
Pitchback Studios (Aljoscha Sieg) to workn on "nothing less than record the best pop-punk album in 2013" as their new label put it.

"Being a part of Let It Burn Records is far byond all expectations we've had like a year ago by the point of starting our band. Even the fact that we've been fans for years can't express how happy we are with that Corporation! This Label, deep rooted in the hardcore-scene, with a strong focus on different kinds of genres, feels like a perfect home for us to bring this Baby to the next step onward." --commented the band

The young outfit hailing from Dessau, Germany formed in 2012 and has an EP "Take Me Home" out digitally on Acuity music.

Stream here band's debut 3-track EP "Take Me Home"

THE S.H.A.K.E.R.M.A.K.E.R.S premiered one song off the debut record

Earlier this year there were rumors and a new fb page about a new musical project featuring Rudy Medea
(Indigesti) & Diego Cestino (Burning Defeat).
Most of you, at least the older ones and more into punk hardcore literature, will know for sure who Indigesti are but perhaps to many the name Burning Defeat is gonna sound more obscure being the band active in the mid 90's and shortlived. Nonetheless this didn't prevent them from releasing one 7" "Singlin' out the aims" and a full-length, which included also the 7", entitled "Seldom" and dated 1996.
These came to age punks, to put it soft, are now gonna play some music influenced by a pretty different array of bands around in the 60's and some more psychedelic-stoner sounds.

They didn't comment much about the behind the scenes of this project nor about other details on the release but to say that it's gonna be rigorously a vinyl one. Facing the risk to be proved wrong we would add that probably it will be out on Vacationhouse records (label run by Rudy).

Watch here the video clip of the song "Orange Chrome Today"

Friday, July 5, 2013

MISERY SIGNALS are back with a new record

One of metalcore’s most important and influential bands of the last decade, MISERY SIGNALS, has premiered at The band’s fourth studio album, first in five years, is scheduled for release on July 23rd.
new song called “Luminary” from their highly anticipated album, Absent Light, today at

"Luminary may be the most relentless song we've ever written. It's about the anguish and confusion of losing a guiding light in your life." - Ryan Morgan

Thursday, July 4, 2013

WHALES' ISLAND homemade DIY video clip for the song "Crossroads" and announcement about an indefinite hiatus

The guys in WHALES' ISLAND took a song, the title track, off their latest 2-track vinyl EP entitled "Crossroads" and shot a homemade, totally DIY, video clip.
This cool video has been shot live during the Island's Revenge Fest 2 @ Rocket Bar they played in their hometown, Palermo, Italy and also includes some footage straight off last year European tour.

Was this band's last show?
Yes, sadly it sounds so. Actually the guys recently posted some words that announce they came up with the hard decision of taking a long long break and keep this project on an indefinite hiatus.

Read on what they posted on FB (English / Italian)...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

QUESTIONS "Out of Society" new EP out

Brazilian people have shown their unstoppable urge to get the world whole to know that their country is not a
better place to be just because of next year's FIFA World Cup 2014 and this despite the main corporate media usual attempt at dismissing/minimizing the people protest and the actual reasons behind it.
São Paulo's own QUESTIONS is one of those hardcore punk bands that expressed their view on the country and society they live in supporting and trying to give voice to the voiceless.
Our friend Helio (bass) just sent out this press piece regarding their latest effort, the 2-track EP "Out Of Society" now out.
Read on...

Monday, July 1, 2013

LAY IT ON THE LINE has made their new mini-album available through bandcamp - Hot new band to check out

We have a feel these guys have really cut a sound which you wouldn't definitely expect from your average hardcore band. So we're happy to announce they made it to be hosted in our "Hot new bands to check out" page.

LAY IT ON THE LINE (Hardcore, London, UK) have put out their new mini-album for free/donation of Bandcamp, as well as being on Spotify/Itunes and all the usual places.
The new recording follows-up to a 4-track EP "A Lesson In Personal Finance" released in 2012 and a split with Arizona released last April.

The vinyl version is out on July 10th on Fire Engine Records.

The record is about Donald Crowhurst, who committed suicide 7 months into a solo voyage around the world in 1969, having entered a round-the-world yacht race he couldn't possibly win.

Stream "Crowhurst" here and open it on bandcamp for more options