Monday, December 31, 2018

Poland HERIDA PROFUNDA partecipated to a grindcore tribute to Motorhead titled "Aces Of Grind", year 2017

Struggling doom death from India, DIRGE "Ah Puch" new album out

Death doom metal FERUM "Vergence" full EP streaming

Canadian hardcore punk TASHME s/t 6-track album

UNDERGUST "Chaos Farm" full album streaming

MILLENCOLIN new album "SOS" is coming out on Feb.15th, 2019


PENURIA ZERO "Suco De Cevada" music video

PENURIA ZERO punk hardcore combo from Luziânia - Goias, Brazil.
There is little info about the band but that they (re)formed in 2011.
Penuria Zero has recently released a video clip for the song "Suco De Cevada" (barley's juice, if translators got it right) and I like the tune.
Check these punks out!

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THE SEEKER split w/ ArnoXDuebel

Lotta a metalcore bands wouldn't be around without AT THE GATES

BAD RELIGION "My Sanity", have you checked this out?

xDEFINITEx "Your Hell" sXe punk hardcore to check out!

Abruzzo hardcore MuD "The 4th World" POV DIY video

Blasting hardcore SPLEEN FLIPPER "Myndbreyting" new EP out