Saturday, October 25, 2014

[‘selvə] is the hot new band to check out so, you should

by marcs77

A few words with the recentlty born band [‘selvə] from North Italy...

gan: Hey there, please introduce yourselves to the uninitiated and readers of

Hi, we are [‘selvə], we’ve been playing music together since 2013 and we’re from Crema, Lonigo and Lodi.

gan: How did you guys come up with your band name?

For some time we’ve had trouble finding a suitable name for our project, then a friend of ours suddenly came up with the name “selva”.
We immediately liked the name and chose it for us. This word stands for a place that perfectly represents the emotions and sensations we want to trasmit through our music: loneliness, obscurity and dismay. We chose to write it in phonetics to make it even more enigmatic and misterious.

gan: Do you have any stuff out?

We started writing some songs last september, now we have four, all of them are in our first cd “life habitual”. We recorded it this summer and it will be out on the 27th of october 2014 under the label Argonauta Records.

gan: What got you playing this genre and what are some of the bands you draw inspiration from?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SONS OF LAKES PARK debut self-released EP available

Formerly known as Disgustibus (when the band started out in 2009 and until they had a line-up change in 2012) Lodi "not California", North Italy based SONS OF LAKES PARK has self-produced and released their debut EP "Last Day Of School (the first you start to learn)" last June the 1st 2014.
This melodic punk hardcore six-song effort is available on CD, and now up for free download on bandcamp.
For the track "Sunrise Generation" the guys shot their first video clip with videomaker Claudio Stanghellini (

Listen to and download here their EP

Saturday, October 4, 2014


BANE Don't Wait Up (CD)

by marcs77

“DON'T WAIT UP”, needless to say, this title wasn't ever really meant to be a solicit for the lazy reviewers to type out they thoughts on the last farewell full-length album from Worcester, Massachusetts based five-some BANE. What a fucked up thought! But, I admit, I kept this review lingering so long after the kind dudes at Equal Vision records have sent me the promo and it was about time to pay my humble dues to this great band.
Yes, you read it correctly, this is the final record through which, and together with a string of “good-bye” live dates, Bane wraps up this venture they kicked off around 1995 as a side project featuring Aaron Dalbec and members of hardcore monster act Converge.
“Don't Wait Up” won't definitely disappoint those into this band that has never been about putting out new records for the sake of giving the kids new stuff or as a pretest to heading out on tour -this new album is their fourth full-length and their discography counts other 4 extended plays as well.
“Don't Wait Up” lists 10 songs in the late 80's early 90's old-school hardcore vein. A blast of feverish energy and integrity made up by  tight solid guitars (with some angular riffing of Converge's legacy), slow build ups, heavy breakdowns and gang-vocals to singalong with, which proudly wear the colours of Bane -one of the main features being, inevitably, the raucous voice of Aaron Berard.

LINTERNO Euro tour 2014

LINTERNO, Bologna resident punk hardcore act, that has a new 7"s EP on the way, is gonna hit the
European roads starting October 17th in Rimini (IT) to drive their van through Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and cross the finish line on October 25th in Graz, Austria.
The five-piece scheduled the release party for the new EP on October 11th in their home town and they'll be sharing the stage with Italian buddies Malemute Kid (Torino) and Faccino's (Bologna -should be so but they don't state it on fb).


17 OCTOBER: Rimini (IT) - Kas8
18 OCTOBER: Ormoz (Slovenia)-Underthund
20 OCTOBER- Vienna (Austria)- Venster 99
21 OCTOBER-Need Help
22 OCTOBER-Prague (Czech Repubblic)-Cafe NaPul
23 OCTOBER- Berlin (Germany)- Koma F
24 OCTOBER- Vallaske Mezirici (Czech Republic)- Bar Lira
25 OCTOBER- Graz (Austria)- Sub

Listen to one tune "The Judge And The Jury"