Thursday, November 28, 2013

THE WONDER YEARS+HANDGUNS+4TH N GOAL live @ Tunnel Milan 26 Nov.2013

by marcs77

Tuesday night doesn't look like a good one to party and go see a band play live. Well, unluckly that's
perhaps something THE WONDER YEARS may have thought while up on stage staring at a half deserted Tunnel club.
But despite this, likely and embraceable thought, the six-piece pop punk outfit from Philadelphia didn't spare themselves a bit and delivered a passionate, sweat-socked and intense show for an intimate audience mostly made up by young kids who knew their songs and sung along (like during the mellow and rockish “The Devil In My Bloodstream”) and jumped around to higher a notch up the temperature of this bone-freezing night.
I spotted a young dyed-red-hair girl coming out the crowd with a glowing face and wearing a t-shirt stating “Pop Punk Is Not Dead”.

Monday, November 25, 2013

IRON TO GOLD "In The Zone" 7" EP up for name your price/free download on bandcamp

Formed in 2011 and with one demo and three 7" EPs under their belt Warsawa, Poland's hardcore straightedge IRON TO GOLD are working their asses off to have their say among their country scene.
"In The Zone", the follow-up to 2012's "The Power of One", released last October, is up now, as all other stuff the quintet recorded thus far, for a name your price/free download on their bandcamp profile.

A few physical copies are actually left therefore if you don't like the digital shit you better move your ass and make the 7" yours before the last one is served.

Listen here to "In The Zone"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

PUNK IT UP compilation Vol.1 2-night release party on Nov.30th and Dec.7th 2013

High Voltage records, Torino, Italy based DIY record label around since 2005 annouces the release of the
Vol. #1 of "Punk It Up", a compilation featuring 28 hardcore-punk and punk rock bands all of them hailing from Italy but three ensembles based in Russia.

On November the 30th and December the 7th the label put up a release party that will see on stage L'Interno (Bologna), Protection Zero (Piacenza), The Change (Lodi), Slut Machine (Lodi), Lobello (Michelazza), The Enrthused (Lodi) and Bad Frog (Codogno).

Here the link to the event for the latest

CRISIS ALERT debut LP out on December the 6th 2013

Following the the release of their 7" in 2012, Adelaide's CRISIS ALERT return with their debut LP "Urban Decay".
Featuring 16 fast, short and raw 80's style hardcore tracks in the vein of bands like Minor Threat, Void, SOA and Jerry's Kids, "Urban Decay" the new record will be released on December 6th 2013 on Resist records.

Listen here to the song clip of  "Get Away"

Friday, November 22, 2013

Straightedgers TRUE LOVE joins REACT! records family

REACT! records instroduces their latest signing: Michigan's TRUE LOVE. Don't get the name and floral
cover artwork of their first record trick you... 

TRUE LOVE Bottom Line: When we heard the True Love demo, we knew right away that this was a band we wanted to make records with. It didn't hurt that the band claims members of Face Reality (a band we LOVE), and is Straight Edge (it's what we do best), but what really struck us was the intensity, passion and great songwriting in the music which is often hard to find in a demo, especially with such a young band. If another label hadn't beaten us to it (True Love demo coming soon on Mayfly Records), we would have put it out ourselves. True Love wears their hearts and influences on their sleeves, drawing HEAVY influence from the early 00's hardcore scene. Equal parts American Nightmare and Carry On, with a little bit of Count Me Out sprinkled on top, True Love fucking nails it. And while we loved the demo, we're more excited to see what they come up with next as they grow and develop. Keep an eye out for news on their upcoming REACT! Records debut 7" sometime in early 2014. In the meantime, listen to the demo and see for yourself what we've been so excited about.

Listen to their debut here :

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NO CONFIDENCE preview three tracks off debut 12"

Following up to a cassette tape released last year Roma's oldschool hardcore punk ensemble NO CONFIDENCE recorded three brand new tracks that will be included, together two songs off the tape, in their debut 12" record titled "Keep Going Nowhere".
They're still looking for labels to release their effort on but meanwhile the foursome made all the tracks available for free download on their bandcamp profile.

Stream and download "Keep Going Nowhere" here 

NOFX just don't quit!

Some NOFX's news off Fat Wrech headquarter...

Relentless touring, filming, and wrapping production of Backstage Passport 2 (due out next year), a brew being made (you heard us right, they'll have their own beer!), and a December tour  booked with the mighty Dillinger Four. You would think these gents would take a break but they are just getting started.
We can't even begin to leak what NOFX has planned next year but trust us when we say that even we were surprised.

CROWBAR - New album due in 2014

New Orleans heaviest metal outfit, CROWBAR have officially entered the studio to begin working on their
tenth studio album. The new material will be the band's first since the release of "Sever the Wicked Hand" that was released in 2010. Founder and frontman Kirk Windstein recently announced his departure from DOWN after spending more than 20 years as their lead riff-master. "After 22 wonderful years we are parting ways. They will always be my brothers and I wish the best to all of them. We have created some bad ass music together that we can all look back on and be proud of. All of our great times will never be forgotten."

Thursday, November 14, 2013

D.O.A.'s Joey "Shithead" Keithley interview

by Michela A.

A beer with Joey “Shithead” Keithley from D.O.A.

It’s been hard to catch Joey “Shithead” from D.O.A. after their show at Arci Lo-Fi in Milan, among deserved congrats, photos and also goodbyes (being DOA’s “farewell tour”). But definitely worth sharing views with D.O.A.’s legendary leader and Canada’s Godfather of punk! Whether you agree with him or not, this man really has tons of stories to tell. A blasting, intense show including songs from the last album “We Come In Peace” and D.O.A.’s early stuff didn’t wear Joey out and we talked a while about his and D.O.A.’s activism, Canadian punk-hardcore scene and more. Warning: if you expect the typical band’s-music-and future-projects interview you may get really disappointed. “Talk-action= zero!”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BAYSIDE Signs To Hopeless Records & plan new album CULT for Release 2/18/14

The name BAYSIDE suddenly just drags us down memory lane. Read on the latest on the NYC's foursome...

If there’s one thing to be said about NYC’s BAYSIDE, it’s that they are fiercely true to themselves and to their art. In their 13 years as a band, they’ve weathered their ups and downs without changing who they are or their sound. With a new label, Hopeless Records, these four rock stalwarts are not only ready to continue their story but they’re ready to launch it with a brand new album entitled appropriately CULT due out on February 18, 2014.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

ZERO MENTALITY is back on the map and releases a new EP on December the 6th 2013

One day last June I was spending some time on FB  when I see poppig up the new profile of Ruhrstadt,
Germany's ZERO MENTALITY. My first reaction was "what the heck is going on?". Well, weeks and months go by and new hints surfaced giving out clear signs that the band was back on the loop and that there's definitely something more in the works than a brand new FB profile (nothing so hipe really) uploaded for memory sake.
After what I could perhaps mistakenly call a 4 years hiatus the five-some announces to be back with a new work, a 4-track EP, titled "X" and scheduled for release on vinyl via Let It Burn records and digitally through Acuity music on December the 6th 2013.

CLOSE TO THE EDGE sophomore EP out now

"The Reason, The Meaning" is the title of sophomore effort from Milan area CLOSE TO THE EDGE, a
young new breed metalcore three-piece mob formed in December 2010.
The new 6-track EP follows-up to their debut work, released in 2012 and entitled "Horror", and can now be downloaded for a name your price deal off their bandcamp profile.

"Horror" can also be downloaded for free here

Stream here the entire EP 

CALIBAN – check out the cover for “Ghost Empire”

I guess it's no secret we here at gotanerve love the art side of music too. CALIBAN revelead the cover
artwork which will be adorning their new album "Ghost Empire". Here the official word on this piece of art, comments from the author and official release dates...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

HEARTIST interview

by marcs77

Perhaps lotta people here in the old continent got to be a wee bit fed up with tons of by-the-number metalcore bands pestering the scene over the recent years (and I have a feel some press is hoping for this style to draw its last breaths very soon to give way to a new breed of heavy music mongers) but across the ocean, in the USA, it seems like the genre is still getting its due share of heads banging and crowds moshing, and new acts pop up on a daily rate.
Orange County, Southern CA's HEARTIST is the moniker taken by a young fierce focused five-some that rushed into things getting as very first step signed with Roadrunner records and then releasing a debut six-song EP entitled “Nothing You Didn't Deserve” in 2012, a short year after band's inception.
Last Spring they flew over to Europe to join Killswitch Engage on their jaunt through our countries.
The tour hit Milan on April 25th and gotanerve-zine, being there to interview KE, jumped at the chance to catch up with Heartist's singer Bryce Beckley

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Milan's DIE TRYING debuts with a 6-track EP

Started out under the monicker The Trejos at the beginning of 2013 and then changing it to the current one
(and hopefully definitive unless they add other members) DIE TRYING is a new thrash-southern metal influenced hardcore quartet hailing from the city of Milan, Italy.
They wrote and recorded, at Effort Studio with Marco Gervasio and Demis Andresano, the 6 tracks now included in their S/T debut EP, which can be streamed off their bandcamp profile.

Stream the full EP here