Saturday, June 15, 2019

Now streaming: SPINEBREAKER Promo Cassette 2019

San Jose, CA's death metallers hardcore punk passionated SPINEBREAKER just released a cassette promo featuring a new tune, "The Cost Of Innocent Life" plus a cover by Agnostic Front -"Power"Enjoy this shit! 

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sweden's death-crust metal DRÅP new album in the works

Streming now: OVERFLOW / VITAL FORCE split

We've been streaming this 4-song, split shared by OVERFLOW and VITAL FORCE, for a week now. Did you listen to it?
Both bands, which hail from Russia, sing in their own language and deliver some heavy breakneck metallic hardcore clearly influenced by 90's metalcore and Belgium H8000 sound.
Epic cover black&white artwork that reminds of Kreator's "Pleasure To Kill", the split is out on cassette tape through Paranoid records.

Listen to the split here and download it on Vital Force's bandcamp

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Original MACHINE HEAD on tour for 25th anniversary of "Burn My Eyes"

MACHINE fucking' HEAD original line up is back for celebrating the 25th anniversary of their groundbreaking debut album "Burn My Eyes", a record that stood the test of time.
Watch the trailer where Rob introduces his old buddies and talks about the upcoming tour, if you' re a fan you'll definitely enjoy.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Now streaming: BALL OF LIGHT's "Flux"

If you, like me, are into metallic hardcore from the early '00s Cincinnati, Ohio BALL OF LIGHT debut "Flux" is an album you ought to check out.
The trio delivers their own blend of tense aggressive metallic metal hardcore with noisy elements and "melodic" hooks that somehow remind me also of Helmet or alternative rock metal from 90's -the title track made me think to Smashing Pumpkins, no idea where this weird connection came from, really...but that's so...
The album is out through Rad Girlfriend Records.

Stream "Flux" in its entirety or on bandcamp

Alex Gavazzi plays "Going Nowhere Fast" a tribute to Satanic Surfers

Saturday, March 2, 2019

NOW STREAMING: VAASKA "Inocentes Condenados" EP

VAASKA from Austin, TX plays an incendiary urgent blend of d-beat hardcore punk very much in the Discharge, GBH vein.
The six-track recording we're streaming today follows up to their 2016's EP "Futuro Primitivo" and its out through  Richmond, Virginia based Beach Impediment records -an indie label with an only mission statement "Hardcore and not much else since 2011".
Here your link to bandcamp

ABEL IS DYING all promos available on bandcamp

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Now streaming: MONAD "Long Haired Kings"

We are streaming the sophomore offering by Glasgow, Scotland based gnostic-death-black-metal combo MONAD -yeah, I used the tag gnostic-death-black-metal I've never heard of hoping the guys won't complain, they state <<Psychedelic Roots Death Metal>>
The record is entitled "The Long Haired Kings" and packs three songs mixing feral death black doom metal and psychedelic sounds. Enjoy!

Stream here or go to bandcamp to listen to "Long Haired Kings"

SHORT FUSE "Sink Or Swim" official video