Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baltimora's MINDSET has a new LP out this fall

New MINDSET tracks dropped digitally! And "Leave No Doubt" clip is just a little appetizer before the main course is served this fall.
The new LP from Baltimora sXe quintet will be released this fall through React records (Seattle based label devoted to vinyl).

Monday, July 30, 2012

IGGY POP & THE STOOGES Live in Villafranca Italy

65 years under his belt but the rock icon IGGY POP seems bound not to slow down anytime soon. The Iguana descended again to North Italy, Villafranca VR, during this year Euro Summer tour and our Michela was there to check the guy out first hand. Read on all her impressions in this lengthy live report.   

IGGY POP AND THE STOOGES - Villafranca (VR) 27/07/2012

Castles...are still made for kings!

The awesome setting of the Castello Scaligero in Villafranca (VR) suggested that something great had to come. No better place than a castle could have been chosen to host one of the kings of rock, forerunner of punk-rock and whatever came after 1967: IGGY POP...and his STOOGES!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Clips from FLUFF FEST 2012

Been to FLUFF FEST 2012?
No? everyone said it was great. You know one of best hardcore festivals in Europe.

Okay, don't worry here you can watch some cool clips the guys at Stage Load posted on their youtube. And next year perhaps you'll be in the crowd.


STRAIGHT OPPOSITION new line-up and "Fury Strikes Back" tour on the road

Indelirium record's STRAIGHT OPPOSITION has some fresh news for you.
The Pescara hardcore outfit is around since 2004 and released 3 full-length records and a compliation entitled "20 Steps on Mediocracy" -out for Bldcloth Records (Bulgaria) and including all works since their demo dated 2004 to "Gathered Against Mediocracy" out in 2008. And after the release of the "Fury Stands Unbeaten" in 2010 the guys went through some line-up changes...

FORGOTTEN TEARS - Official video of "Thoughts Killed My Sleep" OUT NOW!!!

It's finally available the new official video of italian melodic/death metallers FORGOTTEN TEARS for the song "Thoughts Killed My Sleep", third extract from the great debut album "Words To End", published in 2011 by TO REACT RECORDS.

BAD RELIGION begin recording the new album

Here some news from Epitaph punk legends BAD RELIGION

The visionary Los Angeles band Bad Religion has entered the studio to begin recording a brand new album. The yet unnamed work is being recorded at Joe Barresi’s JHOC studio and co-produced by band members Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin and Barresi.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

SET ME FREE interview

A jaw with SET ME FREE, a touch of genuine Youth Crew HC from Milan suburbs!

Dedicated to those who state that Italian HC has now come to an end...You probably missed “Walkin’ the line”, the last album by Set me free! This old-school HC Milan-based band was born in 2009 bringing together members of other hardcore bands such as No More Fear, Product, Half My Time,

Friday, July 27, 2012

THE STATIC AGE on tour now - free tickets giveaway

Chicago/Burlington's post-punk THE STATIC AGE crossed the ocean to tour Europe on their latest work, a 5 track EP, titled "Mercier".
The tour starts tonight in Düsseldorf  and they'll be on the road until Aug.the 18th. Check the dates below.

And now the free tickets giveaway: yeah you read well, Uncle M music is giving away 2 tickets for one date of the tour to the winner of a contest we're hosting. So if you wanna be up for the chance to win these two tix be the first to comment this news

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Waiting for better days: and better days come! The WAITING FOR BETTER DAYS are a melodic HC band who started in 2008 playing in a little room called "giungla". Now they're going to leave for a well rich European tour to let their new full length album known: "To those who believe to be left alone".

Saturday, July 21, 2012

FATHOMS debut EP out on 27th July

Brighton, UK metalcorers FATHOMS have been recently driven 5000 miles through Euorope with Napoleon. The fivesome, who started out in 2010 (and covered Tatu "All The Things She Said"), have a new EP coming out and you can check out a preview now, and download it for FREE on the 27th of this month!!!

Check: www.facebook.com/fathomsuk

Friday, July 20, 2012

DARKEST HOUR New music video for "Severed Into Seperates"

DARKEST HOUR have just debuted a brand new music video for their single, “Severed Into Seperates.” on Metalsucks. The track is taken off Washington, DC-based latest fatigue "The Human Romance" and was directed by Mihaszna Films. This is by far one of the band’s most visually stunning videos to date. The video is now available through DHdudes's youtube channel.

Epitaph signs Propagandhi to release their new record in September

Here comes a short, and very much in the band fashion, press communicate from Canada's finest political charged punker PROPAGANDHI on their new effort (the sixth in their long careeer). The full-length is the follow-up to 2009's "Supporting Caste"...

"Hello fellow confused and frightened inhabitants of spaceship earth. How are you today? Me too. So here is the news literally tens of you have been waiting for: our new record, “FAILED STATES”, will be unleashed on September 4th 2012 via Epitaph Records,

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The gotanerve family is growing bigger and we recently got our new team member Roberta from Italy out to interview HANK WILLIAMS III at Torino's stop of his Eurotour. Think we're branching out a bit? Perhaps, who can tell? But just try and be open-minded and read on this cool interview.

"THERE'S ALWAYS BEEN A CROSSOVER THERE". These are the few first words of this straightforward character who played in Turin on the 30th of June. The grandson of Hank Williams I, the legend of American country

Saturday, July 14, 2012

CONVERGE NAPALM DEATH split 7" EP teaser and release date

May the 1st we posted a news on some sneaking trailers which were circulating the net. Those teasers were announcing the upcoming release of a 7" inch split that sees vegan extreme hardcorers share a vinyl with seminal grinders Napalm Death.
The split will hit stores on Aug. the 1st.
Now a teaser worth checking out has been posted on Deathwish inc.'s soundcloud page.

Check: www.facebook.com/converge www.napalmdeath.org/

Friday, July 13, 2012

Panic Records Giving Away Run With The Hunted’s LP As Free Download - European Tour Now Underway

A Message From Panic Records:

We’re trying something new here at Panic. We’ve gotten tons of feedback from all of you over the years about how you find out about and listen to our releases. The majority of people we’ve heard from prefer to download an album for free to check it out and if they like it, they’ll support the band on the road or eventually pick something up from us online. From a label standpoint, this has always put us in a difficult situation; we put a ton of time, effort and money into each release and free downloading takes away from our ability to break even and continue to put out new releases. At the same time, we want everyone to have access to our releases and hear the amazing bands we work with.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FACE YOUR ENEMY just released "Do The Right Thing"

Naples based FACE YOUR ENEMY just released their third full-length titled "Do The Right Thing" that follows-up to 2011 "Message In A Bomb", a killer mix of beatdown tunes, heavy doses of hip-hop a la Beastie Boys, Naples slang, pizza and fun.
The record is out through Italian label Urban Discipline records

Italian's SNIPERDOGS to tour Europe this August

Italian trog'n'roll band (they labelled themselves this way don't blame me hehe...) SNIPERDOGS, who started out in 2008 in Soncino and just released their lenghty effort entitled (guess?) "Trog'n'Roll Rumble" last April -after two EPs and a fair share of gigs under their rock n roll belts. 
With L7's "Smell The Magic" blaring through my PC speakers I just wanna let you know that the guys are gonna pack their wrecked van and hit the road to take their music through Europe this August.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Manchester's sXe oldschool combo XCURRAHEEX has a new split record out for South America fans and those quick enough to grab their copy through band's bigcartel page, or through one the labels that joined forces to release it.
The split is entitled "NO BORDERS" and sees the guys from Manchester share the release with Chilean UN NUEVO COMIENZO

Saturday, July 7, 2012


MUNICIPAL WASTE "The Fatal Feast" (CD)

Richmond, Virginia thrash mongers MUNICIPAL WASTE moved from a revivalist thrash party project to become the measure to which the new breed of modern crossover-tharshers must confront with.
After signing to Nuclear Blast records the foursome released earlier this year their fifth studio album entitled "THE FATAL FEAST" that follows-up to two highly raved records like "The Art Of Partying" (2007) and "Massive Aggressive" (2009).
Starting from the impressive cover artwork a la Ed Repka (by Justin Osbourn of Slasher Design) to the "Waste In Space" intro by Zombie's Steve Moore to the lyrics the guys this time around penned kinda outer-space theme that wraps the whole new offering.

Friday, July 6, 2012

ALL FOR NOTHING "Dead To Me" / "Twisted Tongues" official double video clip

ALL FOR NOTHING twist two songs into one video!
Dutch five-piece hardcore band All For Nothing releases 1 video with 2 songs "Dead To Me" followed by "Twisted Tongues" both taken from their latest offering "To Live And Die For". Released on GSR Music last march.
The clip was directed by AMBITIOUS FILMS  www.ambitiousfilms.de


Got some news from the hardworking dudes at HARDCORE HELP FOUNDATION...

HHF radio station is now a fact. Soon as everything is set we'll launch it. Plug in through iTunes, or our website or use an app so you can listen with your mobile. Watch out for a radio station with all the bands who have been supporting us or new ones coming up.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

SUBWASTE / STABBED IN BACK 7" split out in September

Punsksters SUBWASTE from Sweden and STABBED IN BACK from USA will be featured in a new 7" split entitled "ALLIES" to be released on SEPT. 18th, 2012 via Warbird Entertainment!

PARKWAY DRIVE Euro tour this fall

Euro kids, if you missed PARKWAY DRIVE this spring stop beating the shit outta yourself. In fact, you will get the chance to catch them this fall since the Australian metalcore mob will be htting the European and UK roads with Emmure (US), The World Alive (US) and Structures (Canada).

MXPX / CANCER split 7" vinyl out on Flix records

A short piece of news from German, Stuttgart based, DIY label Flix records that is gonna release a 7" split featuring pop punk trio MXPX and  Cancer from Switzerland.
The guys shared the stage with MXPX in Europe and fill in as musicians in the MXPX All Stars project to support MXPX's currently only touring member Mike Herrera (bass / voice).

Check: www.facebook.com/FlixRecords 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


THE BURIAL "Light And Perfections" (CD)

Dissonant sounds creeping out of the outer space, a heavier than a mammoth rhythmic section and some cool crafted guitar lead lines. All this before all the band kicks in full blast with its bludgeoning metal assault. That's just a bit of things about the opening track of THE BURIAL new record entitled "LIGHTS AND PERFECTIONS".