Saturday, November 18, 2017

IN.SI.DIA interview

by marcs77

You’re free not to share this view but Italy has had its fair share of good heavy metal bands over the years since the obscure times when the term was invented.
IN.SI.DIA from Brescia, Italia, is a thrash metal band -that’s the scene where they moved the first steps back at end of the 80’s early 90’s- that after reuniting a few years ago, following an indefinite long-standing hiatus, has recently managed to work on and write a bunch of new tunes and hole themselves up into the studio to record and produce the new full-length album “Denso Inganno”.
I’ve been a fan of this band since the early times I was gonna get introduced to the heavier and more underground music and I’d never thought to be here, 20+ years later, and get the chance to interview Manuel (Manny) Merigo, guitar player and founding member of the Italian metal combo, for our webzine.
Let’s read on what Manny had to say to gotanerve-zine and check out their new album, out on Miagliano (BI), Italy based metal imprint Punishment 18 records, if you haven’t yet.

gan: Hey IN.SI.DIA how’s life treating you?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Now streaming: Italy's historical black metal SELVA ROSSA "Ire Ad Patres"

Not streaming or covering much metal but today we wanna stream, for the more metalheads among you readers, the first album, entitled "Ire Ad Patres" from Bologna, Italia based black metal duo's SELVA ROSSA.
This album "Ire Ad Patres" (go meet the ancestors=to die) marks the chapter one of a 3-act-concept about Italian Medieval conpiracies, sung in Italian.

Stream here the entire album out on Metal Hell records


Sunday, November 5, 2017

DOG EAT DOG still crowd-surfing in Eindhoven

Crossover hip-hop metal hardcore punk DOG EAT DOG crowd-surfing again in Eindhoven, NL 22 years from their groundbreaking apperance at most crowded edition of late Dynamo festival.
Who's The King? DOG EAT DOG!

Watch the Dog Eat Dog in action now

The band has released this year their new EP titled "Brand New Breed", and you can watch here the official music video for the song "Vibe Cartel"

UK SUBS to play 40th anniversary and new singles launch show on Nov. the 16th 2017

November 16th 1977, the Subs had just changed their name and the band played their first ever show as the UK SUBS.
On November 16th 2017, 40 years later to the day, at the Queen's Hall in Nuneaton, UK hardcore punk legend is playing the official 40th anniversary show, where in celebration, the UK Subs will perform for one time only, an extra special set featuring one song from each and every album right the way through from A to Z! A remarkable tribute to the last 40 years of punk rock and street punk.

The 40th anniversary gig will also host the launch of two brand new 7" AA-side singles, titled "Predator" and "The Beast", and it will be filmed for a future DVD release.

The official gig poster for the 40th anniversary show/single launch party has been designed by the lovely and talented Beka Pritchards.

Watch here Charlie Harper (voice) and Alvin Gibbs (bass) talk about the new singles

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Now streaming: Finland's M.O.R.A. new 7-track EP "Enteet"

This EP has been released last August so I'm pretty sure those of you who know Hellsinki, Finland based M.O.R.A. has already noticed, listened to and grabbed the record. Right?
"Enteet" marks the third release from this 2-female fronted diy hardcore metal combo who started out in 2008.

The band just wrapped up an Euro trek that saw them play ten shows in Germany and Czech Republic and share the stage with bands like UnfadedNegative Vibes, Vlada Ina and Pornscars.

Stream here "Enteet"


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

AGNOSTIC FRONT 35th anniversary European tour kicks off on Nov. 9th

Seminal and undisputed fore-fathers of everything NYC Hardcore AGNOSTIC FRONT celebrate this
year 35 years as a band and are going to head over to Europe on tour in a few days.
The tour kicks off on Nov. 9th in UK, to move ahead into Europe and detour for a special trip to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. AF will be playing the killer Madfest Festival in Germany as the very last date of the trek.

Adding up to the release of Roger Miret official autobiography "My Riot", after three years of hard work and the support of many people from all over the world Agnostic Front is also proud to announce that their film “The Godfathers of Hardcore” will be premiering at the 2017 DOCNYC Festival on Saturday, November 11th!

You can watch here a recent video interview founding members Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret gave to 69 Faces of Rock

Littlehampton newcomers GLOO reveal ‘Force You’ video

Ahead of a London headline show later this month, Littlehampton trio GLOO are pleased to reveal the video for their latest single ‘Force You’.

Commenting on the concept for the video, the band said: "We just wanted to do something real simple and to the point. We found the busiest street in Brighton we could without Tom getting run over by a taxi and had him shout through the track at double speed. We’re super happy with how it turned out as all the unknowing passers-by are giving zero shits about what’s going on. It’s in your face and to the point like the track.”

"The song itself is basically a massive middle finger to being told what to do, they continue “Do whatever you want regardless of what anyone else is thinking, saying or doing. The cherry on the top is that the main hook for this track is essentially all 3 of us just shouting at you."

Watch the video for "Force You" here

Italy's RABID DOGS has a new studio album coming out soon on Electric productions

Stoner-sludge-punk-grindcorers and 70's Italian thriller-exploitation flicks addicts RABID DOGS from Atessa, Italy, has a new studio album coming out soon.
The trio has just upped on youtube the song "The Lodge" featured in their latest fatigue to be titled "Italian Mysteries".
The new effort marks their fourth release since band's inception at the beginning of 2009.

Recorded and mixed at ALIEN RECORDING STUDIO, mastered at Stage One Studio, "Italian Mysteries" will be released on Eclectic productions in the next months.

The beautiful cover art is another little masterpiece from DARTWORKS - drawstroy.

Quoting the band: Rabid Dogs will lead you to the filthy gutter of “spaghetti-land”... because violence is an Italian art!

Listen here to the song "The Lodge"