Saturday, August 15, 2015

BIOHAZARD + WALLS OF JERICHO + NO OMEGA at Radio Onda D'Urto Fest, Aug. 13th 2015

words and pics by marcs77

Last evening I drove out with my car to Brescia to attend the annual fest of local long time independent radio called Onda D'Urto. I'm glad I've managed to make it there since I got to see a great concert and without the possibility to make advance planning and arrangements I, by chance, hooked up with Walls Of Jericho's Candace Kucsulain, she was out of backstage wandering around through the stalls selling colourful-hippish dresses, who kindly offered a bit of her time to reply a few questions for an interview will be featuring shortly -this despite her confiding to me that she really had to save her road's worn out voice for tonite show.

Okay, let's start reporting what went on up on the huge festival-like stage the radio set up for the live music events they'll be hosting until 29th August (today is just the second day).
No Omega
The band that has had the usually awkward task to open up the gig, a few minutes past 9.00 pm, is Stockholm, Sweden's NO OMEGA.

Monday, August 10, 2015

DARKEST HOUR interview

by marcs77

Honestly I think I kept this interview lingering I bit way longer than everyone would expect, this being recorded last November in Milan, but, you know, I'm dead sure DARKEST HOUR fans will always be eager to read up what guitar player and founder Mike Schleibaum (he's a real dude!) had to say about the then freshly released new self-titled record, on how he backed my not so concealed critics on their move toward more poppier sounds, and among the other things how Darkest Hour and Machine "Fucking" Head are a badass bill for every metal bangers and diehard fans of these two bands who put their hearts in whatever they do and just rip the stages together.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

'Graze' is taken from the new DOWNERS' EP 'Noose' out today August 1st 2015 on Local Colour Records

Those of you who like the indie, grungy sounds of the '90s will probably fall in love with this combo called DOWNERS that hails from North West, UK.
Are these sounds being favoured again among alternative punk music listeners? At the end of the 90's this was just one of those thoughts that oncel et out loud would have lot of people laughing in your face. If you were older enough you surely remember what I'm blabbing about. Rock was dead, punk was dead, grunge was dead!

'Graze' is taken from the new 3 track EP, ‘Noose’, which will be released on 1st of August on 7" vinyl and digital download through Local Colour Records. The band will be playing a tiny in-store at Action Records, Preston on Saturday 8th August to celebrate the release.

Watch here the video for the song "Graze"