Saturday, February 27, 2016

RETOX's Justin Pearson interview

by Michela A.

There are at least 2 different ways of being into hardcore punk. One is to take your instrument up, shout it out loud and play around with your band- sometimes it does work.
Other thing is when you put all life into it, absorbing ethic and aesthetic of the punk subculture of the early years and then feeding the scene playing and producing mind-blowing music, pushing traditional HC sounds beyond any conceivable limits. With an ethic– Justin Pearson’s way.

Last year, in April, RETOX were touring in Europe on their new LP “Beneath California” and we had the chance to spend some time talking with Justin Pearson (who's also in the newest Dave Lombardo's punk metal project Dead Cross with guitarist Mike Crain) before Retox show in Berlin. No doubts he is as engaging and true as on stage.
Time has passed «even more because of our lazy editor -editor note», but I guess many of the ideas Justin shared with us are not likely to change soon.
The awesome backstage pictures are courtesy of Sibilla Calzolari who also published a photo-book of backstage pictures; for more details check out

gan: The first time I saw you Justin on stage was on 2007 in Milan with the Locust. I was there primarily for the comeback of a legendary Italian hardcore punk band called Sottopressione. Then I heard this fast paced, aggressive grindcore delirium and it just blew up my mind! I soon became Locust-addicted and then came the Retox, featuring 2/4 of the Locust. So Retox is your latest project, isn’t it? How were Retox born?

TO KILL ...hunters will be hunted!!!

Sharing a blog entry by our bro Marco at Toxic tape records about a limited 50-copy cassette tape re-release of Roma's TO KILL farewell album "Antarctica" to support the Ocean wildlife conservation organization SEA SHEPHERD, where To Kill's singer has been working with after his band called it a day...


some weeks ago i met my old friend josh (FACE THE FACT & TO KILL) during the last BANE show in leipzig, we haven't seen us for very a long time and we had a nice chat about life, music & work. for some years now he is out on sea and a part of the SEA SHEPHERD troops. so talking about his work was much more excited than talking about mine ;-)

WHATEVER IT TAKES new album "Deathblow" out in March, LP version in April

I do comdemn violence of any sorts or for any purposes, and on this base we wouldn't give any room to bands like Belgium's WHATEVER IT TAKES. But they do their damn thing so well. So whatever...

Whatever It Takes is a side project with members of 'Die My Demon', 'One False Move' and 'Outcast' with 1 Goal, 1 Mission: Putting the 'Hard' back in Hardcore: !

More than 10 years in the game they recently teamed up with Beatdown Hardwear Records for the release of their new full-length effort 'Deathblow, out in CD/Digital on 25th March and on LP on 29th April. 10 Tracks who take us back in hardcore history.
Whatever It Takes recorded at 'Hearse Studios/Kortrijk' and mixed and mastered with Manuel Cohnen ( Parabol Studios Germany ).

Yesterday they released the video clip for the song "Paying Prices". Watch the video here

Friday, February 26, 2016

FAINTEST IDEA reveal third album details, 'Increasing The Minimum Rage' out 1st April 2016 via TNSrecords

Wanna hear some pissed off angst fuelled ska-street-punk rock? Suit yourselves...

Kicking around the streets of sea port market town Kings Lynn in one form or another since 2008, the rudeboy street punks of Faintest Idea are pleased to announced they will release their third album ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’ via Manchester-based punk and ska label TNSrecords on 1st April 2016.

“The new record sounds heavier both musically and lyrically than our previous releases” comment the band “With free market capitalism still rampant things don’t look too great for the younger generation. The album is a reflection of the time we find ourselves in, it is the sound of people trying to keep hope in a seemingly bleak future.”

The new album was recorded with Hieronymous Melchers (the man behind the control desk on releases from legendary names from the ska punk scene including Capdown, Citizen Fish, King Prawn and Snuff) and mastered by Massimiliano Giorgini (Anti Flag, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Common Rider), the 11 track album also features guest performances from Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) and Sean Howe (Random Hand).