Sunday, October 22, 2017

Venezia's DANNY TREJO new album, release party and Euro tour jaunt

The newest signing of Indelirium records, DANNY TREJO, hailing from Venezia, Italy, has a new full-length album coming out and titled "Another Trejo's Night".
The band's six elements come from different bands of the Italian and global punk-hardcore scene, namely Talco, Los Fastidios, Gonna Fall Hard, Inerdzia, Discomfort, Slander, Santa Banana, and got together in July 2011 -their first self-titled EP came out in Oct. 2012.

Danny Trejo is playing the new record release party in their home town, at ARGO16, and will be hitting the road on the same day to embark on a short Euro trek that will take the guys through Italy to Germany and Switzerland -dates are listed below.
Witing for the first official music video coming out this Monday you can watch here the spoiler for the new album feat. the song "Ready For War"

Tour dates:
27/10 - I - Venice Argo16
28/10 - I - Rimini DIY Fest
29/10 - I - Sforzacosta BABAU CLUB
31/10 - I - Ferrara Circolo Lago Gattola
01/11 - D - Grimma @Secret Show
02/11 - D - Berlin @Zkg
03/11 - D - Hamburg Menschenzoo
04/11 - CH - Thun @Akutn
05/11 - I - Gorizia @Punto Giovani
09/12 - I - Bari Le Macerie - Baracche Ribelli
22/12 - I - Trieste Tetris
23/12 - HR - Pula Monteparadiso
20/01 - I - Cagliari @La Cueva

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