Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"TIMES ARE CHANGING - An European Hardcore Compilation" out in October 2013

The dudes at Destroy Your World Inc., Italy, are currently working on the release of an all-European hardcore-punk bands compilation.

It's with great pleasure that we can announce yet another release on Destroy Your World Inc. for the year 2013. Aware that it's hard to feature all the great hard working bands that our continent has to offer, we decided to gather the best of European hardcore and bring it all together on a great piece of vinyl and here is the result: "TIMES ARE CHANGING: A EUROPEAN HARDCORE COMPILATION".

Monday, April 29, 2013

CLEARSIGHT new 7" released on React! records

React! records announces their brand new release, a 7" EP from Ukraine's CLEARSIGHT.
The album is out on May the 1st 2013.

Ukraine’s Youth Crew bruisers are back after a brief hiatus, with a killer follow up to the demo we released a few years ago. Continuing REACT!’s history of finding the most crucial bands from all over the world, CLEARSIGHT drops 9 Straight Edge anthems, guaranteed to inspire high dives, low skanks and positive change in the hearts of true coremen and women regardless of race, color, or national identity.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

JUNGLE FEVER "Reckless Reality" EP out soon on Open Up records

Italy's JUNGLE FEVER (featuring two members of Last Day Before Holidays) are among those hardcore punk bands devoted to the NYC HC style of Madball, Outburst, Breakdown, Cro Mags et similia.
They recorded a demo in 2011 entitled "Winning Mentality" and are gonna drop a new EP featuring the latest stuff they've been working on.
The 7" EP is titled "Rekless Reality" and it's gonna released by Open Up records. 

"Reckless Reality" EP out soon on Open Up records. Keep your eyes open and spread the word -Jungle Fever.

LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR first full-length out via Let It Burn records

After the digital release of LIGHT YOUR ANCHOR's debut EP on Acuity music in March last year Let It Burn records just announced they'll be releasing the first full length from Hamburg's based melodic hardcore outfit.

We're pleased to announce that Light your Anchor will be releasing their first full length, which will go by the name of "HOPESICK", on June 14, through Let it Burn Records!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

THE VARUKERS interview

by michela a.

Nothing's changed. These “angrier older men” are still around and it seems like nothing can grind ‘em down. On stage since '79, THE VARUKERS shaped punk since its birth and gave life to some of the best known (and still alive) UK punk groups, nothing less than Discharge, Doom, Vile...
We had the chance to have a chat with Rat and Stick some months ago in Milan at Arci LO-FI, just before The Varukers’ gig organized by Vampata and...well, time has passed since that night (my fault!) but finally I had the time to stick our talk down...well...read on what the “older angrier men” have to say and judge by yourself how UK punk feels like today.

NOISEFUL SILENCE signed to To React records, debut album "Shades Of Red" coming out soon

This modern hardcore quintet from Firenze, Italy has been around for about seven years now and over this timeframe self-released two EPs in 2007 and 2009.
To React records just announced that it will be releasing their new record and debut on the lenthy distance in June 2013.
The recordings of the album took place last year and the master has been shipped out to Seattle's Spectre studio to undergo the Troy Glessner treatment (Underoath, August Burns Red, Norma Jean, Anberlin, Death Cab For Cutie).
The new effort is entitled "Shades Of Red".

Friday, April 19, 2013

"THERE'S SOMETHING MORE - a documentary about hardcore" available from BUSINESS AS USUAL

Hardcore is supposed to be capable of offering something more than just angry music to mosh to. Right? Wetzlar, Germany's BUSINESS AS USUAL are proving above statement to be true since grabbed the chance to document first-hand what's actually going on among Serbian hardcore-punk scene while they were on tour in this country last October 2012.
They hit the road with their friends in Stand Der Dinge and collected materials in the form of interviews, live videos and music that have been now packaged together in a 60-minutes DIY documentary. The documentary is aptly entitled "There's something more - a documentary about hardcore".

Bridge Nine welcomes IRON CHIC to the family

Has the headline goes read on all about newest adding to B9 records family and listen to their stuff...

New EP, Spooky Action, Available 5/14 Digital, 6/25 on Vinyl from B9 records.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Helsinki's FORESEEN are taking Europe this Summer with a tour kicking off on July 30th in their hometown.
They should have their new LP out by the time to stuff the van and hit the road. Read on what they've recently posted about their new effort:

So we're recording a LP later this year and we want to spend stupid amount of money in the studio to make it sound like Reign In Blood or something -Foreseen.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Travis Orbin is the new DARKEST HOUR drummer

We're sure the younger among you guys may have spotted the drummer sitting behind the drums setting in
DARKEST HOUR's studio photo snaps. The guy is Travis Orbin, talented drummer from Periphery, Sky Eats Airplane and he has officially joined the combo from Washington D.C.
Below the short annoucement the band posted on their FB page...

Here it is...please welcome Travis Orbin to the band! - More news on the new album but for now....the future 5 align!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

4th 'N GOAL shares a song taken off the new EP "Dudes Legacy"

We had left this melodic hardcore punk combo from Milan, Italy just before Christmas when they did shoot
a clip entitled "Saucy Santa" (the track is still up for digital download) and were ready to hit the studio to start the recordings of the follow-up to 2011's "Gason" EP.
On April the 5th they have made available via youtube the song "Music Is Over" to appear on the new EP now out and available through their bigcartel.

Watch the trailer about the new Ep and lyric clip of the song "Music Is Over".


Those who love the hip-hop tinged NYC style hardcore and GTA will be happy to know that GROVE STREET FAMILIES (it's actually not given to know what blokes hide behind this project) just released their 3-track EP entitled "The Los Santos".
The EP is up for free download through bandcamp.

Stream the whole EP here

KID ARMOR are gonna drop their first 7" via Commitment records

A news item from xCommitmentx records camp...

The next Commitment release is also in the works. This will be a seven song 7" by Orange County straight edge band Kid Armor. Go like them! The pressing plant Record Industry will start working on the test pressings soon!

You can check out two songs that will appear on the 7" on KID ARMOR bandcamp profile and while you're there, also check out their demo!

Stream two tracks here


WORLD'S APPRECIATED KITCH, the label based in Atene, Greece, recently dropped their new digital sampler that includes 22 tracks from hardcore punk bands like Alecto, Strength Approach, Whales' Island and Set Me Free (to name just a few closer to our crew).
The whole compilation is up for free at their bandcamp so it would be a good move if checked this out without further ado.

Stream the compilation here

Friday, April 12, 2013

BOY SETS FIRE has a new record coming out this June 2013

After disbanding in 2006 (last show in 2007) Newark, Delaware finest post-HC ensable BOY SETS FIRE possibly took the best decision they could getting their band a kick back to life and again on the map of hardcore punk. This happened some day in 2010 but things seemed to get more concrete in 2011 when they crossed the ocean to play shows in Europe.
Their political charged new album "While A Nation Sleeps" is scheduled to hit stores on June the 7th in Europe via End Hits records and on June 11th in USA/Canada through Bridge9 records.

DISTRICT 9 new EP out on Countdown records for the European kids

Bronx bombers District 9 will release their new Ep “SouthBronxMemoirs” on Countdown records, in collaboration with Dignified Bastard records.
The Ep will be release in a limited edition of 300 copies, exclusively for the European market.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


by marcs77

Gotanerve-zine caught up with Aaron Matts, singer for Paris, France based modern metal 6-piece BETRAYING THE MARTYRS. 
At the time of the interview this young band had just completed an Euro tour with label-mates Asking Alexandria (Motionless In White and While She Sleeps were on the wagon as well) that included a jam-packed appearance at London's famed venue Brixton Accademy -commented by the guys as “best show of our lives! We love the UK...”
Aggressive symphony tinged modern metal music as a tool to raise awareness on positive messages, ceiling high jumps, an ever growing label like Sumerian records that's kind of at the forefront of what modern metal (+core tags) has to offer to the today's kids who are fed up by some metal dinosaurs taking the high places in the festival bills, a debut full-length album entitled “Breathe To Life” (released in 2011) that collected the right amount of praises as well as the inevitable harsh critics off those who can't stand to hear the word metalcore anymore. What else is BTM all about?

Friday, April 5, 2013

MODERN LIFE IS WAR is back on the map, finally!

We read the news on FB on April the 1st but cautionally waited a while to post this before it was gonna turn into an April fool thing.
But every bleeding bit of the news has been confirmed by the band so it's 101% sure: Iowa's MODERN LIFE IS WAR is back on the map.

“Modern Life Is War is an active band again. In September of last year, we wrote an album in John’s basement in Marshalltown, which will be recorded at God City in May and released on Deathwish in September.

Monday, April 1, 2013


by marcs77

ALECTÓ Minyma (7” vinyl) 

ALECTÓ hails from Volos, Greece and made themselves known in the HC-punk scene with another moniker -originally they formed as Eternal Hated in 2007.
The new band's moniker (taken off the implacable Furie/Erinya of the ancient Greek mythology the punisher against all moral crimes. Eternal wrath against the lack of morals) perfectly fits both the lyrical and overall concept/message behind the current incarnation of the project and the furious assault they manage to deliver in the form of metallic noxious hardcore punk bastardized with some mathcore-mind-boggling metrics and other more rockish elements.