Friday, November 28, 2014

Terror/Comeback Kid/Stick to Your Guns/Obey The Brave/More than Thousand/No Bragging Rights/Capsize. Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2014, Bologna 20th of November 2014

by Marcelo

“Too much breakdowns” this is how this festival should be called, but we’ll come to this later.

I left for Bologna early but due to traffic issues I couldn’t catch nothing more than the last couple of song of CAPSIZE, playing in the almost empty venue. I got to suspend my opinion on this young guys, but I got to say they try to difference themselves with some delayed guitars from the classic metal core stuff but they hardly succeed.
NO BRAGGING RIGHTS was one of the bands I wanted to catch and they didn't disappoint.

FINAL PRAYER announces X Years Anniversary Release show date

Berlin's own FINAL PRAYER have been around for 10 years and to celebrate this milestone the five-
some has written/recorded 4 brand new songs a put together 1-hour long documentary that will be out through Let It Burn records on Dec. 12th 2014.
The guys will be playing the release show for XY, just before 2014 wraps up, on December 30th in their hometown. A good way to celebrate this anniversary and gearing up for the new year's eve. Isn't it?

The band about this release show- We're more than happy to announce our official X Years Anniversary Show!
Together with our good old friends Born From Pain, Dogchains andCity to City and hopefully you, we gonna celebrate this special moment in our band history.
The Show will be at the 30th of December at the famous BiNuu in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Cheers, FP

If you haven't checked it out yet watch now the trailer for XY

Thursday, November 27, 2014

THE SMASHROOMS goes on indefinite hiatus

If you have got to follow gotanerve-zine for more than one day you'd sure know Brescia, Italy antifa-socio-political conscious punk hardcore three-piece THE SMASHROOMS.
The guys who, if my mind doesn't play tricks, formed back in 2001 have just announced that their venture as a band has come to a stop.
The more recent release of the punk trio is the album "Wildfire" out last year through Epidemic records.
As you can read here below The Smashrooms will be playing 3 farewell shows; one in Italy (tomorrow night close Milan) and two in Germany.

Here’s the word from the band...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

THE SHRINE at Berlin's Cassiopeia 28th Sept.2014, visual show report

On September the 28th, 2014 power-retro-fuzz-rockers THE SHRINE, from Venice, Los Angels, CA, played a show at Berlin's Cassiopeia while touring Europe on their latest and sophomore record "Bless Off".
Gotanerve-zine attended the gig and our Michela with a buddy photographer interviewed the three-some, took pictures and shot a few videos to document this rock 'n' roll night.

Waiting for the interview to go up very soon and read what the American dudes had to say us, here below you can watch the three videos and a few shots that try to show what a The Shrine gig could be all about.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Norway's BARREN WOMB debuts new video off "The sun's not yellow, it's chicken,"

Refused's sonic-derailment sons from Trondheim, Norway.
Hardcore band Barren Womb has debuted a new video for their song "Only Rain Man Doesn't change" from their recent album, "The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken".
The records is out on Spartan Records and digitally at iTunes.

Watch Barren Womb’s new video for “Only Rain Man doesn’t change” now at

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fat Wreck Chords announces NOFX- Backstage Passport Soundtrack!

I'm sure you guys would agree Fat Mike didn't exactly cut a good figure when punching and kicking
with his Docs a drunk-frenzied fan who hopped on stage and back-hugged NOFX's singer bass player during their opening show of Australia's tour. The clip showing the beatdown went viral and surely you've got to read about all the shit, from haters, press, bloggers and everyday social network users, that flooded Mike camp after this unpleasant exploit for which the punkrock icon will be trying his best to get quickly over it. Some pacification gestures have been delivered already, you know; well that's what happened first in the virtual world and then in the real world when, to settle the score, Fat Mike let the fan kick him back a few days after the talked about event. So you perhaps know all that but what about things going on at NOFX backstages and the proper soundtrack to that insane moments?

In 2008, NOFX starred in the TV show Backstage Passport, a series that documented the insane hijinks of the band as they weaved an unsteady path through exotic locales where most sane bands fear to tread. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the official Backstage Passport Soundtrack is being released on December 9th (Vinyl in January 2015).

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sweden's screamo SUIS LA LUNA starts recording their new EP

Today 15th November 2014 Swedish screamo four-piece Suis La Lune are set to begin recording a
new 4 track EP for release next year. The band will be heading into Henning’s (guitarist/vocalist) basement to record the new material. The EP will feature all of the original members of the band with the only change being a role swap between guitarist Karl Sladö and drummer Daniel Pettersson.

The band will also be recording the material themselves, Sladö says, "Recording will clock in at around 25 minutes. The songs are a tad more technical and a bit longer, there's a lot of stuff going on for sure.”

In the past Suis La Lune have been heralded for their own flavour of classic (late-90s) style screamo by combining post-rock-esque instrumentation and tender melodies with passionately frantic vocals and lyrics. The new material is said to have “a darker, harder sound”, however Sladö assures that “Suis La Lune still sounds like Suis La Lune”.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

HARD RESISTANCE to release 1994-2014 double-CD Retrospective early 2015

Twenty years have gone by since the days HARD RESISTANCE, European hardcore band from Belgium, burst upon the scene. The news is WTF records will be releasing a 2-CD retrospective titled 1994 RETROSPECTIVE 2014, which is scheduled to be available on January the 2nd 2015. 

The early nineties and mid-nineties were a revolutionary periode. A lot of American hardcore bands started to boom and the scene exploded once again. Bands like Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Madball, Pro-Pain and Cro-Mags grew and destroyed the European stages. It was at that time, that HARD RESISTANCE started out.

After a while, European bands like Backfire!, Ryker’s, Right Direction, Tech 9, Discipline, VOT earned the respect they deserved. Album productions got better, bands were selling tons of merchandise and shows were full of energy. Finally; the hard work paid off.
In fact, they established a true hardcore "Euro-scene" and European bands got dubbed "Euro-core bands" by international media and radio (someone bashed it bulldog HC). Everyone was talking about it, everyone was into hardcore. Glorious days!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

SWINGIN' UTTERS new album and US tour with labelmates Lag Wagon

The fans of SWINGIN' UTTERS will be stoked to know their favorite punk rockers have a new record coming out in a few days.

You heard it right! On November 11th, we’ll release a brand new Swingin’ Utters full-length. Packed with 15 songs and recorded by the talented Chris Dugan at JingleTown, Fistful of Hollow is Swingin’ Utters at their very best. The album weaves between classic punk rock and the eclectic mix of sounds that the band has been experimenting and evolving with since Five Lessons Learned, yielding a truly balanced, yet cohesive record. Read what Johnny and Darius had to say about the writing process below:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"BLACK HOLE: Uno Sguardo Sull'Underground Italiano" interview

by marcs77

What underground means and what's all about? Could it be compared to a black hole? That region of space-time which, because of its strong gravitational fields, absorbs all those subcultures and art forms like music, literature, theater, cinema that are not striving for or will never get the chance to go under the spotlights of mass pop culture?
That was my initial take on one of the likely meanings of title for the book/movie documentary project “BLACK HOLE: Uno Sguardo Sull'Underground Italiano” -Black Hole: an overview on Italian underground.
Turi Messineo, 29 years old, from Palermo, Sicily got started with the hardcore punk in his teens and over these formative years to the adulthood he has put enough experiences, connections and in-depth knowledge under his belt to embark himself into an ambitious yet challenging project to write a book and, with the cooperation of young movie maker Claudio Stanghellini, make a movie about the Italian underground.
This project got finalized into the paper book “BLACK HOLE: Uno Sguardo Sull'Underground Italiano” to be published by Eris edizioni beginning of 2015 and the movie, he wrote and directed, bringing the same title.
We thought
now it was the perfect time to interview Turi about “Black Hole” and everything related. Read on what he has to say...

gan: Hey Turi how's all in life?