Monday, March 28, 2016

Maryland Hardcore band POURED OUT have joined the Facedown family

We love that bands playing their hardcore heavy and metallic. Read on about Facedown rec. latest addition to their ever growing family...

POURED OUT have struck a significant blow to the scene with their 90s era metal-influenced hardcore—heavy on the hardcore. Their debut self-released EP “Blind Heart,” recorded and engineered by Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome, shows off the bands’ technique in an unassuming way, letting classic elements like breakdowns and blast beats take the lead. Formed in 2014, Poured Out now bring their dynamic Maryland-style hardcore to Facedown Records with the re-release of “Blind Heart.”

Poured Out will be recording their full length for Facedown Records in May with a summer release date. They have also been added to the line up for the 2016 Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA on May 14.

Listen to and watch this promo clip for the insane song "American Justice" from the EP "Blind Heart"

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Canadian Skate Punk Legends BELVEDERE reveal 'Hairline' video

Lotta of technical-melodic-hardcore-(SKATE)punk fans have been waiting this moment for so long.
BELVEDERE are back, finally. Time for shred punk again!

Canadian skate punk legends BELVEDERE have revealed the video for 'Hairline', the first track to be taken from their long awaited new album, which shows the band back at their stunning best on this pacy, break-neck sonic assault.

Watch and share the video here:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

AUF BEWÄHRUNG "Nachtschatten" now in streaming!

These guys don't reveal much about themselves «AUF BEWÄHRUNG is an strictly antifascist streetpunkband from northern Germany» but let their music and lyrics do the talk, and we like it so.

Now streaming in its entirety their new full-length titled "Nachtschatten" out via Twisted Chords records.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

HANDS UPON SALVATION releases video clip for the song "Envision The Forsaken"

Yogyakarta, Indonesia H8000 hardcore-metal influenced HANDS UPON SALVATION recently
released a music video for the song "Envision The Forsaken" off their last full-length record "Entity".
This is the second visual piece from this album released on Hellavila in 2012, the first being the one for the song "To Inherit The Purity".
The 5-piece band is not a newby on the crazy South Asian and international hardcore metal scene being around since 1998.
Last year they took part to the 3-way split release out on Diorama records featuring also Lies! [from The Netherlands] and Deconsecrate [from Belgium] and including the aforementioned tracks plus the song "As Winter Calls".

Watch now the video for "Envision The Forsaken" here