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After having had to go through quite a few email exchanges and countless phone calls, with managers, PRs, you name it, we have finally somehow managed to get hold of the up and coming and hottest a cappella boy-band from Leipzig, Germany. The stylish tanned boys named themselves VLADA INA and while gracing the stage, wearing fresh-from-the-runway looks, they’ll be moshing your asses up with their sounds; ah, these dudes don’t lip-sync, ok?
The Vlada Ina’s are addicted players of Pokémon and all things Pokémonian and, thus far, they have two recordings out; the latest being entitled “True Chill” and out through Toxic Tape records, on cassette, and on 7” vinyl via Powetrip records. Well, here we are, some of above facts are true but a good bunch of other stuff is totally false bullshits.
So, read on what Max had to reply to our questions and discover yourselves how to tell the truth from complete falsehood about Vlada Ina. Have a good read!

by marcs77
Do you remember of So Cal, Huntington Beach resident, punk rockers GUTTERMOUTH? You definitely should because the band has been around quite a long time now –’88 early 90’s– but perhaps you’re just too young and the name doesn’t say you that much as it actually does for the generation who was in their teens in the 90’s.
After 10 years since their last full-length release the guys are back with an EP doppietta; the first EP “Got It Made” was release last July and the second one, to be titled “New Car Smell”, is scheduled to drop on November 25th 2016 –both records are out through Bird Attack Records and Rude Records.
Years passed by, line-ups changed but Guttermouth didn’t lose any inches of their irreverence, sarcasm, wittiness and are still here to keep old punk rock spirit alive and kicking. Read more...

H2O interview with Adam Blake
by marcs77
One of the more melodic “pop” oriented and mentally positive driven bands in the NYC hardcore punk scene released a new album last October the 9th 2015 via Bridge9 records, the label they have been on since closing their short-lived major label stint with MCA, and that put out their successful, heads turning, hearts filling, minds empowering 2008's record “Nothing To Prove”. This band, formed by Sick Of It All's roadie Tod Morse, named themselves H2O back in 1994 and, working their arses off to record music, play shows and relentlessly touring the corners of the world, made it to become a household name in the New York city's boroughs and among the global hardcore-punk scene. Thanks too to the attitude they took; the PMA (positive mental attitude).2015 was drawing to a close and we did email a few questions to Adam, formerly on bass but currently guitarist for H2O, about “Use Your Voice” (their latest disc), NYC punk hardcore (the scene and the book), growing as a musician and love songs... Read more...

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Pompano Beach, Florida's SHAI HULUD toured Europe by large last Spring joining Canada's skate-punkers Propagandhi on the UK/European leg of their Failed States tour 2013. This tour came definitely as a really good juicy chance for Shai Hulud to take the new record “Reach Beyond The Sun” on the European stages (they've got lot of full-house shows according to the people involved on this tour).
GOTANERVE-ZINE got the chance to seat down with guitarist Matt Fox -the only founder member still in the band since 1995- before the Milan show and have like an hour chat about their latest effort, the tour they were currently into, people misunderstanding some misanthropic, hatred and negative themes in their lyrics and T-Shirts arts, Chad Gilbert being back to collaborate with the band as singer and producer, today hardcore music, the movie they took inspiration from to name their band and some interesting down to earth stories about the band and who Matt is up and off stage. There's really lotta stuff really worth reading here so I'm not gonna keep this opening longer.

by michela a.
Nothing's changed. These “angrier older men” are still around and it seems like nothing can grind ‘em down. On stage since '79, THE VARUKERS shaped punk since its birth and gave life to some of the best known (and still alive) UK punk groups, nothing less than Discharge, Doom, Vile...
We had the chance to have a chat with Rat and Stick some months ago in Milan at Arci LO-FI, just before The Varukers’ gig organized by Vampata and...well, time has passed since that night (my fault!) but finally I had the time to stick our talk on what the “older angrier men” have to say and judge by yourself how UK punk feels like today.

by Michela A.
“The will to kill”, new album by SPLEEN FLIPPER. Italian HC going fast, going East. On stage for 13 years, Spleen Flipper celebrate the band’s “step into teenage years” with a new, dense, fearsome and definitely wise full length: “The Will To Kill”. 9 fast-burning tracks which carve new SF’ sound: TWTK is the latest step of an evolution from the early punk-HC, straight (and damned fast!) towards the recent offending and relentless “blastcore”, a lethal mix of hardcore, death, black and grindcore…well, the guys lack for nothing! Spleen Flipper are still spreading their sound far and wide, with a bunch of gigs around Italy and an upcoming tour in...well, I don’t wanna add more about that now! We hope that our chat with Topper, SF's lead voice and co-founder, will feed your least until the next news, of course! read more...

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The younger of you may not remember or even have heard of HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, a pop punk post-HC rock combo hailing from Dayton, Ohio. But those who were listening to the genre in mid 00's are surely familiar with the name and with two releases like “The Silence In Black And White” and “If You Only Were Lonely” which brought to these guys their fair share of deserved notoriety and pushed their name top of the rankings of USA charts. The death of founder member Casey Calver (guitar/screams) on tour at age of 26 and a legal battle with their back then label Victory records took the five-piece away off the spotlights. 2013, they're done with the recording of the new album (scheduled for a Summer release) and if you head over to their official website today you'll find a countdown timer to the day the new site will be up (it just a few hours over 2 days). read more...

by marcs77
Could starting this out mentioning that Germany's (Bad Hersfeld/Gotha based) MARISOLV born out of the ashes of metalcorers Bury My Sins but it would only be pretty reductive to say the least. The quintet (or old fuckers as Marco says) behind this project are well into in their thirties and have been involved in the hardcore for many years being in bands, releasing records, promoting bands, setting up shows, doing paper fanzines or running webzines and supporting their local HC/Metal scene. You know, all the good things about hardcore punk and DIY read more...

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Oh Summer time! How many of you guys are missing it? I don't think this is much of a concern for the Cali kids and to those who live in some all-year-warm countries around the globe. Why thinking to Summer on January the 2nd -and even worse, why, when I happen I've nothing against our European winter time? Well, the interview you're gonna read here below took place on 26th July 2012 after the show SET YOUR GOALS played at 4th edition of Into The Pit festival read more...

by michela a.
Next stop…South East Asia!
At the time you will read these lines, the Rotterdam-based HC-band All For Nothing will be on stage somewhere in South East Asia, spreading their energetic hardcore to the Southern hemisphere, in a run through Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur. Years have passed since they started playing together in 2002, but after thousands of gigs sharing the stage with the best names of the international hardcore, punk and metal scene, AFN are still down-to-earth guys read more...

by marcs77
“Not settling for less when you can go further and walk the extra mile”. Let me start my bit of opening-blabbing quoting a line off a reply below by OVERSEAS. It's true that many bands are happy to settle for less (and this could work whether that's their goal) but I'm in my view all bands that walk the extra mile and work their asses off to break boundaries (being them geographic, cultural, whatever...) read more...

by roberta p.
Here below is the interview to WOLFxDOWN a German hardcore band whose last work "RENEGADES" is the evidence they're worth to listen to and follow. Moreover, they're not just playing HC music: if you want someone who's really consistent with what they're professing, then support this straight-edge band who's fighting for a more fair world. read more...

by marcs77
Örebro's punks! Punk rock ensemble SUBWASTE just toured Europe with USA's Stabbed In Back -a fivesome hailing from Albuquerque, NM- but since I really couldn't make it to attend any of the three shows the guys played in Italy, the first plan was to do an email interview to be up before the tour kicked off. You know, things go as they go and this interview was replied by Tobbe (vocals and guitar) only when back home. So, meanwhile the tour is off and the new split that sees Subwaste and Stabbed In Back share the 7” wax is out via Warbird entertainment. read more...

read more interviews...

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