Thursday, December 26, 2013

CONFRONTO interview


by marcs77

CONFRONTO from Rio De Janeiro Brazil is not a newbie among the South America's hardcore metal scene and, though you might have missed them out thus far, the foursome crossed the ocean to tour Europe several times over their 15 years as a band (the 10 year milestone has been properly celebrated with the release of a DVD entitled “Confronto – 10 Anos de Guerra").
For the richer western world the 2014 is the year where Brazil will be under the spotlights because of the hosting of the FIFA World Cup but as you may have learned off the few global media controlled news that leaked to us during this year Confederations Cup the country has first bigger social and human rights issues still to deal with; issues which will be no easily hushed up by the artificial facade made up of the cheerful, loud and colourful soccer supporters and events arranged around the tournament.
Last October Confronto released their fourth full-length record titled “Imortal”, which follows-up to 2008's "Sanctuarium", and we caught up with recently become father Felipe (vocals) to talk about his band, the new album, their roots and their constant thrive to be a voice for the voiceless and a proof that, beside being a fundamental right, to be confrontational and do your own thing is possible.

Monday, December 23, 2013

MORE THAN LIFE new record to be released on Holy Roar records in 2014

In 2014, MORE THAN LIFE, struggling crepuscolar hardcore from South West UK, are following-up the
release of 2010's "Love Let Me Go".
They are working with Holy Roar record to get the yet untitled new album out and via bandcamp you can already listen to one of the songs that will be included in the record.
The track is entitled "Do You Remember".

Strem the song here

STATE FAULTS new video for "Wildfires" up now

Los Angeles, CA – Nor-Cal post-hardcore/screamo band STATE FAULTS has released an explosive new .
video for their song“Wildfires” from their recently released sophomore album, Resonate/Desperate, via

Watch State Faults’ new video for “Wildfires” at 

Friday, December 13, 2013

At last Roma's TO KILL will be playing two farewell shows

Roma's TO KILL announces that they will be playing two gigs before the summer 2014. They aren't reuniting or
anything like that. It's just a way to say goodbye to those who have been close to the band and supported To Kill and draw definitely a curtain over this important chapter of their life. Read on the post popped up on FB (English version below).
We'll keep you posted.

To Kill 2004-2010, con un capitolo in sospeso:

Ci eravamo lasciati ormai quasi quattro anni fa con una promessa, e siamo qui a mantenerla.
Avevamo promesso che ci saremmo salutati, e siamo qui per farlo.

KIDS INSANE new 7" EP out on December the 20th 2013

Tel aviv, Israel KIDS INSANE are back with a new 7" EP out in vinyl format and digitally for the dig-geeks.
"Frustrated", which follows-up to last year band's first release titled "All Over", is out on December the 20th 2013 via Take It Back! and Goodwill records (vinyl version) and sees a guest appearance of ex-Comeback Kid Scott Wade on the track "Standing Up".

Waiting for the official release stream here the complete EP

Sunday, December 8, 2013

MALEMUTE KID "Don't Talk The Scene" video off the new s/t 7"

Last October Torino's punk rock MALEMUTE KID released a new 4-track 7" entitled  "Don't Talk The Scene" on
No Reason (IT), No Panic! (DE) and Raining (IT) records.
With the help of some friends and musicians off Italian bands the guys put together a good bunch of material that, another friend of the guys, Ame Ray vids, turned into a video clip for the title track "Don't Talk The Scene".

The video has just been premiered on BlankTV and you can watch it here

PERIPHERY to release "Clear" on Jan. 28th 2014

To break the wait to the release of PERIPHERY's official third album the Washington D.Csestet is releasing a new mind-boggling experimental work on Jan. 28th 2014. Read on the official press...

The new experimental recording, Clear, represents the sum total of PERIPHERY's unrivaled achievements. Clear is set for a Jan 28th North American release.

Jake Bowen (guitars) states: "Clear is an experiment to explore all of the different writing styles in the band. It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music. With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound.

"Every track also contains a melodic theme established in Clear's intro track "Overture" this common thread links all of the songs together, even though they all sound wildly different. Clear shouldn't be confused with our new 3rd full-length album that we're currently working on, nor should it be considered an EP as it rides somewhere in-between clocking in at 30 minutes. Enjoy!"

Watch the trailer here

Saturday, December 7, 2013

THROUGH THESE EYES demo 2013 out

What we have here? A band "sponsored" by Caught In A Crowd? The straightedge guys named
themeselves THROUGH THESE EYES and play oldschool hardcore.

They recorded a 4-track demo titled "Demo 2013" and unluckly there aren't other news to be found.

Listen to the demo here -it's up for free download too

POLAR BEAR CLUB about the new album "Death Chorus" out on Rise records

After parting ways with Bridge9 records POLAR BEAR CLUB signed with Rise records for the release of their
latest effort, the forth full-length album, and follow-up to 2011's "Clash Battle Guilt Pride". 
Following some songs off "Death chorus" getting premiered and heard by many there's been quite of buzz about Polar Bear Club moving out the hardcore punk to try and break more mainstream territories.
On November 18th, just one day before the record hit the stores, vocalist Jimmy did kind of an "outing" thing sharing on the net his thoughts and feelings about these first perhaps unexpected reactions they've got.

You can read here below the full post penned by Jimmy but meanwhile watch here the video clip for the new song WLWYCD "Why Live When You Can Die” directed by Max Moore (Converge, Touche Amore, Harm's Way...).

Monday, December 2, 2013


KID ARMOR Better Days (7” vinyl)

by marcs77

Steel armor-clad and with a ripe juicy orange in hand KID ARMOR are fearless fully geared up to face the Troma's Toxic Avenger-like greenish junky tree-headed monster and unleash their freshly-hand-made blend of Judge, Gorilla Biscuits hardcore punk and So-Cal punk rock onto the dangerous mutant and make it pass-away and harmless.
KID ARMOR is a Mission Viejo, Southern Orange County, CA based straight edge five piece that formed in 2010 and “Better Days” is their first 7” and follow-up to 2012's “KXA” demo.
I just loved this wax since the very first listen for the freshness positive energy and cool mix of the more pissed-off old-school formula with the sun-kissed bounciness of So-Cal punk rock likes of Adolescents, Angry Samoans, Fear and also early The Offspring.