Monday, October 30, 2017

Belgium TOXIC SCHOCK new puppet video off upcoming new album

Crossover thrash from Belgium?

Belgium Thrash Maniacs TOXIC SHOCK just released a fantastic puppet video for the track "Great Great Gift".
The video features cameos of John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, YOT, Gorilla Biscuits) and Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror) and has been produced in NYC (Directed by Ben Tesseur & Maarten de With. All camerawork by Ben Tesseur).

The new album titled "Twentylastcentury" comes out November 10th on This Charming Man Records.

Watch the video now

Sunday, October 29, 2017

It's CROSSOVER revival: M.O.D. "True Color" music video

We're going through some crossover revival times. Actually, it's not the very first time, and you can bet this will happen again and again; here one among the original forefathers of this border-crossing genre, New York's M.O.D. (short for Method of Destruction) who, 30 years ago, debuted with the sickening sarcastic people-pissing off full-length "U.S.A. for M.O.D."
Watch this fun-packed music video for the song "True Colors" off their '89 album "Gross Miscunduct".

Earlier this year the band released the longtime-in-the-works eighth studio album titled "Busted, Broke & American" on legendary NYC's label Megaforce records -this for those who may care a little.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

SICK OF IT ALL Fall Euro tour 2017

New York Hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL about their upcoming European tour. Get ready!

"No rest for the wicked! Next week we kick off our European tour. Hope to see some of you in Germany, Holland, Finland, Italy, France and Spain for some Sick Of It All fun!"

SOIA was recently touring in Asia, check out this video from their show in Bangkok, Thailand

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Venezia's DANNY TREJO new album, release party and Euro tour jaunt

The newest signing of Indelirium records, DANNY TREJO, hailing from Venezia, Italy, has a new full-length album coming out and titled "Another Trejo's Night".
The band's six elements come from different bands of the Italian and global punk-hardcore scene, namely Talco, Los Fastidios, Gonna Fall Hard, Inerdzia, Discomfort, Slander, Santa Banana, and got together in July 2011 -their first self-titled EP came out in Oct. 2012.

Danny Trejo is playing the new record release party in their home town, at ARGO16, and will be hitting the road on the same day to embark on a short Euro trek that will take the guys through Italy to Germany and Switzerland -dates are listed below.
Witing for the first official music video coming out this Monday you can watch here the spoiler for the new album feat. the song "Ready For War"

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Currently streaming: Mexico's HEIST "EP 2017"

Brutal, super heavy, ignorant and totally MOSHable material with strong lyrics dealing with life and everyday struggles.

We are currently streaming the very first recordings from Matamoros, Tamaulipas 868 Mexico's HEIST, a young hardcore three-some which should have started out not so long ago -you know, they aren't like the likes of Brujería but it seems the Mexicans must keep a low profile.
The 7-track EP is up now on their bandcamp for free download and you can stream it in full here and head to the page for the downloading

Sunday, October 15, 2017

France's SCHOOLYARDS - COMRADES 2.0 music video (feat. Cédric Pouiol Beast & Toki The Arrs)

Mitry-Mory, France resident and self-labelled rock'n'core combo SCHOOLYARDS (with members of Memories of Dead Man, Dirty Baztard, Ana sage, The Arrs, Beast, if you know the French HC PUNK scene these names may ring a bell) has just released an official music video for the song "Comrades 2.0", a demo version of the eponym song to be featured on their upcoming debut album.
The lyrics address the GAFA tax evasion scheme which jeopardises the nations sovereignty at its core.

SEX PRISONER - HARM DONE - Split 12"/CD/Tape, upcoming Euro tour kicking off on Oct. the 25th

A bulldozer of a split from USA's SEX PRISONER and France, Nantes based's HARM DONE...

After they worked on a European tour happening in October 2017 both bands decided to release a split record. 8 tracks (4 each) of their own kind of furious Powerviolence / Hardcore filled with Metal influences.

SEX PRISONER, Tucson, Arizona - powerviolence/Hardcore unit, sounds a lot like Crossed Out mixed with some Infest. The sound is heavy, abrasive, and definitely rife with anger. They rarely venture into full-on thrash, which is a plus and offering sixteen furious bursts of burly powerviolence/hardcore.

HARM DONE, featuring members of RAW JUSTICE, DIREWOLVES and REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, started in the Fall 2013. They recorded their debut 7″ in April 2014, a promo tape in May 2015 and debut full length later the same year. They play some kind of cold and no frills powerviolence filled with speed, ignorant breakdowns and HM2 metallic guitar sound.
This record is a collaboration between 4 labels: STRAIGHT & ALERT records and RSR records for the European pressing. DEEP SIX records and TO LIVE A LIE records for the North American pressing. And the artwork is cortesy of Sebastian Bxe (Negativ Null).

You can listen here to the 2-minute trailer Straight And Alert records made for pushing the split

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Psychedelic ritualists ETHEREAL RIFFIAN release a new documentary

This psychedelic litanistic heavy experimental doom rock band from Kiev, Ukraine kind of stands among a league of its own; not just because of the crossing of musical boundaries and heading out to unknown roads but the whole complex yet entralling concept, vision and drive behind this artistic project.
As the quartet states "The band’s activity has two main objectives: to compose unconventional music, which is able to expand the frames of the listener’s musical perception, and to shed light on the existence of a subtler plan, whose laws if understood properly may help to perceive the reality on a deeper level".
The band released their latest opus "Afterlight" on August the 17th.

The new documentary “Ethereal Riffian Relics” is dedicated to the band’s very special approach to crafting limited editions. It’s divided into two parts: in the first one, frontman Val Kornev answers 10 questions about ETHEREAL RIFFIAN’s limited editions series; in the second one, all limited editions created by the band to date are showcased.

The band comments: “We already have a short documentary called “Robust Rehearsal”, which describes the background of the band, its creative world, work in literature and its very essential philosophical and spiritual components,” says band leader Val Kornev. “And now we release “Ethereal Riffian Relics” documentary which explains the role of visual presentation and can help our listeners to create a more thorough understanding of our work. This short film will be of interest for all lovers of limited editions, for those who already create exclusive items and for those who only have an intention to create it”.

Watch the new documentary in its entirety here

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Now streaming: Czech Rep's REMEK "LP"

This isn't actually a brand new record since it was released on May 4th 2014 but we believe it's really worth checking out.
LP, yeah that's how it looks like they named it, is the second to last release of Czech screamo diy foursome REMEK, a prominent band among the Czech Rep. hardcore punk scene around since 2010.
Their song are screamed in the band's mother-tongue language but you can read the English translation available for each and every track.
I have learned off bandcamp the band is behind and involved with Coffee Breath Records, a label through which they release records on a pay-what-you-want basis and give the money they collect to organizations they care about—mostly those that work around human rights and animal liberation.

Listen here to and download tom Remek LP

Saturday, October 7, 2017

MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY - Live @ Superbowl Hardcore - Pescara 24/02/1996

I was recently going through the tales H.P. Lovercraft, the famed horror fiction poet/writer from Providence, wrote in the last years of his career going from 1931 to 1936 (the tales include the classics "At The Mountains Of Madness" and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"). In these writings the uncanny name Miskatonic University, the fictional varsity located in the likewise imaginary city of Arkham, which comes up in several of his stories, took me down memory lane and made me think of a 90's harcore band from Ravenna, Italy.
The 4-piece band, bringing the same name of Lovercraftian university, has been around in the Italian and European punk hardcore between 1992 and 2000 and self-labelled their blend of metallic hardcore sounds and pulp culture infused lyrics Pulp-Core.
Before calling it a day the Miska released two full-length albums, the s/t dated 1993 and the 1995's follow-up "There Will Be Only One" on Boundless records (their own label), and 3 7" EPs.
In 1996, at the peak of their "career" (quote from the band), Miskatonic University played the Pescara Superbowl Hardcore on Feb. the 24th and somebody shot the video of their whole gig you can watch here -it was 1996 so don't complain about video and sound quality, which is pretty good all things considered


Friday, October 6, 2017

DARKEST HOUR - "Unleash the Fury" (Washington, Capitals Fight Song) video

DARKEST HOUR, the dudes, as they're best known among their circle, just released a music video for the song "Unleash The Fury" (Washington, Capitals Fight Song).
The track, dedicated by the band to their hometown's hockey team, Washington Capitals, isn't truly a brand new piece but it's actually taken off the song "Those Who Survived", which appears on their latest studio album effort "Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora", out on Southern Lord.

Watch here the video


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Brazil's WHAT I WANT music video for the song "Sangha" up and partecipate to "A Brazilian Tribute To Nasum"

Brazil' mince-core grind thresome WHAT I WANT has a diy lo-fi video up for the song "Sangha".
The song is taken off What I Want s/t debut full-length released earlier this year.

Watch the video clip here and stream/download the album in its entirety clicking the link to their bandcamp below.

Los Angeles' L7 has just released the new single "Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago", L7: Pretend We're Dead" documentary out on Oct. 13

Los Angeles' outrageous riot gals L7 has released, on Don Giovanni records, the first single since their most talked-about reunion in 2014.
The new track is entitled "Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago" and if you are fans of the band you oughta listen to it. It sounds definitely L7 stuff!

Check out the song here…/dispatch-from-mar-a-lago