Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Split-tape WOLFxDOWN / TRUE VALIANCE out soon via Disobey recordings

WOLFxDOWN has a new stuff coming out in the form of a split-tape they are sharing with Bristol, UK's TRUE VALIANCE. The tape is gonna be out through Disobey recording.

"We have a split-tape with our mates in True Valiance coming up! It's called "Bring back the politics" and is released on DISOBEY RECORDINGS! They just started taking pre-orders and it will be firstly available on our show in Weimar on February 9th!
It took a while, so we're more than happy that finally everything is set and done!" states the band with a post on fb.

Hardline Entertainment signs THE SPARRING - New EP out in March

Hardline Entertainement signed this hardcore punk outfit hailing from that Cali punk hot-bed that is Orange County. THE SPARRING has been around from some year now though here in Europe didn't have the chance to withness first hand their delivery .

January 29, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Hermosa Beach indie label Hardline Entertainment is proud to welcome hardcore punk band The Sparring to its eclectic stable of bands, with plans to release the group’s new EP titled Rise Up via Hardline Entertainment on March 5th.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MINNIE'S releases their new album on Feb.the 14th

MINNIE'S from Milan has been around since 1995. The fans of Jade Tree sound and indie-core-rock sung in Italian will be happy to know that the guys are gonna release their new album "Ortografia" on Feb. the 14th.

The album is gonna be out on CD and vinyl format through To Lose La Track, Fallo Dischi, Neat is murder records.

Last record from Minnie's ("La Paura Fa Brillanti Idee") was released in 2011.
A welcomed return.

NO SECOND CHANCE reveals cover artwork of their new EP

The follow-up to 2011's "Never Ending Fear", band's debut on Goodlife recordings, is coming our way soon. 
"Face Reality", the second official record from London's bashers NO SECOND CHANCE, is a 7 track EP featuring guest vocals from Carl Schwartz of First Blood.
Here below a post by NSC guys to unveil the superb cover artwork that'll grace the EP.

MURUHUAY just digitally released their debut EP

MURUHUAY is multiethnic post-HC ensemble based in Milan, Italy that has been kicked to life by five kids from Milan and Perù.
They've just released their insteresting S/T debut EP that it's up for free download for those who wanna check it out -of course those more generous can make their offer to support the always critical home economics of the bands.

HATEBREED new album out now via Nuclear Blast records

For the diehard fans of Connecticut, USA's hardcore metal prime HATEBRED this isn't gonna be fresh news.
The five-piece led by Jamey Jasta signed to Nuclear Blast last year to release their seventh album from one of the bands pionering the second crossover hardcore metal wave in the early 90's (the band was founded in 1194) along with the likes of Earth Crisis, Integrity (their label mates on Victory records) and Converge.

The follow-up to 2009's "Hatebreed" is entitled "The Divinity Of Purpose".

Saturday, January 26, 2013


by marcs77

Back in the early 80's a region located in North Italy and named Piemonte gave birth to some punk-hardcore outfits themselves pioneers in a scene (mainly USA based) that was gaining interest among the punkrock boundaries. The likes of Negazione, Indigesti, Nerorgasmo and Peggio Punx (hailing from Alessandria) got out of their basements and community centers to let the 80's Italian, European and further out US punks hear their personal take on punk-hardcore (fire-branded by the lyrics sung in Italian among the things).
Things weren't definitely easy back then but these youths were driven by the flame and ethics of DIY and made it to cut for them an important niche in the history of the genre.
In a way things are definitely easier today (I bet you prove me wrong) but it seems only apparently.
Italy, Alessandria based LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAY released their debut full-legnth last year on Indelirium and penned down a bunch of driving pop-punk tunes based on a lyrical concept that deals with their feelings on their hometown, the pop-punk scene and physical and mental-wise boundaries they have to break to express who they are through the music they love.

Friday, January 25, 2013

THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER to release a 7" single on March the 1st

Let It Burn records just released this press item regarding a 7" single Waghaeusel (Karlsruhe area)'s based THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER are putting out to break down the wait to the upcoming release of the follow-up to last's year split with Demoralizer.

"THE CHOSEN FEW", is the title of the record, which will come out on March the 1st via Let it Burn Records and Acuity.Music.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I AM REVENGE "Pit Justice" Official clip unleashed

Hamburg's mosh-hardcore outfit I AM REVENGE has a shot a video clip for the song "Pit Justice" that is up for all to watch on HARDCORE WORLDWIDE TV.
"Pit Justice" is the title track of their debut full-length out last August 2012 via Swell Creek records. Tons of mosh stuff and bits of insane fun. We've watched it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Reviews by marcs77

DEADBEAT HERO The Evil Rock Machine (CD)

DEADBEAT HERO plays some solid and screaming hardcore that hits you straight in your face since the opening track "MANIFESTO". The song also features, among the lines of its lyrics, the album title "it's time to let loose all our steam, to show some bad-ass attitude, LET LOOSE THE EVIL ROCK MACHINE".
The second track “R.I.P.” let's in some post-HC influences in a fast paced and angry number.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TERROR signs with Victory records

At some point last year we had reported a piece of news about TERROR's new album "LIVE BY THE CODE". Well, things moved ahead for the Los Angels hardcore mob and after one single record out on Century Media they have a new found home among Victory records ranks (at least this as far as US and Canada markets go since from the statements released thus far it's not yet clear who will take care of the European release). Read on the official statement from Victory camp...

Victory Records is proud to welcome TERROR to the Victory family. They will release their sixth studio album titled Live By The Code in April, 2013 in the US and Canada.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

WOLFxDOWN live in Hamburg on Dec.the 30th 2012, full set video up

The interest over the band hailing from Ruhrpott, Germany is growing everyday and this must be no wonder to anybody since the foursome fronted by singer Larissa is one of the "newest" harder working hardcore enselbles in the scene.
They've have spent the last days of 2011 as well as the very first of 2012 on the road touring Germany, Czech Rep. and Italy and those like me (shame!) who missed their shows can now watch a live video of the  concert the guys played in Hamburg on Dec. the 30th.

Friday, January 11, 2013

NERVE live on Dec.29th 2012, full show video up

We've recently introduced these Swedish hardcorers.
The dudes at just uploaded, on vimeo, a live video of NERVE's first show ever the guys played on Dec. the 29th at Hemgarden in Lund, Sweden.

THE RIVAL MOB, "Mob Justice" out on Revelation records

Boston's infamous THE RIVAL MOB are gonna drop their debut full-length on Revelation records. The new album is entitled "Mob Justice" and follows-up to the "Hardcore for Hardcore" EP released in 2010 on Six Feet Under records.

"Mob Justice" releases on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 on LP, CD or cassette format.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

53 STABWOUNDS streams a track on stereokiller

I stumbled upon the fb page of 53 STABWOUNDS, female fronted hardcore combo that hails from Lappeenranta, Finland.
The band started out in 2010 and doesn't say much more on their history to date but mentioning their part of Lappeenranta hardcore scene; a scene that looking at some stuff you can find on the net seems pretty lively though totally unknown to me.

Apart some badsounding live clips, that don't make justice to their performance, 53 STABWOUNDS have one track "Seek The Truth" circulating through stereokiller that you listen to here -it worths a listen!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IEPERFEST WINTER 5th Anniversary final line-up

The Belgian HC festival held in Ieper clocks in for the 5th time in its winter fashion. Here some news from IEPERFEST WINTER promoters...

Hey there! With little over a month to go until the 5th anniversary edition of Ieperfest winter, we are pleased to announce we have finallycompleted the line-up! We sadly have some less positive news to report as well, so let’s start with that…

THE LAST STAND debut full-length on Eulogy Recordings in Jan 2013!

THE LAST STAND hails from NYC, Brooklyn borough to say it all, and have their debut full-legnth scheduled to hit stores on Jan. the 22nd via Eulogy recordings.
"The Time Is Now" is the title of the new album that follows up to the 2012's 7" split EP the brooklynians shared with Suffer Survive -since band's day one the guys released also another 7" in 2011 and a now sold-out demo that saw the light of the day in 2010.

"This band came together for two reasons in 2010 - the first was for the love of Hardcore”, says vocalist Michael Scondotto

Saturday, January 5, 2013

ULTIMA VICTIMA Euro tour 2012 video clip

Mexico City's hardcore band ULTIMA VICTIMA recently toured Europe in November and December and documented some of the best road-life moments on a video. The over 12 minutes clip is graced by a mostly non-hardcore soundtrack and tracks from the band.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blabbermouth reports that BLEEDING THROUGH are gonna disband

Blabbermouth posted this lenghty announcement, twitted also by the band itself...

It's official: California metallers BLEEDING THROUGH are calling it a day. Prior to going their separate ways, they will embark on one final tour spanning North America, Europe and Australia.

ALECTO new 7" out on World's Appreciated Kitch records

Volos, Greece's ALECTO (formerly known as Eternal Hated) just released their fourth effort since band's inception in 2007.
The new 7" vinyl is titled "Minyma" and is out through World's Appreciated Kitsch records.

The band's line-up is composed by Stelios - Guitar, Vocals, Nick - Bass, Vocals and Thanos - Drums.

"We are really excited to have our new 7inch on our hands. This release is out by World's Appreciated Kitsch Records and True To The Game Records"  -comment the band.

LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAYS Russia/Ukraina tour 2012

Alessandria, Italy pop-punk band LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAYS has recently toured Russia and Ukraina on the new album "The Way Out" released via Indelirium records.
The foursome got their touring buddies in Dance! No Thanks shot a video to document their time on tour.
6 and 1/2 minutes of footage showing the guys onstage and while killing the time between shows. 

Watch the video here and be on the look out for an interview we will feature shortly.

NOFX celebrate 30th anniversary with LP box-set

A product definitely not for everybody's pockets (priced at 199 bucks - €209,90) but to celebrate the 30 years milestone Los Angeles, CA's NOFX are gonna release a monumental box-set including in LP vinyl format all records the punk legends put out  from 1988’s "Liberal Animation" through 2012’s "Self Entitled" on February 19th 2013.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SET YOUR GOALS interview

by marcs77

Oh Summer time! How many of you guys are missing it? I don't think this is much of a concern for the Cali kids and to those who live in some all-year-warm countries around the globe. Why thinking to Summer on January the 2nd -and even worse, why, when I happen I've nothing against our European winter time?
Well, the interview you're gonna read here below took place on 26th July 2012 after the show SET YOUR GOALS played at 4th edition of Into The Pit festival