gotanerve-zine, a honest everyday growing online magazine, started out in november 2008 as the brainchild of ex-members of famed and respected Germany based zines like TRUESIDEMUSIC and NCC-HARDCORE.

2012, after nearly 4 years, a few staff changes and a headquarter relocation, it was about time to bring a big load of fresh air into our editorial project ...and what a better thing than to start from scratch (almost), new name (not actually) and crazy graphics we're known for but still keeping the ethics deeply rooted in our glorious past. solid and 100% truly d.i.y.

gotanerve-zine covers everything about hardcore-punk and metal, keeping an eye on the european scene without forgetting what’s going on all around the world!

watch out for tons of news, cd/vinyl/demo reviews, show reports, new up and coming bands sneak peaks and hot interviews.

show us some love & respect, keep supporting your (our) scene and stay D.I.Y.

stay tuned and have fun!!!

gotanerve-zine, 2012

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