Sunday, December 31, 2017

VLADA INA new 2-song release "Blinded || Paradise" up now

The very last post of 2017... Happy New Year to everybody outthere who have been reading and supporting this zine -2018 marks 10 years since the name gotanerve (earlier on with !) was brought up after the mighty magazine called it a day, thanks to Marco Guth @ Toxic Tape records/Truesidemusic for having me on board on that project.

On December 17th our German hardcore boys in VLADA INA has released two new songs available digitally on their bandcamp and a limited tape run that you can grab at their shows.

Stream here the songs making up "Blinded||Paradise" and watch the official video they shot for the title track

Saturday, December 23, 2017


by marcs77

Scene's veterans THE LILLINGTONS are not just your average punk rock band. They may have not reinvented the wheel, music-wise -actually you can clearly and easily pick what the main influences behind their sound are- but the Wyoming based four-piece has released some very fine buzzy punk pop-tinged music jam-packed with lotta sci-fi, UFO, outtaspace, spy movie, weird and mystery imagery and tales –recently, they wrote also some stuff more centered around secret societies, astrology, and the occult.
Known by many for their ‘99s opus “Death By Television”, the band went on indeterminate hiatus, because of members other music related commitments, in 2006, after the release of their record “The Too Late Show” to return this year in the stores with a brand new full-length effort, out through Fat Wreck Chords on Oct. 13th, 2017.
It’s taken 11 years to get to listen to the new material that makes up “Stella Sapiente” but we do believe it’s really worth the long wait –and, in my book, the addition of new-wave sounds, they threw in the mix, gave a new unexpected dimension and value to a few new songs.
Thanks to Vanessa at FAT we’ve got Kody Templeman (voice / guitar) answer a bunch of questions about the new album, HP Lovecraft, song titles on insects and the Lillingtons’ whereabouts.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE is back on track!

Yeah, whether you know this seminal hardcore band you'll surely be like "what the heck that's some wondrous news!"
Read on the full press release...

Rise Records and celebrated Boston hardcore quartet American Nightmare are pleased to announce the band’s forthcoming self-titled full-length album. Being released on Friday, February 16, American Nightmare represents the band’s rise from the ashes, expanding their legacy and reestablishing the band as titans of the genre in the process. The enigmatic act may have only released two full-length albums since forming nearly two decades ago but after temporarily losing their name, changing members and breaking up, the band has returned with a dark hardcore record that pays homage to groups who have always influenced its sound ranging from Negative Approach, SSD, and The Cro-Mags to those extending beyond the realm of hardcore such as Joy Division and Siouxsie And The Banshees.

Check out the first track from the album, “The World Is Blue,” now streaming in full on YouTube HERE

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Now streaming: "Brutality Around The World vol.#1" 90-band compilation

We're now streaming a hugely massive compilation work, entitled "Brutality Around the World Vol.
1", and featuring no less than 90 bands hailing from 28 different countries, shattered around the world.
The bands making up this comp play a variety of extreme hardcore metal genres fancily labelled as Slamdown, Deathcore, Brutal Death Metal, Slamming Brutal Death Metal, Blackened Beatdown, Goregrind -basically anything you may look for when it comes to brutal beat-down mosh-inducing hardcore metal.
The compilation is out digitally for the usual "name your price" deal on Germany's 164 Beatdown Crew bandcamp.
The crew is currently working hard putting together the bands for the second chapter of another comp, titled "Heavy Tunes Around The World", they released last September.

Stream and download here "Brutality Around the World Vol. 1"

Friday, December 8, 2017

BAY FEST 2018 dates annouced

LP Rock Events, who organizes the Italian summer punk rock festival BAY FEST, announced the dates for the 2018's edition being 12, 13 and 14th August.
The year 2018 marks the fourth edition of the festival, humbly started in 2015 as a one-day event and featuring Sweden's Millencolin as main act.
The location, Parco Pavese at Bellaria Igea Marina, Rimini, Italy, will be the same of the proir editions and the line-up of the 3-day fest shall be annouced and confirmed in the coming months.

Watch here the aftermovie of the this year edition that saw the likes of Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Pennywise, Anti-Flag, Rise Against and Italy's Raw Power, to name but a few, sharing the stage

Saturday, November 18, 2017

IN.SI.DIA interview

by marcs77

You’re free not to share this view but Italy has had its fair share of good heavy metal bands over the years since the obscure times when the term was invented.
IN.SI.DIA from Brescia, Italia, is a thrash metal band -that’s the scene where they moved the first steps back at end of the 80’s early 90’s- that after reuniting a few years ago, following an indefinite long-standing hiatus, has recently managed to work on and write a bunch of new tunes and hole themselves up into the studio to record and produce the new full-length album “Denso Inganno”.
I’ve been a fan of this band since the early times I was gonna get introduced to the heavier and more underground music and I’d never thought to be here, 20+ years later, and get the chance to interview Manuel (Manny) Merigo, guitar player and founding member of the Italian metal combo, for our webzine.
Let’s read on what Manny had to say to gotanerve-zine and check out their new album, out on Miagliano (BI), Italy based metal imprint Punishment 18 records, if you haven’t yet.

gan: Hey IN.SI.DIA how’s life treating you?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Now streaming: Italy's historical black metal SELVA ROSSA "Ire Ad Patres"

Not streaming or covering much metal but today we wanna stream, for the more metalheads among you readers, the first album, entitled "Ire Ad Patres" from Bologna, Italia based black metal duo's SELVA ROSSA.
This album "Ire Ad Patres" (go meet the ancestors=to die) marks the chapter one of a 3-act-concept about Italian Medieval conpiracies, sung in Italian.

Stream here the entire album out on Metal Hell records


Sunday, November 5, 2017

DOG EAT DOG still crowd-surfing in Eindhoven

Crossover hip-hop metal hardcore punk DOG EAT DOG crowd-surfing again in Eindhoven, NL 22 years from their groundbreaking apperance at most crowded edition of late Dynamo festival.
Who's The King? DOG EAT DOG!

Watch the Dog Eat Dog in action now

The band has released this year their new EP titled "Brand New Breed", and you can watch here the official music video for the song "Vibe Cartel"

UK SUBS to play 40th anniversary and new singles launch show on Nov. the 16th 2017

November 16th 1977, the Subs had just changed their name and the band played their first ever show as the UK SUBS.
On November 16th 2017, 40 years later to the day, at the Queen's Hall in Nuneaton, UK hardcore punk legend is playing the official 40th anniversary show, where in celebration, the UK Subs will perform for one time only, an extra special set featuring one song from each and every album right the way through from A to Z! A remarkable tribute to the last 40 years of punk rock and street punk.

The 40th anniversary gig will also host the launch of two brand new 7" AA-side singles, titled "Predator" and "The Beast", and it will be filmed for a future DVD release.

The official gig poster for the 40th anniversary show/single launch party has been designed by the lovely and talented Beka Pritchards.

Watch here Charlie Harper (voice) and Alvin Gibbs (bass) talk about the new singles

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Now streaming: Finland's M.O.R.A. new 7-track EP "Enteet"

This EP has been released last August so I'm pretty sure those of you who know Hellsinki, Finland based M.O.R.A. has already noticed, listened to and grabbed the record. Right?
"Enteet" marks the third release from this 2-female fronted diy hardcore metal combo who started out in 2008.

The band just wrapped up an Euro trek that saw them play ten shows in Germany and Czech Republic and share the stage with bands like UnfadedNegative Vibes, Vlada Ina and Pornscars.

Stream here "Enteet"


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

AGNOSTIC FRONT 35th anniversary European tour kicks off on Nov. 9th

Seminal and undisputed fore-fathers of everything NYC Hardcore AGNOSTIC FRONT celebrate this
year 35 years as a band and are going to head over to Europe on tour in a few days.
The tour kicks off on Nov. 9th in UK, to move ahead into Europe and detour for a special trip to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. AF will be playing the killer Madfest Festival in Germany as the very last date of the trek.

Adding up to the release of Roger Miret official autobiography "My Riot", after three years of hard work and the support of many people from all over the world Agnostic Front is also proud to announce that their film “The Godfathers of Hardcore” will be premiering at the 2017 DOCNYC Festival on Saturday, November 11th!

You can watch here a recent video interview founding members Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret gave to 69 Faces of Rock

Littlehampton newcomers GLOO reveal ‘Force You’ video

Ahead of a London headline show later this month, Littlehampton trio GLOO are pleased to reveal the video for their latest single ‘Force You’.

Commenting on the concept for the video, the band said: "We just wanted to do something real simple and to the point. We found the busiest street in Brighton we could without Tom getting run over by a taxi and had him shout through the track at double speed. We’re super happy with how it turned out as all the unknowing passers-by are giving zero shits about what’s going on. It’s in your face and to the point like the track.”

"The song itself is basically a massive middle finger to being told what to do, they continue “Do whatever you want regardless of what anyone else is thinking, saying or doing. The cherry on the top is that the main hook for this track is essentially all 3 of us just shouting at you."

Watch the video for "Force You" here

Italy's RABID DOGS has a new studio album coming out soon on Electric productions

Stoner-sludge-punk-grindcorers and 70's Italian thriller-exploitation flicks addicts RABID DOGS from Atessa, Italy, has a new studio album coming out soon.
The trio has just upped on youtube the song "The Lodge" featured in their latest fatigue to be titled "Italian Mysteries".
The new effort marks their fourth release since band's inception at the beginning of 2009.

Recorded and mixed at ALIEN RECORDING STUDIO, mastered at Stage One Studio, "Italian Mysteries" will be released on Eclectic productions in the next months.

The beautiful cover art is another little masterpiece from DARTWORKS - drawstroy.

Quoting the band: Rabid Dogs will lead you to the filthy gutter of “spaghetti-land”... because violence is an Italian art!

Listen here to the song "The Lodge"

Monday, October 30, 2017

Belgium TOXIC SCHOCK new puppet video off upcoming new album

Crossover thrash from Belgium?

Belgium Thrash Maniacs TOXIC SHOCK just released a fantastic puppet video for the track "Great Great Gift".
The video features cameos of John Joseph (Cro-Mags), Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, YOT, Gorilla Biscuits) and Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror) and has been produced in NYC (Directed by Ben Tesseur & Maarten de With. All camerawork by Ben Tesseur).

The new album titled "Twentylastcentury" comes out November 10th on This Charming Man Records.

Watch the video now

Sunday, October 29, 2017

It's CROSSOVER revival: M.O.D. "True Color" music video

We're going through some crossover revival times. Actually, it's not the very first time, and you can bet this will happen again and again; here one among the original forefathers of this border-crossing genre, New York's M.O.D. (short for Method of Destruction) who, 30 years ago, debuted with the sickening sarcastic people-pissing off full-length "U.S.A. for M.O.D."
Watch this fun-packed music video for the song "True Colors" off their '89 album "Gross Miscunduct".

Earlier this year the band released the longtime-in-the-works eighth studio album titled "Busted, Broke & American" on legendary NYC's label Megaforce records -this for those who may care a little.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

SICK OF IT ALL Fall Euro tour 2017

New York Hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL about their upcoming European tour. Get ready!

"No rest for the wicked! Next week we kick off our European tour. Hope to see some of you in Germany, Holland, Finland, Italy, France and Spain for some Sick Of It All fun!"

SOIA was recently touring in Asia, check out this video from their show in Bangkok, Thailand

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Venezia's DANNY TREJO new album, release party and Euro tour jaunt

The newest signing of Indelirium records, DANNY TREJO, hailing from Venezia, Italy, has a new full-length album coming out and titled "Another Trejo's Night".
The band's six elements come from different bands of the Italian and global punk-hardcore scene, namely Talco, Los Fastidios, Gonna Fall Hard, Inerdzia, Discomfort, Slander, Santa Banana, and got together in July 2011 -their first self-titled EP came out in Oct. 2012.

Danny Trejo is playing the new record release party in their home town, at ARGO16, and will be hitting the road on the same day to embark on a short Euro trek that will take the guys through Italy to Germany and Switzerland -dates are listed below.
Witing for the first official music video coming out this Monday you can watch here the spoiler for the new album feat. the song "Ready For War"

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Currently streaming: Mexico's HEIST "EP 2017"

Brutal, super heavy, ignorant and totally MOSHable material with strong lyrics dealing with life and everyday struggles.

We are currently streaming the very first recordings from Matamoros, Tamaulipas 868 Mexico's HEIST, a young hardcore three-some which should have started out not so long ago -you know, they aren't like the likes of Brujería but it seems the Mexicans must keep a low profile.
The 7-track EP is up now on their bandcamp for free download and you can stream it in full here and head to the page for the downloading

Sunday, October 15, 2017

France's SCHOOLYARDS - COMRADES 2.0 music video (feat. Cédric Pouiol Beast & Toki The Arrs)

Mitry-Mory, France resident and self-labelled rock'n'core combo SCHOOLYARDS (with members of Memories of Dead Man, Dirty Baztard, Ana sage, The Arrs, Beast, if you know the French HC PUNK scene these names may ring a bell) has just released an official music video for the song "Comrades 2.0", a demo version of the eponym song to be featured on their upcoming debut album.
The lyrics address the GAFA tax evasion scheme which jeopardises the nations sovereignty at its core.

SEX PRISONER - HARM DONE - Split 12"/CD/Tape, upcoming Euro tour kicking off on Oct. the 25th

A bulldozer of a split from USA's SEX PRISONER and France, Nantes based's HARM DONE...

After they worked on a European tour happening in October 2017 both bands decided to release a split record. 8 tracks (4 each) of their own kind of furious Powerviolence / Hardcore filled with Metal influences.

SEX PRISONER, Tucson, Arizona - powerviolence/Hardcore unit, sounds a lot like Crossed Out mixed with some Infest. The sound is heavy, abrasive, and definitely rife with anger. They rarely venture into full-on thrash, which is a plus and offering sixteen furious bursts of burly powerviolence/hardcore.

HARM DONE, featuring members of RAW JUSTICE, DIREWOLVES and REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, started in the Fall 2013. They recorded their debut 7″ in April 2014, a promo tape in May 2015 and debut full length later the same year. They play some kind of cold and no frills powerviolence filled with speed, ignorant breakdowns and HM2 metallic guitar sound.
This record is a collaboration between 4 labels: STRAIGHT & ALERT records and RSR records for the European pressing. DEEP SIX records and TO LIVE A LIE records for the North American pressing. And the artwork is cortesy of Sebastian Bxe (Negativ Null).

You can listen here to the 2-minute trailer Straight And Alert records made for pushing the split

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Psychedelic ritualists ETHEREAL RIFFIAN release a new documentary

This psychedelic litanistic heavy experimental doom rock band from Kiev, Ukraine kind of stands among a league of its own; not just because of the crossing of musical boundaries and heading out to unknown roads but the whole complex yet entralling concept, vision and drive behind this artistic project.
As the quartet states "The band’s activity has two main objectives: to compose unconventional music, which is able to expand the frames of the listener’s musical perception, and to shed light on the existence of a subtler plan, whose laws if understood properly may help to perceive the reality on a deeper level".
The band released their latest opus "Afterlight" on August the 17th.

The new documentary “Ethereal Riffian Relics” is dedicated to the band’s very special approach to crafting limited editions. It’s divided into two parts: in the first one, frontman Val Kornev answers 10 questions about ETHEREAL RIFFIAN’s limited editions series; in the second one, all limited editions created by the band to date are showcased.

The band comments: “We already have a short documentary called “Robust Rehearsal”, which describes the background of the band, its creative world, work in literature and its very essential philosophical and spiritual components,” says band leader Val Kornev. “And now we release “Ethereal Riffian Relics” documentary which explains the role of visual presentation and can help our listeners to create a more thorough understanding of our work. This short film will be of interest for all lovers of limited editions, for those who already create exclusive items and for those who only have an intention to create it”.

Watch the new documentary in its entirety here

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Now streaming: Czech Rep's REMEK "LP"

This isn't actually a brand new record since it was released on May 4th 2014 but we believe it's really worth checking out.
LP, yeah that's how it looks like they named it, is the second to last release of Czech screamo diy foursome REMEK, a prominent band among the Czech Rep. hardcore punk scene around since 2010.
Their song are screamed in the band's mother-tongue language but you can read the English translation available for each and every track.
I have learned off bandcamp the band is behind and involved with Coffee Breath Records, a label through which they release records on a pay-what-you-want basis and give the money they collect to organizations they care about—mostly those that work around human rights and animal liberation.

Listen here to and download tom Remek LP

Saturday, October 7, 2017

MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY - Live @ Superbowl Hardcore - Pescara 24/02/1996

I was recently going through the tales H.P. Lovercraft, the famed horror fiction poet/writer from Providence, wrote in the last years of his career going from 1931 to 1936 (the tales include the classics "At The Mountains Of Madness" and "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"). In these writings the uncanny name Miskatonic University, the fictional varsity located in the likewise imaginary city of Arkham, which comes up in several of his stories, took me down memory lane and made me think of a 90's harcore band from Ravenna, Italy.
The 4-piece band, bringing the same name of Lovercraftian university, has been around in the Italian and European punk hardcore between 1992 and 2000 and self-labelled their blend of metallic hardcore sounds and pulp culture infused lyrics Pulp-Core.
Before calling it a day the Miska released two full-length albums, the s/t dated 1993 and the 1995's follow-up "There Will Be Only One" on Boundless records (their own label), and 3 7" EPs.
In 1996, at the peak of their "career" (quote from the band), Miskatonic University played the Pescara Superbowl Hardcore on Feb. the 24th and somebody shot the video of their whole gig you can watch here -it was 1996 so don't complain about video and sound quality, which is pretty good all things considered


Friday, October 6, 2017

DARKEST HOUR - "Unleash the Fury" (Washington, Capitals Fight Song) video

DARKEST HOUR, the dudes, as they're best known among their circle, just released a music video for the song "Unleash The Fury" (Washington, Capitals Fight Song).
The track, dedicated by the band to their hometown's hockey team, Washington Capitals, isn't truly a brand new piece but it's actually taken off the song "Those Who Survived", which appears on their latest studio album effort "Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora", out on Southern Lord.

Watch here the video


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Brazil's WHAT I WANT music video for the song "Sangha" up and partecipate to "A Brazilian Tribute To Nasum"

Brazil' mince-core grind thresome WHAT I WANT has a diy lo-fi video up for the song "Sangha".
The song is taken off What I Want s/t debut full-length released earlier this year.

Watch the video clip here and stream/download the album in its entirety clicking the link to their bandcamp below.

Los Angeles' L7 has just released the new single "Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago", L7: Pretend We're Dead" documentary out on Oct. 13

Los Angeles' outrageous riot gals L7 has released, on Don Giovanni records, the first single since their most talked-about reunion in 2014.
The new track is entitled "Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago" and if you are fans of the band you oughta listen to it. It sounds definitely L7 stuff!

Check out the song here…/dispatch-from-mar-a-lago

Saturday, September 30, 2017

THOUSAND OAKS record cover of Game Of Thrones theme, split with Too Close To See out in December

THOUSAND OAKS started out in Roma, Italy in 2015 after long-running skate punkers Jet Market called it a day.
The quartet has a split, with Japan's longtime friends Too Close To See, titled "Memories And Milestones" out through Milestone Sounds on December the 20th 2017.

They have recorded a skatepunk cover rendering of Game Of Thrones' theme that you can listen to here  -they're kinda The Raphsody of skatepunk here, right?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sweden's SET BEFORE US has a music video up for the song "Earth Destroyer"

These metalcore Swedes from Stockholm reached out to inform early this year they have shot an official music video for the song "Earth Destroyer" which is featured on the band's second EP titled "Enigmas".
SET BEFORE US, formed in 2012 in the suburbia of Sweden's capital city are currently holed up in the studio for the recordings of their third release and debut full-length.
With this five-some we're not really into uncharted waters but the dudes deliver some solid melodic metalcore as it should be played and without the superclean vocals, frills and lot of electronic shit newer bands throw in the mix. Did we say the Swedish melodic death metal hints sound more SWEDISH here than what you hear in other metalcore music?

Watch now the video for the song "Earth Destroyer" and stream the EP in its entirety off their bandcamp


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oldies but always goodies: LIFE OF AGONY "This Time"

Got first introduced to this band thanks to a show aired in the 90's on the late Video Music channel and titled INDIES.
Attilio Grilloni, the host, was using big words to present this hot new band from Brooklyn, New York named LIFE OF AGONY and debuting on Roadrunner records with the album "River Runs Red". When the video of the song "This Time" kicked off...baam! How couldn't the host be more right about LOA?
Their music just blew me away big time -that break at around 1:24 to 1:38 and the song speeding up into the 1st chorus "You said, "I've got time"But you ain't got time for me" is just freaking awesome. The best mix ever of heavy doomy metal and melodic hardcore.

Watch the video for "This Time" and discover more on this band if you're newby to the 90's so called alternative metal scene


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Los Angeles' TOTAL CHAOS "Street Punx" official video

Punk veterans and legends in their own right, after 28 years of punk rock sweat, blood and chaos, TOTAL CHAOS released a new 4-song 7" last July the 21st and toured Europe extensively over the summer.
The new EP is titled "Street Punx".
The band has shot an official video for the title track up on youtube.

Watch the video now


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Now streaming: "Annoying Truths For Humanity" split

We're now streaming a split titled "Annoying Truths For Humanity" shared by Northxwest Greece's PSYCOREPATHS and São Paulo, Brazil's UNDERGUST.

4-track each of mean straight forward metallic and crossover-istic hardcore with lyrical contents worth listening to and thinking about.
No idea whether this record is gonna be released physically but it's now up on band's bandcamp pages.

Stream and download "Annoying Truths For Humanity" here and support these bands

Sunday, September 10, 2017

France's post-metal STONEBIRDS unveil pre-apocalyptic new song "Animals"

The post-metal soundtrack for those wanting to slow-down, seat-back and relax while reflecting on time and life in general... summer is dead, summer is gone!

Enter the eye of the storm with post-metal trio STONEBIRDS and their new song "Animals", streaming now on The -but we wanted to have you the chance to stream it on GAN as well.
Their second full-length, titled "Time", is due out on October the 20th.
Qualified as "55 minutes’ worth of progressive heavygaze fluidity" by The Obelisk, new album "Time"confirms the unique, juggernaut brand of post-metal matured on STONEBIRDS' Pink Tank Records debut "Into The Fog...", and their ability to write deeply emotional and complex songs.
Once again recorded at Kerwax Studio, the atmospheres on the album get considerably heavier and darker, while relying on spine-chilling atmospheric climaxes. Living up to expectations rose by their debut effort, STONEBIRDS deliver an ambitious, pre-apocalypse worthy full-length that establishes them as a singular voice in the heavy music landscape.

Stream here the song "Animals" in its 8-minute+ entirety

GBH new album out in November - the music video for the title track "Momentum" is up

Hey! UK's GBH has a new record comin' out this November the 17th on Hellcat records.
The title track doesn't disappoint, I mean it's GBH-ish, perhaps, a bit polished (definitely sounding tight and good), but we're in 2017, right? Do you still wish the band to sound as rancid as back in the 80's?

Brazil's QUESTIONS "Lutar" video up now

Sao Paulo's QUESTIONS have a video up for the very first song sung in their own language -Portuguese.
Perhaps, it's hard or immpossible for you to understand the lyrics but the song truly kicks  some arses.

Watch  the video here

Saturday, September 9, 2017

DARKEST HOUR Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and a Half - A Thrashography Sequel!

Fresh off the release of their ninth full-length record "Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora"
Washington D.C.'s DARKEST HOUR, the dudes, released online (it's up since June so surely the die-hard fans will have watched it repeated times) the documentary "Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and a Half - A Thrashography Sequel!" -out also on DVD as "Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and a Half: Live - Undoing Ruin (DVD, 2017)".
The 36 minutes running video has been put together to capture the band while on tour and the stage during their 2015's brief celebrative Unduing Ruin tour for the 20th anniversary that, after seven dates, drew the curtain in their hometown at The Black Cat.

Watch here the video and don't miss the full-concert video of the gig they played at The Black Cat

Amsterdam's JAYA THE CAT announce new album "A Good Day For The Damned"

Never heard of this band until today but they are worth your attention...

Amsterdam-based Drunk-Reggae-Punks, JAYA THE CAT are back with their new album, 'A Good Day For The Damned' - Set for a November 17th release through Bomber Music.
Having finally taken a break from a relentless touring schedule through clubs and festivals all across the world, which have propelled Jaya The Cat to the forefront of the European punk rock scene, the band recently spent a month in Berlin’s Studio Wong recording their fifth album, 'A Good Day For The Damned'.

"We hope to have created something people can connect to." says vocalist Geoff Lagadec. "It's pretty eclectic, just a bunch of stories in different styles. We keep trying to evolve, yet stay grounded in a punk/reggae aesthetic."

Watch here the video for the song "Sweet Eurotrash"

"Sweet Eurotrash is a story about a night of sin, madness and questionable life decisions made in bathroom stalls, ...of overzealous hotel maids and unreasonably early check out times." -Jaya The Cat

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gothenburg's DISAVOW to release debut 7" on Epidemic records

Formed at some point in 2016 and with a demo under their on about these Swedes which are going to become a force to reckoned with among the hardcore punk scene.

Epidemic Records welcomes Disavow from Sweden to its family!
The band, based in Gothenburg, has previously released a demo and started touring across Europe right away after that. This new release is a 7” called “Half Empty” -six tracks of pure hardcore fury with no compromise, harsh, angry and dark, but still as sharp as a razor blade.
DISAVOW features current members and former members Anchor, Gust, Murderofcrows, Oak and Painted Wolves.

Watch here the official video clip for the 7" title track

Sunday, August 27, 2017

California's WRATHS stream title track from their new upcoming EP

Los Angeles, CA's WRATHS, melodic hardcore punk post HC project feat. Jim Lindberg of Pennywise fame and some dudes from 1208, are streaming the title track from their upcoming "My Home" EP, which is scheduled to be released through Bird Attack Records on September 29th.

Stream here the track "My Home" off the EP

Sunday, August 20, 2017

THE LILLINGTONS to release new album "Stella Sapiente" on Oct. the 13th

Sci-fi punks alert! Read on Fat Wreck press release on THE LILLINGTONS' return...

It’s been over a decade since The Lillingtons released a full-length album—and an anomaly of a record at that. 2006’s The Too Late Show proved The Lillingtons were just as powerful as they were in their initial run, even if the band wasn’t inclined to hop back in the van and be a full-time concern. But with recent spats of activity—touring sporadically and releasing the Project 313 7-inch on Red Scare Industries—*The Lillingtons* are once again giving this band thing a go.

Having signed to Fat Wreck Chords, The Lillingtons toiled away on their new record in secret, crafting an album that is both a continuation of the band’s legacy and a dramatic reinvention. It’s called Stella Sapiente, a title that vocalist-guitarist Kody Templeman says roughly translates to “wisdom of the stars,” and that phrase proves apt given his claim that it’s “centered around secret societies, astrology, and the occult.” This kind of subject matter makes perfect sense for The Lillingtons, a band that has never— and likely will never—find much interest in the mundane. Their songs are pulpy vignettes steeped in intrigue, unraveling mysteries, conspiracies, and cloak-and-dagger operations while bashing through buzzy, pop-focused punk songs.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Now streaming: THE RULE "Justice Will Be Served" demo '17

Germany's THE RULE reached out gotanerve-zine to let us know they have a 4-track demo "Justice Will Be Served" out now digitally on Bound By Modern Age's bandcamp -physical copies (cassette tapes) will be available through Bound By Modern Age GER ( and Right Choice UK

The band describe themselves as a vegan straight edge Oi! metal hardcore punk for fans of bands like Agnostic Front, Battle Ruins and Vegan Reich -a pretty cool musical mix indeed.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ROSETTA new album out on September 1st

Philadelphia avant-metal band ROSETTA is releasing their 6th studio album, entitled "Utopioid", which is due out digitally on September 1st 2017 through bandcamp -later on classic formats will follow.
"Utopioid" was engineered and mixed by Francisco Botero with assistance from Alexis Berthelot at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY, July-August 2017.
The record was produced by Botero and Rosetta, mastered by Carl Saff with artwork by Jordan Butcher for Studio Workhorse.

You can watch here 3 studio-update video the guys released on their youtube channel for everybody to get some insight about what went on during the recordings:
Rosetta / Utopioid studio update #1

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fat Wreck Chords to release NO USE FOR A NAME: Rarities vol.#1 - The Covers

All bands (well pretty much all with very little exceptions to this -I know some myself) love playing covers, be it for fun-sake, to tribute the music that inspired their future band or whichever other obscure reasons, and when they get the chance to they record and include their covers on an official release.
North Cal, Fat Wreck Chords roster's staple, and Punk legends in their own right, punk rock combo NO USE FOR A NAME was no different.
Fat Wreck is releasing a compilation album featuring 13 tracks NUFAN has recorded during their times -a 20 years career abruptly ended up with the tragic passing of  Tony Sly (vocals and guitar) on July 31st 2012 .

I've picked off youtube one of the audio videos for the NUFAN cover of Sublime "Badfish" originally featured on a Sublime tribute album titled "Forever Free" out in 2006. Listen to it here

Chicago's pop-punkers 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN release “Lotl” lyric video

Chicago based alternative rock pop-punk group, 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN are best known for their
2015 smash, Side Effects, which hit Billboard’s #1 Alternative New Artists chart, #9 Heatseekers chart, and #60 Independent Artist chart and featured singles “I’m Okay” and “Fireworks.”
The band, signed to Rude Records, are gearing up for their follow up EP, "Symmetry", which is due out
September 15th, recorded/produced by Seth Henderson at ABG Studios, and mastered by John Niclario.

After releasing the music video for the song "Symmetry" earlier last month the four-piece has now a new lyrics video up on Rude records youtube for the track "LOLT". Watch both video here

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT's new rock'n'roll tune "Going Downtown"

For the rock 'n' roll heads...

Ahead of the anticipated release of their new album "The Wild Sounds Of Lords Of Altamont" on Heavy Psych Sounds, Los Angeles garage rockers THE LORDS OF ALTAMONT unveil a fresh new track to make them rocks roll and heads bang wildly.
The quartet is around since 1999 and the new full-length marks their ninth release.

Listen here to "Going Downtown"

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

SLANDER new EP "Calunnia" released on FOAD

One of the hottest Italian crossover thrash punk hardcore bands is out with their work which is an EP titled "Calunnia".
The band from Venezia, Italy is growing on a steady pace piling hordes of aficionados of that crossover of thrash punk hardcore that saw its hey-days in the 80's early/mid 90's, and F.O.A.D. records, that has been treading those waters for quite a long time, took notice of SLANDER and put out their latest effort on June 30th 2017.
Sticking to their punk hardcore roots and ethics the band has made the record available also for listening, streaming and downloading for free off their bandcamp profile.
Go and check out "Calunnia" here, the last track "Ultima Fobia" is gonna offer you a surprise in the best 90's ghost track fashion

Monday, July 31, 2017

TERROR and FIRST BLOOD are touring Europe in August

Two of Pure Noise Records’ best hardcore outfits will both be touring around Europe in August for a series of sweaty, packed out shows. Catch TERROR and FIRST BLOOD at the dates below -and if you're among the very few who may have not heard of these bands watch the clips off their latest efforts: TERROR "No Love Lost" off "The Walls Will Fall", FIRST BLOOD "Rules Are Meant To Be Broken" off "Rules".


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Venn records newest signing is CHEAP SURGERY, demo '17 out

Some UK based PR checked in to share this bit of news here about a new  young punk hardcore act from Leeds, read on... 

Venn Records has been at the forefront of modern punk, hardcore, emo and everything in between in the UK since its inception five years ago. As a label Venn has been there from the start with bands like Milk Teeth, Marmozets, HECK, Moose Blood and more recently Higher Power, Nervus and Youth Man. Venn's newest signing is a DIY hardcore punk band from Leeds called CHEAP SURGERY.

You can listen to and download the demo for the name your price deal off CS bandcamp. Go here

Saturday, July 29, 2017

New SVETLANAS' LP released in Europe through Subkultura Booking & Records

The notorious and misterious punk rock hardcore band from Russia, who named themselves SVETLANAS, has released early June, on US' Rad Girlfriend records, their new full-length effort titled "This Is Moskow not L.A.", a title that parrots and allude to the famed East coast hardcore punk compilation out in the 80's.
The album is out now on CD format in Europe through Subkultura Booking & Records, and the German label has in the works the vinyl release too.

The five-some, now feat. Nick Oliveri on bass (Kyuss, Queen Of The Stone Age, Mondo Generator, Dwarves, Vista Cino, Bla'st), is already touring on this new album -the band is a well-rounded and destructive live-machine- and has released the official music video for the song "Let's Get Drunk" that you can watch here 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

NO TRIGGER announce new music through Bird Attack Records, "Dogs On Acid" video

Bird Attack Records are proud to welcome Worcester, MA's punks NO TRIGGER to their family!
The band will be releasing new music in the form of "Adult Braces" - out digitally on July 28th and physically on August 11th.

You can check out here a teaser music video, for the song "Dogs On Acid" via YouTube, as well as find more info below.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

MY TURN releases "Shield" music video, new S/T album out on Aug.19th

Greece's punk hardcore outfit MY TURN unveils their first music video off their long waited new Self
Titled LP -this album marks their first lengthy recording for this foursome who formed and put out a demo in the year 2010 .
The video for the opening track "Shield" is directed by Yannis Karidas.
The album, being released by Epidemic Records, Backbite Records and World’s Appreciated Kitsch, is hitting the streets this Summer (on August 19th 2017).

The band is already announcing shows and tours both in Greece and in Europe.

Watch the music video here

COMEBACK KID releases 'Somewhere, Somehow' official music video

Canada's finest hardcore/punk outfit, COMEBACK KID, have released the official music video for the brand new single "Somewhere, Somehow" off of the band's highly anticipated new album, "Outsider".

The video was shot during the band's most recent European summer tour and features some impressive footage from the continent's biggest festival stages and a whole lot of positive aggression!

Watch the video here

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Italian melodic punk rockers 7YEARS release new full-length album "Lifetime"

An Italian melodic punk rock band to watch out for...

7YEARS, hailing from Livorno, Italy, have just released their new full-length album "Lifetime" on Morning Wood Records and No Reason Records!
"Lifetime" features thirteen brand new high quality tracks in the style of 90's and early 00's melodic punk rock bands mixed with some typical guitar shredding as seen in recent years.
Besides that, guests vocals on two of the tracks are provided by Joey Cape (Lagwagon) and Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.).

The band has already released two videos for the songs "Lifetime" and "Never Down" that you can watch here

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pescara HC's STRAIGHT OPPOSITION "The Fury From The Coast"

Pescara, Italy long running hardcore punk band STRAIGHT OPPOSITION, a staple among the Indelirium records roster, released their newest adding to their growing discography.
The new record, out on June 14th 2017, is entitled "The Fury From The Coast" and its relase was anticipated through an audio video for the song "Old Fascism, New Abits" avaialable since late May on Indelirium's youtube channel.
The cover illustration and artwork has been created by Matteo Giannese and Emiliano Amicosante, boss at Indelirium.
The five-some is ready and fully geared up to take the new album around and on tour -below you'll find some dates already lined up.

Check out here the clip for "Old Fascism, New Abits"

Friday, June 30, 2017

FLATFOOT 56 interview

by marcs77

Are you into Celtic/Irish punk hardcore and folk tinged tunes and you only know the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly’s The Real McKenzies, perhaps The Tosser, The Mahones and a few others? Well, write down this name, FLATFOOT 56. The Chicago homed five-piece isn’t really a newbie among the punk rock scene and last April, on the 28th, the bagpiped punks released their record no# 8 –their very first release being a demo EP out in 2001- entitled “Odd Boat” via Sailor’s Grave records. Read on what Tobin answered to our questions and go listen to anthemic and powerful songs like “Penny”, “The Trap”,  “Ty Cobb” and the album title-track “Odd Boat”, or the heartfelt and Bruce Springsteen-ballad-esque “A Voice”.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

VACANT HOME (Perth, Australia) Release 'Reflect, Respond' EP

Perth, Australia 5-piece VACANT HOME have released their debut EP, "Reflect, Respond" worldwide via Mutant League Records.

Check out the band's latest music video for the track "Heirloom" here and stream the whole EP from Mutant League records Soundcloud here below