Thursday, September 14, 2017

Now streaming: "Annoying Truths For Humanity" split

We're now streaming a split titled "Annoying Truths For Humanity" shared by Northxwest Greece's PSYCOREPATHS and São Paulo, Brazil's UNDERGUST.

4-track each of mean straight forward metallic and crossover-istic hardcore with lyrical contents worth listening to and thinking about.
No idea whether this record is gonna be released physically but it's now up on band's bandcamp pages.

Stream and download "Annoying Truths For Humanity" here and support these bands



  1. Thx for the upload bro!!
    The cd has been released, if everyone is interesting about a physical copy can send a message to bands through their pages!

  2. Hey thanks for the heads up! It'd be helpful for anybody interested in grabbing a physical.