Saturday, January 20, 2018


by marcs77

After the "Fury Stands Unbeaten" Italy’s angry old school hardcore combo STRAIGHT OPPOSITION is back with a fury related record-title "The Fury From The Coast", and this time around, this fury, represents the one bursting out of the centre of Italy’s regions -these guys hail from Pescara, Abruzzo- and their strong and proud people struggling and fighting hard for living a normal life in an ill-fated territory that over the recent years, 2016 and 2017, has been badly struck by some devastating and deadly earthquakes. In the aftermath of the seismic activities, a high toll of deaths was claimed, buildings and historical monuments got toppled and damaged, leaving entire towns and areas with the problem of housing people, temporarily, while waiting for the long complicated re-building to start up; a re-building being made longer and complex due to those who, to aquire personal benefit, abuse of their power and public resources.
Straight Opposition have always been straightforward while addressing these issues and aren’t definitely some unheard-of-newcomers among the Italian and European hardcore punk scene being the four-piece formed in 2004 and counting under their belt several record releases (the new album "The Fury From The Coast" marks their fifth full-length), and tours both in Italy and Europe, which got hit more than a few times.
I emailed these questions to Ivan Di Marco (vocals), last December, when they had just headed out with their van, on the “Populism Is Cancer” tour, destination Europe.
Read on the answers from Straight Opposition…

Saturday, January 13, 2018

HAPPY ACCIDENTS reveal ‘Text Me When You’re Home’ Video

London indie-punk trio HAPPY ACCIDENTS are pleased to present the video for their latest track
Text Me When You’re Home’.

A plaintive and honest track about cat-calling and street harassment sung from the female perspective by drummer Phoebe Cross, she says of the new single: "The song's about the inherent threat of walking home alone at night that often comes with being a woman. There's a constant fear of the unknown because of the fact that unwarranted interactions such as being shouted at, or worse, are all too common. I shouldn't have to take my safety for granted, and we have a long way to go to overcome this ingrained societal misogyny."

Watch the video here

IRON REAGAN and GATECREEPER announce split release

What's gonna be like a hot diy old-school flavoured split by two solid acts among Relapse records

East Coast crossover titans IRON REAGAN and rising Sonoran death metallers GATECREEPER unite for a split recording of cranium crushing proportions. Across 8 new tracks of auditory and lyrical venom, both bands showcase why they're two of the most talked about groups in extreme metal today!
The split LP, mixed by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios, is due out March 2 on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.

Stream IRON REAGAN’s new track “Paper Shredder” via YouTube HERE

Sunday, December 31, 2017

VLADA INA new 2-song release "Blinded || Paradise" up now

The very last post of 2017... Happy New Year to everybody outthere who have been reading and supporting this zine -2018 marks 10 years since the name gotanerve (earlier on with !) was brought up after the mighty magazine called it a day, thanks to Marco Guth @ Toxic Tape records/Truesidemusic for having me on board on that project.

On December 17th our German hardcore boys in VLADA INA has released two new songs available digitally on their bandcamp and a limited tape run that you can grab at their shows.

Stream here the songs making up "Blinded||Paradise" and watch the official video they shot for the title track

Saturday, December 23, 2017


by marcs77

Scene's veterans THE LILLINGTONS are not just your average punk rock band. They may have not reinvented the wheel, music-wise -actually you can clearly and easily pick what the main influences behind their sound are- but the Wyoming based four-piece has released some very fine buzzy punk pop-tinged music jam-packed with lotta sci-fi, UFO, outtaspace, spy movie, weird and mystery imagery and tales –recently, they wrote also some stuff more centered around secret societies, astrology, and the occult.
Known by many for their ‘99s opus “Death By Television”, the band went on indeterminate hiatus, because of members other music related commitments, in 2006, after the release of their record “The Too Late Show” to return this year in the stores with a brand new full-length effort, out through Fat Wreck Chords on Oct. 13th, 2017.
It’s taken 11 years to get to listen to the new material that makes up “Stella Sapiente” but we do believe it’s really worth the long wait –and, in my book, the addition of new-wave sounds, they threw in the mix, gave a new unexpected dimension and value to a few new songs.
Thanks to Vanessa at FAT we’ve got Kody Templeman (voice / guitar) answer a bunch of questions about the new album, HP Lovecraft, song titles on insects and the Lillingtons’ whereabouts.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE is back on track!

Yeah, whether you know this seminal hardcore band you'll surely be like "what the heck that's some wondrous news!"
Read on the full press release...

Rise Records and celebrated Boston hardcore quartet American Nightmare are pleased to announce the band’s forthcoming self-titled full-length album. Being released on Friday, February 16, American Nightmare represents the band’s rise from the ashes, expanding their legacy and reestablishing the band as titans of the genre in the process. The enigmatic act may have only released two full-length albums since forming nearly two decades ago but after temporarily losing their name, changing members and breaking up, the band has returned with a dark hardcore record that pays homage to groups who have always influenced its sound ranging from Negative Approach, SSD, and The Cro-Mags to those extending beyond the realm of hardcore such as Joy Division and Siouxsie And The Banshees.

Check out the first track from the album, “The World Is Blue,” now streaming in full on YouTube HERE

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Now streaming: "Brutality Around The World vol.#1" 90-band compilation

We're now streaming a hugely massive compilation work, entitled "Brutality Around the World Vol.
1", and featuring no less than 90 bands hailing from 28 different countries, shattered around the world.
The bands making up this comp play a variety of extreme hardcore metal genres fancily labelled as Slamdown, Deathcore, Brutal Death Metal, Slamming Brutal Death Metal, Blackened Beatdown, Goregrind -basically anything you may look for when it comes to brutal beat-down mosh-inducing hardcore metal.
The compilation is out digitally for the usual "name your price" deal on Germany's 164 Beatdown Crew bandcamp.
The crew is currently working hard putting together the bands for the second chapter of another comp, titled "Heavy Tunes Around The World", they released last September.

Stream and download here "Brutality Around the World Vol. 1"

Friday, December 8, 2017

BAY FEST 2018 dates annouced

LP Rock Events, who organizes the Italian summer punk rock festival BAY FEST, announced the dates for the 2018's edition being 12, 13 and 14th August.
The year 2018 marks the fourth edition of the festival, humbly started in 2015 as a one-day event and featuring Sweden's Millencolin as main act.
The location, Parco Pavese at Bellaria Igea Marina, Rimini, Italy, will be the same of the proir editions and the line-up of the 3-day fest shall be annouced and confirmed in the coming months.

Watch here the aftermovie of the this year edition that saw the likes of Bad Religion, Good Riddance, Pennywise, Anti-Flag, Rise Against and Italy's Raw Power, to name but a few, sharing the stage