Saturday, February 2, 2013

NEGAZIONE Il Giorno Del Sole CD-book review

by marcs77

What's the point with writing a bad review? And why do this when you haven't even been required to write the piece in the first place?
Well, I thought of this point and gave second thoughts to this as well, and I finally decided to stick with my guts and vent what I think of about a music related product I made sure to buy just upon its release and which I had really high expectations on.
Okay, I'm getting to the actual review.
Last summer I bought CD-book entitled “NEGAZIONE - Il Giorno Del Sole”. Nothing like an official biography or the fully-detailed history of this 80's Italian punk hardcore band but as clearly stated by the authors “a short story that aims to explain what Negazione has been all about over the three years span and little over between 1984 and end of winter of 1988; the years when the songs featured in “Little Dreamer” (1988), “Lo Spirito Continua (1986) and “Condannati A Morte Nel Nostro Quieto Vivere” 7” (1985)” -the  the compilation CD sold in the package includes these tunes.

I've burned out the 63 pages in one stand. Really a cool read. The story told by Tax (guitar), Marco (bass) and Zazzo (voice) is graced by a bunch of cool pictures and the terrific lyrics off some of their best songs (like “Un Amaro Sorriso” my fav ever and “Il Giorno Del Sole”). And there's the touchy excerpt where Marco tells the story of Fabry (one of the band's drummer passed away in 2011) to his son Elia.
So far so good but wait! I dropped the book and I've been left with feel like there's something missing here or that I personally missed, anyway. As said “Il Giorno Del Sole” was not meant to be a biography piece but I don't know I really expected this account to be more articulated and offering something I didn't actually already knew about one of my favourite punk bands. It's fast, straight to the point and packed of that punk hardcore urgency they've been the flag bearers. But I loved it way more “I Ragazzi Del Mucchio Selvaggio” by Silvio Bernelli (bass player for 80's band like Il Declino and Indigesti and friend-partner in crime of Negazione dudes). And I have the feel I've read some of these contributions in the book “Costretti A Sanguinare” by Marco Philopat or in the liner notes the compilation “Tutti Pazzi” (2002).

I also expected the CD to come with the original artworks but sadly there's not trace at all of this.
Bottom line, well, then what's the point with writing a bad review (perhaps not so bad all things considered)? Well, at least I've got the chance to write about NEGAZIONE one more time and so I hope some of you'll stop reading my blabbing and go check themeselves everything they can find about this essential punk hardcore outfit.
Perhaps, you can start out buying this CD-book or if you're more into fictional stories go and grab Bernelli's.
The NEGAZIONE official web-site is also a worthy font of information.
The CD-book "Il Giorno Del Sole" is out through shake edizioni (Italian language only).

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