Thursday, December 26, 2013

CONFRONTO interview


by marcs77

CONFRONTO from Rio De Janeiro Brazil is not a newbie among the South America's hardcore metal scene and, though you might have missed them out thus far, the foursome crossed the ocean to tour Europe several times over their 15 years as a band (the 10 year milestone has been properly celebrated with the release of a DVD entitled “Confronto – 10 Anos de Guerra").
For the richer western world the 2014 is the year where Brazil will be under the spotlights because of the hosting of the FIFA World Cup but as you may have learned off the few global media controlled news that leaked to us during this year Confederations Cup the country has first bigger social and human rights issues still to deal with; issues which will be no easily hushed up by the artificial facade made up of the cheerful, loud and colourful soccer supporters and events arranged around the tournament.
Last October Confronto released their fourth full-length record titled “Imortal”, which follows-up to 2008's "Sanctuarium", and we caught up with recently become father Felipe (vocals) to talk about his band, the new album, their roots and their constant thrive to be a voice for the voiceless and a proof that, beside being a fundamental right, to be confrontational and do your own thing is possible.

Monday, December 23, 2013

MORE THAN LIFE new record to be released on Holy Roar records in 2014

In 2014, MORE THAN LIFE, struggling crepuscolar hardcore from South West UK, are following-up the
release of 2010's "Love Let Me Go".
They are working with Holy Roar record to get the yet untitled new album out and via bandcamp you can already listen to one of the songs that will be included in the record.
The track is entitled "Do You Remember".

Strem the song here

STATE FAULTS new video for "Wildfires" up now

Los Angeles, CA – Nor-Cal post-hardcore/screamo band STATE FAULTS has released an explosive new .
video for their song“Wildfires” from their recently released sophomore album, Resonate/Desperate, via

Watch State Faults’ new video for “Wildfires” at 

Friday, December 13, 2013

At last Roma's TO KILL will be playing two farewell shows

Roma's TO KILL announces that they will be playing two gigs before the summer 2014. They aren't reuniting or
anything like that. It's just a way to say goodbye to those who have been close to the band and supported To Kill and draw definitely a curtain over this important chapter of their life. Read on the post popped up on FB (English version below).
We'll keep you posted.

To Kill 2004-2010, con un capitolo in sospeso:

Ci eravamo lasciati ormai quasi quattro anni fa con una promessa, e siamo qui a mantenerla.
Avevamo promesso che ci saremmo salutati, e siamo qui per farlo.

KIDS INSANE new 7" EP out on December the 20th 2013

Tel aviv, Israel KIDS INSANE are back with a new 7" EP out in vinyl format and digitally for the dig-geeks.
"Frustrated", which follows-up to last year band's first release titled "All Over", is out on December the 20th 2013 via Take It Back! and Goodwill records (vinyl version) and sees a guest appearance of ex-Comeback Kid Scott Wade on the track "Standing Up".

Waiting for the official release stream here the complete EP

Sunday, December 8, 2013

MALEMUTE KID "Don't Talk The Scene" video off the new s/t 7"

Last October Torino's punk rock MALEMUTE KID released a new 4-track 7" entitled  "Don't Talk The Scene" on
No Reason (IT), No Panic! (DE) and Raining (IT) records.
With the help of some friends and musicians off Italian bands the guys put together a good bunch of material that, another friend of the guys, Ame Ray vids, turned into a video clip for the title track "Don't Talk The Scene".

The video has just been premiered on BlankTV and you can watch it here

PERIPHERY to release "Clear" on Jan. 28th 2014

To break the wait to the release of PERIPHERY's official third album the Washington D.Csestet is releasing a new mind-boggling experimental work on Jan. 28th 2014. Read on the official press...

The new experimental recording, Clear, represents the sum total of PERIPHERY's unrivaled achievements. Clear is set for a Jan 28th North American release.

Jake Bowen (guitars) states: "Clear is an experiment to explore all of the different writing styles in the band. It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music. With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound.

"Every track also contains a melodic theme established in Clear's intro track "Overture" this common thread links all of the songs together, even though they all sound wildly different. Clear shouldn't be confused with our new 3rd full-length album that we're currently working on, nor should it be considered an EP as it rides somewhere in-between clocking in at 30 minutes. Enjoy!"

Watch the trailer here

Saturday, December 7, 2013

THROUGH THESE EYES demo 2013 out

What we have here? A band "sponsored" by Caught In A Crowd? The straightedge guys named
themeselves THROUGH THESE EYES and play oldschool hardcore.

They recorded a 4-track demo titled "Demo 2013" and unluckly there aren't other news to be found.

Listen to the demo here -it's up for free download too

POLAR BEAR CLUB about the new album "Death Chorus" out on Rise records

After parting ways with Bridge9 records POLAR BEAR CLUB signed with Rise records for the release of their
latest effort, the forth full-length album, and follow-up to 2011's "Clash Battle Guilt Pride". 
Following some songs off "Death chorus" getting premiered and heard by many there's been quite of buzz about Polar Bear Club moving out the hardcore punk to try and break more mainstream territories.
On November 18th, just one day before the record hit the stores, vocalist Jimmy did kind of an "outing" thing sharing on the net his thoughts and feelings about these first perhaps unexpected reactions they've got.

You can read here below the full post penned by Jimmy but meanwhile watch here the video clip for the new song WLWYCD "Why Live When You Can Die” directed by Max Moore (Converge, Touche Amore, Harm's Way...).

Monday, December 2, 2013


KID ARMOR Better Days (7” vinyl)

by marcs77

Steel armor-clad and with a ripe juicy orange in hand KID ARMOR are fearless fully geared up to face the Troma's Toxic Avenger-like greenish junky tree-headed monster and unleash their freshly-hand-made blend of Judge, Gorilla Biscuits hardcore punk and So-Cal punk rock onto the dangerous mutant and make it pass-away and harmless.
KID ARMOR is a Mission Viejo, Southern Orange County, CA based straight edge five piece that formed in 2010 and “Better Days” is their first 7” and follow-up to 2012's “KXA” demo.
I just loved this wax since the very first listen for the freshness positive energy and cool mix of the more pissed-off old-school formula with the sun-kissed bounciness of So-Cal punk rock likes of Adolescents, Angry Samoans, Fear and also early The Offspring.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

THE WONDER YEARS+HANDGUNS+4TH N GOAL live @ Tunnel Milan 26 Nov.2013

by marcs77

Tuesday night doesn't look like a good one to party and go see a band play live. Well, unluckly that's
perhaps something THE WONDER YEARS may have thought while up on stage staring at a half deserted Tunnel club.
But despite this, likely and embraceable thought, the six-piece pop punk outfit from Philadelphia didn't spare themselves a bit and delivered a passionate, sweat-socked and intense show for an intimate audience mostly made up by young kids who knew their songs and sung along (like during the mellow and rockish “The Devil In My Bloodstream”) and jumped around to higher a notch up the temperature of this bone-freezing night.
I spotted a young dyed-red-hair girl coming out the crowd with a glowing face and wearing a t-shirt stating “Pop Punk Is Not Dead”.

Monday, November 25, 2013

IRON TO GOLD "In The Zone" 7" EP up for name your price/free download on bandcamp

Formed in 2011 and with one demo and three 7" EPs under their belt Warsawa, Poland's hardcore straightedge IRON TO GOLD are working their asses off to have their say among their country scene.
"In The Zone", the follow-up to 2012's "The Power of One", released last October, is up now, as all other stuff the quintet recorded thus far, for a name your price/free download on their bandcamp profile.

A few physical copies are actually left therefore if you don't like the digital shit you better move your ass and make the 7" yours before the last one is served.

Listen here to "In The Zone"

Sunday, November 24, 2013

PUNK IT UP compilation Vol.1 2-night release party on Nov.30th and Dec.7th 2013

High Voltage records, Torino, Italy based DIY record label around since 2005 annouces the release of the
Vol. #1 of "Punk It Up", a compilation featuring 28 hardcore-punk and punk rock bands all of them hailing from Italy but three ensembles based in Russia.

On November the 30th and December the 7th the label put up a release party that will see on stage L'Interno (Bologna), Protection Zero (Piacenza), The Change (Lodi), Slut Machine (Lodi), Lobello (Michelazza), The Enrthused (Lodi) and Bad Frog (Codogno).

Here the link to the event for the latest

CRISIS ALERT debut LP out on December the 6th 2013

Following the the release of their 7" in 2012, Adelaide's CRISIS ALERT return with their debut LP "Urban Decay".
Featuring 16 fast, short and raw 80's style hardcore tracks in the vein of bands like Minor Threat, Void, SOA and Jerry's Kids, "Urban Decay" the new record will be released on December 6th 2013 on Resist records.

Listen here to the song clip of  "Get Away"

Friday, November 22, 2013

Straightedgers TRUE LOVE joins REACT! records family

REACT! records instroduces their latest signing: Michigan's TRUE LOVE. Don't get the name and floral
cover artwork of their first record trick you... 

TRUE LOVE Bottom Line: When we heard the True Love demo, we knew right away that this was a band we wanted to make records with. It didn't hurt that the band claims members of Face Reality (a band we LOVE), and is Straight Edge (it's what we do best), but what really struck us was the intensity, passion and great songwriting in the music which is often hard to find in a demo, especially with such a young band. If another label hadn't beaten us to it (True Love demo coming soon on Mayfly Records), we would have put it out ourselves. True Love wears their hearts and influences on their sleeves, drawing HEAVY influence from the early 00's hardcore scene. Equal parts American Nightmare and Carry On, with a little bit of Count Me Out sprinkled on top, True Love fucking nails it. And while we loved the demo, we're more excited to see what they come up with next as they grow and develop. Keep an eye out for news on their upcoming REACT! Records debut 7" sometime in early 2014. In the meantime, listen to the demo and see for yourself what we've been so excited about.

Listen to their debut here :

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NO CONFIDENCE preview three tracks off debut 12"

Following up to a cassette tape released last year Roma's oldschool hardcore punk ensemble NO CONFIDENCE recorded three brand new tracks that will be included, together two songs off the tape, in their debut 12" record titled "Keep Going Nowhere".
They're still looking for labels to release their effort on but meanwhile the foursome made all the tracks available for free download on their bandcamp profile.

Stream and download "Keep Going Nowhere" here 

NOFX just don't quit!

Some NOFX's news off Fat Wrech headquarter...

Relentless touring, filming, and wrapping production of Backstage Passport 2 (due out next year), a brew being made (you heard us right, they'll have their own beer!), and a December tour  booked with the mighty Dillinger Four. You would think these gents would take a break but they are just getting started.
We can't even begin to leak what NOFX has planned next year but trust us when we say that even we were surprised.

CROWBAR - New album due in 2014

New Orleans heaviest metal outfit, CROWBAR have officially entered the studio to begin working on their
tenth studio album. The new material will be the band's first since the release of "Sever the Wicked Hand" that was released in 2010. Founder and frontman Kirk Windstein recently announced his departure from DOWN after spending more than 20 years as their lead riff-master. "After 22 wonderful years we are parting ways. They will always be my brothers and I wish the best to all of them. We have created some bad ass music together that we can all look back on and be proud of. All of our great times will never be forgotten."

Thursday, November 14, 2013

D.O.A.'s Joey "Shithead" Keithley interview

by Michela A.

A beer with Joey “Shithead” Keithley from D.O.A.

It’s been hard to catch Joey “Shithead” from D.O.A. after their show at Arci Lo-Fi in Milan, among deserved congrats, photos and also goodbyes (being DOA’s “farewell tour”). But definitely worth sharing views with D.O.A.’s legendary leader and Canada’s Godfather of punk! Whether you agree with him or not, this man really has tons of stories to tell. A blasting, intense show including songs from the last album “We Come In Peace” and D.O.A.’s early stuff didn’t wear Joey out and we talked a while about his and D.O.A.’s activism, Canadian punk-hardcore scene and more. Warning: if you expect the typical band’s-music-and future-projects interview you may get really disappointed. “Talk-action= zero!”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BAYSIDE Signs To Hopeless Records & plan new album CULT for Release 2/18/14

The name BAYSIDE suddenly just drags us down memory lane. Read on the latest on the NYC's foursome...

If there’s one thing to be said about NYC’s BAYSIDE, it’s that they are fiercely true to themselves and to their art. In their 13 years as a band, they’ve weathered their ups and downs without changing who they are or their sound. With a new label, Hopeless Records, these four rock stalwarts are not only ready to continue their story but they’re ready to launch it with a brand new album entitled appropriately CULT due out on February 18, 2014.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

ZERO MENTALITY is back on the map and releases a new EP on December the 6th 2013

One day last June I was spending some time on FB  when I see poppig up the new profile of Ruhrstadt,
Germany's ZERO MENTALITY. My first reaction was "what the heck is going on?". Well, weeks and months go by and new hints surfaced giving out clear signs that the band was back on the loop and that there's definitely something more in the works than a brand new FB profile (nothing so hipe really) uploaded for memory sake.
After what I could perhaps mistakenly call a 4 years hiatus the five-some announces to be back with a new work, a 4-track EP, titled "X" and scheduled for release on vinyl via Let It Burn records and digitally through Acuity music on December the 6th 2013.

CLOSE TO THE EDGE sophomore EP out now

"The Reason, The Meaning" is the title of sophomore effort from Milan area CLOSE TO THE EDGE, a
young new breed metalcore three-piece mob formed in December 2010.
The new 6-track EP follows-up to their debut work, released in 2012 and entitled "Horror", and can now be downloaded for a name your price deal off their bandcamp profile.

"Horror" can also be downloaded for free here

Stream here the entire EP 

CALIBAN – check out the cover for “Ghost Empire”

I guess it's no secret we here at gotanerve love the art side of music too. CALIBAN revelead the cover
artwork which will be adorning their new album "Ghost Empire". Here the official word on this piece of art, comments from the author and official release dates...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

HEARTIST interview

by marcs77

Perhaps lotta people here in the old continent got to be a wee bit fed up with tons of by-the-number metalcore bands pestering the scene over the recent years (and I have a feel some press is hoping for this style to draw its last breaths very soon to give way to a new breed of heavy music mongers) but across the ocean, in the USA, it seems like the genre is still getting its due share of heads banging and crowds moshing, and new acts pop up on a daily rate.
Orange County, Southern CA's HEARTIST is the moniker taken by a young fierce focused five-some that rushed into things getting as very first step signed with Roadrunner records and then releasing a debut six-song EP entitled “Nothing You Didn't Deserve” in 2012, a short year after band's inception.
Last Spring they flew over to Europe to join Killswitch Engage on their jaunt through our countries.
The tour hit Milan on April 25th and gotanerve-zine, being there to interview KE, jumped at the chance to catch up with Heartist's singer Bryce Beckley

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Milan's DIE TRYING debuts with a 6-track EP

Started out under the monicker The Trejos at the beginning of 2013 and then changing it to the current one
(and hopefully definitive unless they add other members) DIE TRYING is a new thrash-southern metal influenced hardcore quartet hailing from the city of Milan, Italy.
They wrote and recorded, at Effort Studio with Marco Gervasio and Demis Andresano, the 6 tracks now included in their S/T debut EP, which can be streamed off their bandcamp profile.

Stream the full EP here

Thursday, October 31, 2013

DISXEASE previews "Burning Flags" off demo 2013

San Paolo, Brasil's DISXEASE are currently previewing the song "Burning Flags" off their 2013's demo.
The sXe hardcore political social conscious four-piece formed at some point this year and recorded, at Quadrophenia studios, an old-school rough sounding 5-track demo.

We'll keep an eye on these guys next moves.

Stream here the full demo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"The Glory Years" - COFFEESHOWER retrospective CD out on Indelirium records

About an Italian band gotanerve-zine is happy to celebrate with...

Indelirium Records proudly presents ‘The Glory Years’, a retrospective cd of the Italian punk rock band Coffeeshower. The record focuses on the entire Coffeeshower 14 year career, from their first lo-fi recordings in the veins of 90′s core to their more recent rock style with punk roots, sharing with you the good, the bad and the ugly and putting together all on one album their very rare first ep’s, the songs from their 2004 split cd with the Dutch band Dependent and 6 unreleased songs, two of them recorded exclusively for this release. A must-have item for all insane punk rock collectors and a special gift for all longtime Coffeeshower fans.

Stream here the full album

Sunday, October 27, 2013

LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAY new album out on This Is Core

We had wrapped up the interview we did to LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAY with the pop-punk four-piece promising a new album to come out this year.
The guys kept their word and on Oct.15th they released their new full-length album aptly entitled "Fighting The Hard Times".
The new record, out through This Is Core records, marks the third effort since band's inception in 2007 and follows-up to 2012's "The Way Out" (Indelirium records).

Watch here the video clip for the song "Make Me Feel Fine"

Saturday, October 26, 2013

STRENGTH APPROACH's China Tour 2013 kicks off on November the 29th

Roma's hardcore hard touring powerhouse STRENGTH APPROACH are hitting the road in less than week
on a Euro tour kicking off on Nov. the 1st in the Netherlands and finishing on Nov. the 10th in Belgium and we're sure you are all ready for this.
Back home from the Euro tour the guys will have around three weeks to gear up for the next tour up being this time a 8-date jaunt to China.

The China tour 2013 starts on Nov. the 29th in Beijing and ends on Dec. the 6th in the same city and will take the quartet to the following cities:

SARDINIA PUNK Compilation Vol. #2 free download

Wanna know what's currently going on among the Sardinia, Italy punk hardcore scene?
Some mohawk dudes/dudettes running a webpage called (and subtitled the rudest web-portal in Sardinia) have just released the second volume of the compilation entitled "Sardinia Punk Vol.#2".
This DIY compilation features 23 songs and is available to be downloaded for free through mediafire -check the link below.

PONOR self releases "Ovo je kraj"

PONOR from Zagreb, Croatia formed in 2011 and a few days ago digitally released their very first effort.
"Ovo je kraj" is the title of the 8-track record which can now be downloaded on a name your price basis off their bandcamp profile.
The guys, who sing in their mothertongue language (but thanks to some English liner notes you can get a bit of what they lyrics are about), keep their identity a secret and don't give out any additional information but their hometown and the genre they play.

Stream here the whole album

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SSS signs with Prosthetic records to release a new limited 7"

This piece of news comes to remind us that our favourite Liverpudlian thrashers are alive and still kicking -we
couldn't doubt this truth be told since they never gave out signs of slowing down.
The four-piece signs with Prosthetic records to follow-up to the release of 2011's "Problems To The Answer". Read on the official press on this signing and new limited 7" coming our way. We're just chuffed as they'd say...

Prosthetic Records is excited to announce the worldwide signing of SSS (Short Sharp Shock). Formed in Liverpool in 2005, SSS are an uncompromising crossover outfit with three albums on Earache Records already under their belts, alongside years of venomous live shows and an urgent socio-political message that is more important today than ever.
With a background deeply rooted within the UK hardcore underground, SSS truly embody the “crossover” tag, bringing together an aggressive hardcore attitude, punk/crust defiance, metal precision and grindcore’s raw intensity. The band’s gritty style draws from such heavyweights as Discharge, DRI, Napalm Death, Infest, Terrorizer and Motorhead. Nonplussed as always, the enraged lyrical content of SSS rails against a misanthropic modern age while never losing their self-effacing sarcasm that can cut the self-righteous down to size. Here is a band that asks you to finally open your eyes and look around.

Monday, October 21, 2013

THE SMASHROOMS' Euro tour kicks off on Oct. the 25th

Brescia, Italy hardcore punk trio THE SMASHROOMS is heading out on tour through Europe.
The guys are touring on the latest release entitled "Wildfire" and the tour kicks off this Friday Oct.25th in Milan to be wrapped up after 9 dates in Vigordarzere, Italy on Nov. the 2nd 2013.
Come out and go to any of these shows.

Go stream the whole album on our homepage

Follows the dates confirmed on this tour:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

IN HEARTS WAKE launch a fund raising campaign called "THE SKYDANCER PROJECT"

Byron Bay, Australia modern hardcore band IN HEARTS WAKE lanched a fund raising campaign called "The Skydancer Project" aimed to gather funds, through a "Pay What You Wish' for a high quality download of the band's new single 'Skydancer', which will be split evenly between the no-profits Red Dust (, Seventh Generation Fund ( & Hardcore Help (

The guys shot a short video clip to give you an in-depth on the project and how they did come up with this praiseworthy idea. Another good chance to show that hardcore is more than a sound or empty words.

Watch the video clip here

Saturday, October 19, 2013

THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER 2008 – 2013. This is our Goodbye!

We were working at an interview to THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER following the release of "Wheather
The World" on Let It Burn records earlier this year but at some point we've got to learn that some things weren't working inside the band anymore and today the guys officially announced their split via FB. Read on the official word from the band...

Making decisions has never been easy and this one has in one way been the hardest but also the most clear decision we've ever made as a band.

While writing songs for a possible upcoming record, we were all at one with the feeling that these tracks were not The Haverbrook Disaster songs anymore. Some serious discussions later we got to the conclusion that it's time to lay this band to rest.

"Ghost Thief" is the title of the new album from LIVING SACRIFICE

Fans can expect the powerful, thrashy sound that Living Sacrifice have made so iconic. The album serves as
a powerful reminder of why many heavy music listeners hold Living Sacrifice in such high esteem.
That's the brief (let me say perhaps a bit reductive) press about the new album LIVING SACRIFICE are releasing on Nov. 11th 2013 via Solid State records 
"Ghost Thief" is first full-length album out after the indefinite hiatus announced in 2010 following the release of "The Infinite Order" (the band had already disbanded in the early 00's) and its the eighth studio album released from 1989, the year the Christian thrash-death metal quartet formed in Little Rock Arkansas.
LS's new album will be graced by a suggestive cover artwork done by talented American graphic artist Travis Smith (

They have premiered a song titled "The Reaping" yesterday. You can listen to and watch  the lyrics clip here

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

THE ELIJAH calls it a day

Completing their September's Euro tour with Being As An Ocean and Capsize Oswestry, North Shropshire, UK's THE ELIJAH called it a day.
The five-piece, who mixed ambience and post-hardcore-rock urgency, released an EP "The Ground We Stand On" in 2010 and one full-length effort entitled "I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created" in July 2012 which was turned into a live/DVD album when the guys recorded the gig they played on Nov. 16th 2012 at London's Underworld Camden accopanied by the Niche London String Quartet.
The album has also been re-issued in double 12" vinyl format last June through Small Town records.

Watch here a clip off the last show they played in London on Sept. 19th --THE ELIJAH commented on this show "Our last and best UK show in London, thanks for being our real home town 180 miles from where we live"

Sunday, October 13, 2013

INDELIRIUM Records 10 Years Anniversary sampler up now on bandcamp

It's really a pity being so late posting the news item about the 10 Years Anniversary 25-track sampler the guys at INDELIRIUM records have packed together as the way to celebrate this important mark for the label and also let we all go back down memory lane listening to some of the tracks from the very first releases on Indelirium (the likes of Jet Market, Multiball, X-State Ride, When Mind Reflects, Orange Man Theory, Straight Opposition and ValuesXIntact).
The compilation features tracks picked from 10 years of releases and include recent stuff from Fear The Sirens, Step On Memories, DamnCity.

10 years of hard and passionate work and devotion to the Italian hardcore punk scene, that's what this label, started out in 2003 in L'Aquila, Italy, is all about.

Stream here the sampler

Friday, October 11, 2013

LAY IT ON THE LINE "Vigilance" out 22nd Oct. 2013

LAY IT ON THE LINE is certainly one of the youngest and prolific outfits among the London hardcore
scene (the hardcore punk sons of Iron Maiden -listen to their record entitled "Crowhurst" and you'll get why).
Over a rather short 18 months span since their establishment Lay It On The Line released a demo, their debut EP "A Lesson In Personal Finance" in November 2012, the above referred mini-album  last March 2013, a split with Arizona in April and recently announced that Lockjaw records will be releasing their new 4-track EP on October 22nd 2013.
The album titled "Vigilance" is about George Hutchinson, a witness following the death of Mary Jane Kelly in Whitechapel in 1888 and was recorded by Neil Kennedy (More Than Life, Landscapes, Departures).

Stream here the third track "...And That Photo Made Me Feel Ill"

New TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET 7" out November 26th

TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET are heading to Europe this November to support VOLBEAT and ICED
EARTH! (sounds like a very varied-sounding tour, isn't it?).
While on a day off from their co-headlining tour with The Queers, they stopped by The Blasting Room and recorded two songs for a brand new 7"! We don't want to steal TBR's thunder so read what Ray Bottlerocket had to say below:

Saturday, October 5, 2013


TERROR Live By The Code (CD)

by marcs77

If you were asked to name a recent times hardcore band that made it for his name to the level to proudly stand among the likes of crucial-history-relevant-well-enstablished 80's and 90's HC names for long time on, who would that be?
Well, looking back at the recent history Los Angeles' TERROR are in my view definitely one of those bands. And, like their music and what they stand for or not it's really not possible just turning your back on them without giving these Americans the credit they deserve for what they've achieved in 10 years.
“Keepers Of The Faith”, the second record out on Century Media in 2010, was a kind of mission statement of what this band is all about starting from the title and simple but effective cover black artwork with the white lettering of the title, and the follow-up “LIVE BY THE CODE”, out last April on Victory / Century Media, hits that direction possibly moving one step ahead (or perhaps one backward toward their roots...).

CHAINS to release "Trapped In Chains" on 17th October 2013

A new hardcore punk band from Italy formed thanks to some friends who all happen to be ex-current-
members of Italian hardcore punk bands and involved in the scene for many years now.
The HC oldschool project has been named CHAINS and the guys have already recorded 6 tracks which makes up the debut "Trapped In Chains".
They announce that a first press of 25 cassette tapes will be available during the release show w/ ROTTING OUT - BROKEN TEETH - SURVIVAL on October 17th at Freak Out in Bologna, Italy. But Chains also added that Open Up records will be re-printing the tape.

Nothing more to say, old people play music for young people. We play(ed) in a lot of bands like ED, Jungle Fever, Values X Intact, BANxTHIS!, Reanimaniacs, Whales Island, and more...
NOW IT'S TIME TO BREAK OUR CHAINS! --Chains about themselves

Stream "Trapped In Chains" here

Friday, October 4, 2013

NOFX announces to have a new EP out on Nov.26th 2013

NOFX are just Nofx and we love them for this. 416 thousands likes on fb and tons more of fans in the real world but this can count for less than a heck for the S.Francisco's four-some. Here are the latest from their camp which include the release of a new 6-track EP on Nov.26th 2013.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

SHAI HULUD interview

by marcs77

Pompano Beach, Florida's SHAI HULUD toured Europe by large last Spring joining Canada's skate-punkers Propagandhi on the UK/European leg of their Failed States tour 2013. This tour came definitely as a really good juicy chance for Shai Hulud to take the new record “Reach Beyond The Sun” on the European stages (they've got lot of full-house shows according to the people involved on this tour).
GOTANERVE-ZINE got the chance to seat down with guitarist Matt Fox -the only founder member still in the band since 1995- before the Milan show and have like an hour chat about their latest effort, the tour they were currently into, people misunderstanding some misanthropic, hatred and negative themes in their lyrics and T-Shirts arts, Chad Gilbert being back to collaborate with the band as singer and producer, today hardcore music, the movie they took inspiration from to name their band and some interesting down to earth stories about the band and who Matt is up and off stage. There's really lotta stuff really worth reading here so I'm not gonna keep this opening longer.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

“Worse Than Yesterday, Better Than Tomorrow” brand new album by DECREW out now

Two years after “I Survived 20 Years Of Decrew”, a compilation of 26 unreleased tracks available on free
download which celebrates the band’s 20th birthday, Decrew proudly announce their brand new fast-beating album, out on September 27th on Ammonia Records.
Recorded at Trai Studio and mastered by experienced Maurizio Giannotti, (guess these 2 names won’t sound new to most of our readers!), “Worse than yesterday, better than Tomorrow” is the 7th album by Decrew, 5-piece HC band around since 1991 and still on stage after several line-up changes, which contributed to enrich their sound and strengthen their blasting live-impact.
The new release will have the party it deserves on October 4th at Bloom, Mezzago, where Decrew will share the stage with La Crisi, Italian HC veterans, and Filth in my Garage, posthardcore five-piece from Milan neighborhoods. A quiet night-out. Can’t wait to have our ears smashed...don’t you?

Stream and download here for free the entire album

Thursday, September 26, 2013

NO SLEEP records Fall 2013 free digital sampler

The good boys at NO SLEEP records are sharing their horror-theme-artwork-wrapped Fall sampler 2013
in digital format which can be now downloaded for free at their bandcamp page.
The sampler features 27 tracks from the bands they have put out releases for like Departures, The Sweller, Long Lost, La Dispute, Braid, The Wonder Years to name but a few.

Stream the full sampler and download it here 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

RED FANG new album coming out on Oct.21st 2013 (worldwide release)

"Whales and Leeches" is the title of the new full-length record from Portland, OR's heavy rockers RED FANG
which is scheduled for a US release on Oct. 15th 2013, to be followed by the Germany's one on Oct. 18th and a Oct. 21st UK/worldwide through Relapse records.
The quartet had already circulating two new songs off the 11-track record; "Blood Like Cream" and "No Hope".
The band worked with producer Chris Funk (Decemberists) and mixer Vance Powell (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Kings of Leon). This same team worked on the group’s last album Murder the Mountains (April 2011), which sold over 50,000 albums under the radar and allowed the band to tour with sold-out shows and attract rabid fans for over two years.

Watch a clip of the track "Blood Like Cream" here

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BIOHAZARD Fall Euro tour 2013

Brooklyn, NY's hardcore hip-hop vets BIOHAZARD are gonna pay a visit to Europe this Fall after thedates they scattered through the Summer period. 
The tour kicks off on Oct. the 11th in Lünen, Germany to finish in Moscow on Nov. the 8th and the foursome orphaned of bass player and singer Evan Seinfeld will be touring again on "Reborn In Defiance" (the last album recorded by Seinfeld before parting ways with his mates), released last year via Nuclear Blast.

Since the tour announcement some dates have been added and some others have been cancelled so check out Biohazard official facebook page for the latest updates/changes, if any.

The list of dates posted on the page and printed on the tour flyer

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reunited GAMEFACE to release a new single on Nov. the 5th 2013 and a full-length early 2014

At some point in 2012 So-Cal emocore-punk GAMEFACE started messing around, playing a few gigs and day by day laying the conditions to riunite as a band and release a demo titled "Four To Go Demos" in October.
In 2013, exactly 20 years since their first real recording, the full-length album "Good" (released in March 1993) the guys annouce to have signed with Equal Vision records to put out a 7" featuring two tracks on November the 5th 2013 and a new full-length effort (the sixth), now in the works, early 2014.

Read on the official full press and watch a short clip featuring the band talking about this reunion.

MINUS TREE put their project on an indefinite hiatus-mode

Bari, Italy screamo post-HC MINUS TREE just announced that it came the difficult time to call a long
hiatus. The guys state that the last 3 years have seen so many line-up changes that ended up with affecting the chemistry once existing in the band making it imppossible to go ahead with same spirit, creativity and motivations they had since day one.
The fourpiece formed around 2010 and released a demo, two EPs, a split with History of the Hawk and "Change" dated 2012 and released also in Indonesia.
They were working on some new stuff and wanna share one song they recently recorded which will possibly be released in vinyl though the chances are little as the band states.

Listen to the track here (you can also download it for free)