Saturday, February 28, 2015

LIFE FOR A LIFE has a new 7" coming out this May through Innerstrength records

This oldschool hardcore outfit, spitting their lyrics with a rappish drive, has recently revealed they have a new 7" titled "Soul On Ice" via Innerstrength records.
Formed around 2010 LIFE FOR A LIFE hails from Lancaster, CA and with the new 7" they follow up to their third work, the EP entitled "The Otherside", dated 2013.
Read on what the dudes have to say...

Finally excited to announce that we'll putting out a new record titled "SOUL ON ICE" this May through Innerstrength records. 5 songs that we've been working hard to bring to the table.
We also have a music video for our song "CUFFS" being released as well with album art on its way.
More info coming soon.

Listen here to "The Otherside" to have a taste of what Life For A Life are all about

"Something Higher, Hard To The Soul" positive hardcore compilation out on Youth Crew records

I hadn't heard much of Youth Crew records since 2010, the year they released the debut full-length
from Vicenza's sXe posi-core Inner Reason and then beginning of 2014 they knocked again to our door to instroduce the new EP from Milano's Safe (an interview with the band is in the works and will be up soon).
With the end of last year coming to a close some posts on FB were up starting to generate some buzz about a new release from Milano's label. This time around the new outing from Youth Crew camp is an international compilation, of course, this is not the first one in their catalogue, titled "Something Higher, Hard To The Soul" which features 9 bands and includes 2 bonus track from The Netherland's Birds Of A Feather and Milano's Fumbles In Life.
On February 18th the compilation went finally to print therefore it will be available shortly. Keep checking their FB for updates.

Read on a post typed by Dharmavit, founder of Youth Crew, about the compilation...

Hello everyone, after months of work I'm really happy to announce the new release on my records label Youth Crew Records: "Something Higher, Hard To The Soul" compilation.
It is the result of work begun in my mind about six months ago. It should be out next January.
During the next few weeks there'll be some important news, so stay tuned! (A special thanks to all the bands on this compilation, and an extra special thanx to Loren "Safe" for all the works of mastering/editing and to Sevaparayana Krishna das for the cd booklet). Love, Dharmavit

Watch here a teaser about the compilation

BAYSIDE premieres new song and lyric video “Dancing like an idiot”

Some fresh news about the post-punk New Yorkers who released their newest effort last year on Hopeless records...

Queens punk rockers Bayside have partnered with Billboard to premiere their brand new song and lyric video “Dancing Like An Idiot”.
The song comes from Bayside’s forthcoming Cult White Edition, a special edition double LP reissue of the band’s latest album, Cult.

On “Dancing Like An Idiot,” lead singer Anthony Raneri tells us: “There is no such thing as bad music. Music, like any art form, is subject to people’s opinion and for every person who thinks a band is bad, there is someone who loves them. My problem is with artists that are actually responsible for dumbing down the youth. Encouraging ignorance instead of encouraging morals and encouraging the youth to be a better generation. When I wrote the song, I was thinking about the sarcastic remarks that people make about how the movie “Idiocracy” was coming true or this or that about “kids these days”. Instead of complaining about kids these days, I decided to talk about the people responsible for kids these days.”

Watch the vidoe here:

WOAHNOWS releases ‘Sounds Like Spitting’ Video

Plymouth turbo-charged-indie-punks WOAHNOWS have revealed the video for their new single
'Sounds Like Spitting' after premiering it with Clash Magazine a few days ago. In keeping with their usual DIY tongue-in-cheek ethos it features the band playing in a dingy pub and addresses their recent change of line-up in typical WOAHNOWS fashion...

Watch and share the ‘Sounds Like Spitting’ video here:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

SPRAYNARD joined the Jade Tree family, Jade Tree celebrates 25th anniversary

Everybody who have been into punkrock, emo and indie music growing up in the 90's must have
heard of a seminal indie label based in Wilmington, Delaware and named Jade Tree. And if you had you surely know about band like Lifetime, The Promise Ring or Kid Dynamite (unfairly mentioning only a very few). The label is 25 years old this year and they ought to celebrate such an important milestone. And what a better way than signing new bands and release new stuff?

2015- West Chester, Pennsylvania punk trio SPRAYNARD joined the Jade Tree family last week.
The three members began playing together in 2009 and ultimately announced a hiatus in 2012. The band is back and will be releasing their reunion record this spring/summer, and let us tell you: It's incredible.

Listen to Spraynard's previous outing titled "Funtitled" here,

London's THE KUT reveal 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' the new EP

Hosting this news about an odd sounding band (odd sounding by the hardcore, punk metal standards normally covered here) hailing from London, UK. This all female grungy three-piece is called THE KUT that is gonna drag you back to the 90's. I don't know whether this is gonna be the new revival thing that will take the scene in the near future (I also got to see other new bands playing stuff which wouldn't have cut a bad figure among the Sub Pop catalogue) but who knows...
Read on the press item...

"Without music there is never any balance,” opines Princess Maha, lead vocalist and guitarist of returning London grungers, The Kut.“We’ve put a lot of work into our band, made the requisite sacrifices and accepted the financial pressures of being an independent act, but the pride we feel for our music and the creative milestones we achieve makes it all worthwhile.”
The Kut’s latest milestone is new E.P, Rock Paper Scissors and it sees the trio – completed by drummer Violet Cannibal and bassist/vocalist Alison Wood – taking a more stripped back, visceral approach toward their Riot Grrrl tainted alt-rock. Twinkling guitars, accompanied by harsh growls and contrastingly sweet melodies.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

RELAPSE Records launch massive 25th Anniversary free digital sampler

Stream & download over 180 tracks spanning 25 years.

As part of the continued year long celebration for Relapse Records 25th anniversary, the label has released a free 180+ song sampler spanning the label's entire history. The sampler features one track from almost every artist that has ever released an EP or full-length with the label since 1990 including Mastodon, Neurosis, Obituary, Red Fang, Death, Dying Fetus, Necrophagist, Suffocation, Baroness, Dillinger Escape Plan, High on Fire, Torche, Pig Destroyer and many more.

The sampler can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


by marcs77

This is not an exclusive interview or whatever of a special deal we've managed to ensure us since Roger Miret (voice) and Mike (bass) will be available for being interviewed to promote the new album starting next week.
Last 3rd August, 2014 AGNOSTIC FRONT, the forefathers of NYC Hardcore punk movement, played a mini festival in Milan with Nofx and Lars Frederiksen's The Old Firm Casual and after a bit of hassles looking for the AF's tour manager in charge and getting in the backstage area we've finally managed to seat down with guitarist and AF's founder Vinnie Stigma for a short chat about their long and eventful career, recalling the release of their very first album “Victim In Pain” dated 1984, and going on with him talking about being a father and family guy who plays hardcore at age 56, his AF's favourite records and what makes Agnostic Front what they've been, are and will be. “They've been true to their way. The Agnostic Front's way”.

GOOD RIDDANCE new album "Peace In Our Time" out on April 21st!

It's just so great to read news about GOOD RIDDANCE. We know many of you will be craving to read up all this entry and start immediately the countdown to the day the new record is out...

It’s finally official, a new GOOD RIDDANCE album is ready to be unleashed upon the world! We are thrilled to present to you: Peace in Our Time. The first Good Riddance album in nine years, it rips all expectations to shreds. Packed with everything you’ve ever loved about Good Riddance, Peace in Our Time is essentially the very best of GR distilled down to one LP.

Monday, February 9, 2015

FACEDOWN FEST 2015 details announced

News from Facedown records camp about their annual fest and the reuniting xDeathstarx, a metallic hardcore sXe band around from 2002 to 2009 we interviewed back at the times of

We are very excited to finally announce Facedown Fest 2015!

We are taking the fest back to the Glasshouse in Pomona,CA on May 16, 2015.
xDeathstarx are reuniting to headline the fest, along with Gideon and War Of Ages! Saving Grace are flying all of the way from New Zealand for this one US show, and of course the rest of the family will be there as well including My Epic, Everything In Slow Motion, Those Who Fear, Mouth Of The South, Hope For The Dying and Leaders.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

VENEZIA HARDCORE FEST 2015 on May the 9th

Lotta things going on among the Venezia hardcore punk scene. I don't know whether making a comparison to Venice California scene is fair enough but in Venezia there are alot of bands, releases out, gigs, so it really sounds like there's a good vibe going and a will to work hard to build up something that it's not just empty words on the social networks, and this year the Venezia Hardcore Crew will held the third edition of "Venezia Hardcore Fest".
The DIY event is scheduled on Saturday May the 9th and will see 15 bands sharing the two stages (the addition of a second stage is a novelty) of C.S.O. Rivolta in Marghera, VE (the infamous outskirts of the all-around-famed-Italian-city known for its art, culture and cinema).

Here's the link to the event so you can keep yourself posted on the bands confirmed to play and the latest news


DANCE GAVIN DANCE Releasing 6th Studio LP 'Instant Gratification' on April 14

Sacramento experimental post-hardcore 6-piece DANCE GAVIN DANCE will release their 6th LP,
'Instant Gratification', on April 14 via Rise Records.

The album was recorded in Portland, OR with producer Kris Crummett (Sleeping With Sirens, ISSUES).

Guitarist Will Swan says, "Throughout the years we've put ourselves in the position to have to prove ourselves time and again, constantly redefining our sound and identity as a band. Instant Gratification is the culmination of all that progression. The climax of our time as Dance Gavin Dance. Our technical prowess and determination have never been so clear. Feast your ears on the future."

Check out a teaser video here 

NOT SCIENTISTS "Disconnect The Dots" with new single stream

The new single, "Disconnect The Dots" from the French quartet is streaming through the bands
Bandcamp page, Now!

Featuring members of France's biggest Punk Rock bands (Uncommonmenfrommars & No Guts No Glory), Not Scientists, hailing from Lyon, have released the third single, "Disconnect The Dots" - Taken from their new album, "Destroy To Rebuild".

Weighing in with 11 tracks, available on vinyl, CD and digital download, the debut album from the French Punks, named, "Destroy To Rebuild", will be released throughKicking Records, Delete Your Favourite Records and Torreznetes Entertainmenton Friday 6th March 2015.

Stream here the single "Destroy To Rebuild"

GOOBER PATROL release new video with All-Star-Punkrock-Cast

Longtime mainstays of the UK punk rock scene, GOOBER PATROL, have released the new music video for "That's The Point" - Taken from the Split Album with 7 Day Conspiracy - Out Now on Bomber Music.

The new video, "That's The Point" features an all star cast from the worldwide punk rock scene.

Blag Dahlia - Dwarves
Jerry A - Poison Idea
Jesse Wagner - The Aggrolites
Keith Minter - Capdown
Olga - The Toy Dolls
Bryan Kienlen - The Bouncing Souls
Tim Smith - TV Smith and The Adverts
Dean Jones - Extreme Noise Terror and Raw Noise
Rossi Alexander - Accion Mutante
Will Farley - Stay Clean Jolene and Nothing Cool
Duncan Redmonds - Snuff, Billy No mates, Toy Dolls
Trystan O Connell - Lost Cherrees
Mark Bone Boland - The Real McKenzies
Criss Damage - Demented Are Go
Chris Hodson - Project Mork and Mustard City Rockers

The new video - Goober Patrol - "That's The Point" is available through a number of different channels, with two edits (Orange & Blue):

TRESPASSERS post "Dead End" lyric video; track appears on upcoming 'Rival Glass' EP out Feb 24 on Spartan Records

Syracuse, NY's TRESPASSERS have unveiled a new lyric video for a new track ("Dead End") off their forthcoming EP, titled 'Rival Glass', out February 24 via Spartan Records.

Check out "Dead End" here.

SENSES FAIL & MAN OVERBOARD to release split record on march 3rd

Influential post-hardcore band SENSES FAIL and New Jersey pop-punk band Man Overboard have teamed for a split 7”/digital record that will be released on March 3rd 2015 via Pure Noise Records.

Senses Fail has premiered a new track called “All You Need Is Already Within You”.

Watch here the lyric video for the song “All You Need Is Already Within You”