Wednesday, December 31, 2014

THE SHRINE interview

by Michela A.

Jimi Hendrix on a skateboard, recording sessions in dirty dungeons, shows in living rooms... This and more stuff in the nice talk gotanerve-zine had with the longhaired lords of Psychedelic violence rock 'n' roll, THE SHRINE, just before their show in Berlin at Cassiopeia.
With last LP “Bless Off” out on March 2014, the rock 'n' roll destroyers from Venice, CA, are now inflaming stages around Europe playing shows at insane decibels with PA shooting wind like a thousand of hair driers all in one.
Read what they told us just before hell broke loose.

gan: So let’s talk about the band first! How did you get together? How did it all happen?

Sunday, December 14, 2014


by marcs77

The heroes of melodic hardcore punk with the heart into complexity and technique are back with a new album, their sixth in a career spanning over 14 years, entitled “Partycrasher” -well, sure that's nothing new to most of you guys being the record out since last November 5th, 2013.
As far as Italy goes, and it's really a pity pointing this out, A WILHELM SCREAM haven't made it to breaking in the league of the four-horsemen-of-punk-rock-band-to-be-booked-to-headline-major-gig-festivals (and who are these fab four? Nofx, Rancid, Pennywise, Ska-P) but they get either to open for bigger names or headline small sized venues like it's the case tonight here in Milan, in the smaller dive of Forum's building. Again I know that sucks alot! But who's to blame? Organizers who wanna play safe or kids who don't move to go out to a show where no-big-names are headlining?
We set down with Trevor Reilly (guitar and shredding) before the show to talk about “Partycrasher” and a good bunch of other interesting shit.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pure Noise records welcomes LIKE PACIFIC, new EP out on January 20th 2015

Bay Area independent label Pure Noise Records is proud to announce the signing of rising TorontoLike Pacific.
based punk band
The band will be releasing a new, self-titled EP onJanuary 20th in the U.S. with Pure Noise and today to stream the record’s first new song “Suffering”.

Stream “Suffering” now at:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Post-Punk trio, I, THE LION have announced the details of their new EP - "Run"

The trio from Cheltenham, UK have announced their new, 4 track EP will be self released on Feb 9th 2015.

I, THE LION are a 3 piece post-punk trio from Cheltenham (UK). A band that pride themselves on creative songwriting.
I, The Lion have become renowned as one of the hardest touring bands in the UK, having toured the UK countless times and playing every show they possibly can. With pure power, aggression and energy, I, The Lion feel most at home when on the road.
Since conception in 2011, I, The Lion have become renowned for their exuberant live performance and huge sound, solidifying themselves at the forefront of the British post-punk scene.

The new, 4 track EP, "Run" will be self released on Monday 9th February on Limited Edition CD and Digital.

Listen here to the track "Hold Strong"

Sunday, December 7, 2014

SIX TIME CHAMPION deliver a dose of Honesty

Following hot on the heels of fellow countrymen Neck Deep, ROAM, As It Is and Trash Boat, Brighton quintet SIX TIME CHAMPION are making their presence felt with storming new five-tracker, "Expecting Honesty".

Finally seeing release on December the 1st, you can stream the EP on their Bandcamp now:

The 5 piece had to say of the momentous occasion: "We’re stoked to finally release Expecting Honesty. It feels like forever since we wrote and recorded it but the feedback that we’ve received so far from reviews and fans alike has been pretty overwhelming. We plan to play as many shows as we can in support of this record in the next year and we’re excited to see where the E.P will take us! A massive thanks to anyone who’s checked it out so far and hopefully we’ll see you at a show!"

NAPALM DEATH – Unveil “Apex Predator - Easy Meat” album artwork and tracklisting!

Birmingham's NAPALM DEATH will never set back with their struggle to speak out against the harm perpetrated by greedy few upon poors, unpriviligedand disadvantaged groups and with a brand new album coming out end of January 2015 the foursome proves, whether necessary, there's still a lot to speak out against 33 years into their career.

Having just wrapped up a tour through Japan, UK Grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH are now launching the cover artwork and the tracklisting for their upcoming 15th studio album. Entitled “Apex Predator - Easy Meat”, the album will be released on January 26th, 2015 in Europe and January 27th, 2015 in North America via Century Media Records.

The album’s striking artwork, which can be seen above, was created by Danish designer Frode Sylthe /, who has previously worked on NAPALM DEATH’s latest album “Utilitarian” as well as with bands such as At The Gates, Totalt Javla Morker, The Haunted or Burst. NAPALM DEATH checked in to comment about the artwork as follows:

Friday, November 28, 2014

Terror/Comeback Kid/Stick to Your Guns/Obey The Brave/More than Thousand/No Bragging Rights/Capsize. Impericon Never Say Die Tour 2014, Bologna 20th of November 2014

by Marcelo

“Too much breakdowns” this is how this festival should be called, but we’ll come to this later.

I left for Bologna early but due to traffic issues I couldn’t catch nothing more than the last couple of song of CAPSIZE, playing in the almost empty venue. I got to suspend my opinion on this young guys, but I got to say they try to difference themselves with some delayed guitars from the classic metal core stuff but they hardly succeed.
NO BRAGGING RIGHTS was one of the bands I wanted to catch and they didn't disappoint.

FINAL PRAYER announces X Years Anniversary Release show date

Berlin's own FINAL PRAYER have been around for 10 years and to celebrate this milestone the five-
some has written/recorded 4 brand new songs a put together 1-hour long documentary that will be out through Let It Burn records on Dec. 12th 2014.
The guys will be playing the release show for XY, just before 2014 wraps up, on December 30th in their hometown. A good way to celebrate this anniversary and gearing up for the new year's eve. Isn't it?

The band about this release show- We're more than happy to announce our official X Years Anniversary Show!
Together with our good old friends Born From Pain, Dogchains andCity to City and hopefully you, we gonna celebrate this special moment in our band history.
The Show will be at the 30th of December at the famous BiNuu in the heart of Kreuzberg.

Cheers, FP

If you haven't checked it out yet watch now the trailer for XY

Thursday, November 27, 2014

THE SMASHROOMS goes on indefinite hiatus

If you have got to follow gotanerve-zine for more than one day you'd sure know Brescia, Italy antifa-socio-political conscious punk hardcore three-piece THE SMASHROOMS.
The guys who, if my mind doesn't play tricks, formed back in 2001 have just announced that their venture as a band has come to a stop.
The more recent release of the punk trio is the album "Wildfire" out last year through Epidemic records.
As you can read here below The Smashrooms will be playing 3 farewell shows; one in Italy (tomorrow night close Milan) and two in Germany.

Here’s the word from the band...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

THE SHRINE at Berlin's Cassiopeia 28th Sept.2014, visual show report

On September the 28th, 2014 power-retro-fuzz-rockers THE SHRINE, from Venice, Los Angels, CA, played a show at Berlin's Cassiopeia while touring Europe on their latest and sophomore record "Bless Off".
Gotanerve-zine attended the gig and our Michela with a buddy photographer interviewed the three-some, took pictures and shot a few videos to document this rock 'n' roll night.

Waiting for the interview to go up very soon and read what the American dudes had to say us, here below you can watch the three videos and a few shots that try to show what a The Shrine gig could be all about.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Norway's BARREN WOMB debuts new video off "The sun's not yellow, it's chicken,"

Refused's sonic-derailment sons from Trondheim, Norway.
Hardcore band Barren Womb has debuted a new video for their song "Only Rain Man Doesn't change" from their recent album, "The sun’s not yellow, it’s chicken".
The records is out on Spartan Records and digitally at iTunes.

Watch Barren Womb’s new video for “Only Rain Man doesn’t change” now at

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fat Wreck Chords announces NOFX- Backstage Passport Soundtrack!

I'm sure you guys would agree Fat Mike didn't exactly cut a good figure when punching and kicking
with his Docs a drunk-frenzied fan who hopped on stage and back-hugged NOFX's singer bass player during their opening show of Australia's tour. The clip showing the beatdown went viral and surely you've got to read about all the shit, from haters, press, bloggers and everyday social network users, that flooded Mike camp after this unpleasant exploit for which the punkrock icon will be trying his best to get quickly over it. Some pacification gestures have been delivered already, you know; well that's what happened first in the virtual world and then in the real world when, to settle the score, Fat Mike let the fan kick him back a few days after the talked about event. So you perhaps know all that but what about things going on at NOFX backstages and the proper soundtrack to that insane moments?

In 2008, NOFX starred in the TV show Backstage Passport, a series that documented the insane hijinks of the band as they weaved an unsteady path through exotic locales where most sane bands fear to tread. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the official Backstage Passport Soundtrack is being released on December 9th (Vinyl in January 2015).

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sweden's screamo SUIS LA LUNA starts recording their new EP

Today 15th November 2014 Swedish screamo four-piece Suis La Lune are set to begin recording a
new 4 track EP for release next year. The band will be heading into Henning’s (guitarist/vocalist) basement to record the new material. The EP will feature all of the original members of the band with the only change being a role swap between guitarist Karl Sladö and drummer Daniel Pettersson.

The band will also be recording the material themselves, Sladö says, "Recording will clock in at around 25 minutes. The songs are a tad more technical and a bit longer, there's a lot of stuff going on for sure.”

In the past Suis La Lune have been heralded for their own flavour of classic (late-90s) style screamo by combining post-rock-esque instrumentation and tender melodies with passionately frantic vocals and lyrics. The new material is said to have “a darker, harder sound”, however Sladö assures that “Suis La Lune still sounds like Suis La Lune”.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

HARD RESISTANCE to release 1994-2014 double-CD Retrospective early 2015

Twenty years have gone by since the days HARD RESISTANCE, European hardcore band from Belgium, burst upon the scene. The news is WTF records will be releasing a 2-CD retrospective titled 1994 RETROSPECTIVE 2014, which is scheduled to be available on January the 2nd 2015. 

The early nineties and mid-nineties were a revolutionary periode. A lot of American hardcore bands started to boom and the scene exploded once again. Bands like Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Madball, Pro-Pain and Cro-Mags grew and destroyed the European stages. It was at that time, that HARD RESISTANCE started out.

After a while, European bands like Backfire!, Ryker’s, Right Direction, Tech 9, Discipline, VOT earned the respect they deserved. Album productions got better, bands were selling tons of merchandise and shows were full of energy. Finally; the hard work paid off.
In fact, they established a true hardcore "Euro-scene" and European bands got dubbed "Euro-core bands" by international media and radio (someone bashed it bulldog HC). Everyone was talking about it, everyone was into hardcore. Glorious days!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

SWINGIN' UTTERS new album and US tour with labelmates Lag Wagon

The fans of SWINGIN' UTTERS will be stoked to know their favorite punk rockers have a new record coming out in a few days.

You heard it right! On November 11th, we’ll release a brand new Swingin’ Utters full-length. Packed with 15 songs and recorded by the talented Chris Dugan at JingleTown, Fistful of Hollow is Swingin’ Utters at their very best. The album weaves between classic punk rock and the eclectic mix of sounds that the band has been experimenting and evolving with since Five Lessons Learned, yielding a truly balanced, yet cohesive record. Read what Johnny and Darius had to say about the writing process below:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

"BLACK HOLE: Uno Sguardo Sull'Underground Italiano" interview

by marcs77

What underground means and what's all about? Could it be compared to a black hole? That region of space-time which, because of its strong gravitational fields, absorbs all those subcultures and art forms like music, literature, theater, cinema that are not striving for or will never get the chance to go under the spotlights of mass pop culture?
That was my initial take on one of the likely meanings of title for the book/movie documentary project “BLACK HOLE: Uno Sguardo Sull'Underground Italiano” -Black Hole: an overview on Italian underground.
Turi Messineo, 29 years old, from Palermo, Sicily got started with the hardcore punk in his teens and over these formative years to the adulthood he has put enough experiences, connections and in-depth knowledge under his belt to embark himself into an ambitious yet challenging project to write a book and, with the cooperation of young movie maker Claudio Stanghellini, make a movie about the Italian underground.
This project got finalized into the paper book “BLACK HOLE: Uno Sguardo Sull'Underground Italiano” to be published by Eris edizioni beginning of 2015 and the movie, he wrote and directed, bringing the same title.
We thought
now it was the perfect time to interview Turi about “Black Hole” and everything related. Read on what he has to say...

gan: Hey Turi how's all in life?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

[‘selvə] is the hot new band to check out so, you should

by marcs77

A few words with the recentlty born band [‘selvə] from North Italy...

gan: Hey there, please introduce yourselves to the uninitiated and readers of

Hi, we are [‘selvə], we’ve been playing music together since 2013 and we’re from Crema, Lonigo and Lodi.

gan: How did you guys come up with your band name?

For some time we’ve had trouble finding a suitable name for our project, then a friend of ours suddenly came up with the name “selva”.
We immediately liked the name and chose it for us. This word stands for a place that perfectly represents the emotions and sensations we want to trasmit through our music: loneliness, obscurity and dismay. We chose to write it in phonetics to make it even more enigmatic and misterious.

gan: Do you have any stuff out?

We started writing some songs last september, now we have four, all of them are in our first cd “life habitual”. We recorded it this summer and it will be out on the 27th of october 2014 under the label Argonauta Records.

gan: What got you playing this genre and what are some of the bands you draw inspiration from?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

SONS OF LAKES PARK debut self-released EP available

Formerly known as Disgustibus (when the band started out in 2009 and until they had a line-up change in 2012) Lodi "not California", North Italy based SONS OF LAKES PARK has self-produced and released their debut EP "Last Day Of School (the first you start to learn)" last June the 1st 2014.
This melodic punk hardcore six-song effort is available on CD, and now up for free download on bandcamp.
For the track "Sunrise Generation" the guys shot their first video clip with videomaker Claudio Stanghellini (

Listen to and download here their EP

Saturday, October 4, 2014


BANE Don't Wait Up (CD)

by marcs77

“DON'T WAIT UP”, needless to say, this title wasn't ever really meant to be a solicit for the lazy reviewers to type out they thoughts on the last farewell full-length album from Worcester, Massachusetts based five-some BANE. What a fucked up thought! But, I admit, I kept this review lingering so long after the kind dudes at Equal Vision records have sent me the promo and it was about time to pay my humble dues to this great band.
Yes, you read it correctly, this is the final record through which, and together with a string of “good-bye” live dates, Bane wraps up this venture they kicked off around 1995 as a side project featuring Aaron Dalbec and members of hardcore monster act Converge.
“Don't Wait Up” won't definitely disappoint those into this band that has never been about putting out new records for the sake of giving the kids new stuff or as a pretest to heading out on tour -this new album is their fourth full-length and their discography counts other 4 extended plays as well.
“Don't Wait Up” lists 10 songs in the late 80's early 90's old-school hardcore vein. A blast of feverish energy and integrity made up by  tight solid guitars (with some angular riffing of Converge's legacy), slow build ups, heavy breakdowns and gang-vocals to singalong with, which proudly wear the colours of Bane -one of the main features being, inevitably, the raucous voice of Aaron Berard.

LINTERNO Euro tour 2014

LINTERNO, Bologna resident punk hardcore act, that has a new 7"s EP on the way, is gonna hit the
European roads starting October 17th in Rimini (IT) to drive their van through Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and cross the finish line on October 25th in Graz, Austria.
The five-piece scheduled the release party for the new EP on October 11th in their home town and they'll be sharing the stage with Italian buddies Malemute Kid (Torino) and Faccino's (Bologna -should be so but they don't state it on fb).


17 OCTOBER: Rimini (IT) - Kas8
18 OCTOBER: Ormoz (Slovenia)-Underthund
20 OCTOBER- Vienna (Austria)- Venster 99
21 OCTOBER-Need Help
22 OCTOBER-Prague (Czech Repubblic)-Cafe NaPul
23 OCTOBER- Berlin (Germany)- Koma F
24 OCTOBER- Vallaske Mezirici (Czech Republic)- Bar Lira
25 OCTOBER- Graz (Austria)- Sub

Listen to one tune "The Judge And The Jury"

Saturday, September 27, 2014

EXALT new addition to New Damage records roster, new album out in November

New Damage Records is thrilled to announce the addition of EXALT to their
world roster.
The Kitchener, Ontario-based hardcore band will release their sophomore album Pale Light on November 4th.
"Pale Light" is the follow up record to EXALT’s buzzed about 2012 debut Breach False Minds.

Stream EXALT’s new track “Greying” now at

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The new SSS album is coming our way

Gloomy times need bands like Liverpool crossover thrashers SSS who are finally back with a new long playing album after signing last year a new deal with Prosthetic records and releasing for the Los Angeles' label a limited 500-copy EP entitled "Manipulated Living".
The new record titled "Limp.Gasp.Collapse" is scheduled for release on US/UK and Europe on October the 10th -the rest of the world will get the chance to put its hands on it on October 14th.
The promo clip for the song "Dead Wood", which features Carcass' Jeff Walker,  has been premiered by Metal Hammer a few days ago.

Watch and listen to "Dead Wood" here

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Finland's FORESEEN to release their debut full-length album

Our favourite thrash-hardcore crossoverist from Helsinki, Finland shared some news about the forthcoming debut full-length album.

Following several successful EPs, including 2013's well received Structural Oppression, Finland's FORESEEN HKI now break into the international metal scene with their debut LP, Helsinki Savagery. An explosive burst of rawcrossover, the band effortlessly fuse the 1980s iterations of US thrash and hardcore to create a merciless album of absolute jawbreakers. A distinctly Finnish rawness and hostility, that's been a hallmark of the countries incredible hardcore punk bands since the early '80s, pervades the LP.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New hot band to check out: GLANCES from Bologna, Italy

by marcs77

Starting with this "new hot band to check out" we'll be kickin off a new formula to introduce the band which awarded for this, hopefully more and more, hard-fought spot.
 So in addition to the band bio, whether the band wrote one themselves, photos, and the streaming of music or linking to video clips we have decided to submit the lucky band a a few questions (like a short-interview) for them to reply and break the ice with everybody not in the know.
The brand new band is GLANCES from Bologna, Italy.

gan: Hey there, please introduce yourselves to the uninitiated and readers of

Allright! Hello guys, we are Glances, a new hardcore band from Bologna.

gan: Do you have any stuff out?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Interview with Alex, HELL SMELL recording studios

by marcs77

Today when tons of music is consumed (what a bad word!) digitally, one, like me, comes to wonder whether there are still kids who know what credits for producing, recording, mixing, mastering are all about. Personally, these credits normally printed, just before the lengthy thanks lists on the back-covers, inside booklet or inlays of CDs, have always been an important source to understand the sound (not talking about genre here) I could expect from one band and something as important for my music knowing and education as the songs themselves or other facts related to the band.
Nowadays I can go and download (legally or illegally) one track or a complete record off the internet, I get a folder including music, a .jpg digital artwork and, perhaps, if I've downloaded the album legally the digital booklet.
Have you ever cared about those people who work for and with the band to make that music recording in your computer come to (digital)life?
The captivating yet complex universe of music recording/production is a world alone that could easily find any uninitiated stumbling across lots of never heard of before technical terms and a whole new vocabulary to struggle with to get some basic+ understanding of the thing.
We hooked up with Alex Gavazzi, founder and owner of Hell Smell studios based in Roma, Italy, to get some insights on this world, to know how he got started, his personal influences, and being the dude a musician himself, to talk about his melodic punk hardcore band Bedtime For Charlie, that earlier this year put out a new EP titled “Morningwood”.

UNEARTH announce new album “Watchers Of Rule”, Touring Europe now!

We here at gotnarve-zine (earlier on at the times of Truesidemusic) have been looking closely at the
moves of Boston's metaller UNEARTH and got to interviews the guys different times but I personally lost note of what the dudes have been doing since the release of "Darkness In the Light" in 2011.
Since that 2011 the hardworking quartet didn't waste their time and kept playing shows, touring and among these and other things writing/recording the stuff for the new record.
Here comes the news from Century Media headquarters about the new album and the European tour they're currently into.

New England Metal pioneers UNEARTH have announced “Watchers of Rule” to be released via Century Media on November 3rd, 2014 in Europe. Produced by Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, Devildriver), this marks the band's six full length LP in their decorated sixteen year tenure.

UNEARTH will now hit European soil on the Hell On Earth Tour 2014 and this time the band is heading out with friends Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain, War Of Ages and Pay No Respect in support. See all tour dates below.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bologna's GLANCES, debut EP in streaming now

We're currently streaming the s/t EP by this melodic hardcore outfit called GLANCES.
The quintet hails from Bologna, Italy and this 4-track effort marks their debut release.

Listen to the EP and download here -it's up for "a name your price" basis

Sunday, August 24, 2014

TEXAS IN JULY debuted a new song at

Pennsylvania metal band Texas In July has debuted a new track titled “Sweetest Poison” at
The song is featured on the band’s highly anticipated fourth full-length album, Bloodwork, which is due for release on September 16th from Equal Vision Records.

Stream “Sweetest Poison” now at or here below

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Indelirium records starts working with UK's reformed YORKSHIRE RATS

A bit late with this news from Indelirium records...

We’re super excited to announce that Indelirium Records will be working with Yorkshire Rats from the UK! These guys are a high energy punk rock band with socially infused anthems that will be stuck in your head forever!!!
They are recently reformed and released a brand new 3-song single titled "Hurry Up And Wait..." on August, the 5th 2014. With a mix of thundering drums, motown-esk bass lines and a wall of guitars, they can make the misery of modern life sound warm, and almost celebratory.

Listen here to the single's title track

Friday, August 22, 2014

Peta 2, Bridge Nine Records and Flix Agency release sampler for animal welfare!

We're happy to share this news from Flix Agency...

Animal advocates should speak up!!! That is why Flix Agency from Berlin has teamed up with and Boston Hardcore/Punk record label Bridge Nine Records to release a digital sampler.
The new sampler series, called "Music for Monkeys", features bands and labels supporting the cause.
You can listen to it for FREE or purchase it through "name your own price". This first edition features the who's who of current underground music; long-established all-time favorites such as Boysetsfire, Defeater and Iron Chic, along with strong up and comers like Test of Time and Goodtime Boys. Don't pass on checking this out!

You can download the compilation over here: or stream / download down here


A Ramonesian news from Fat Wreck Chords camp...

That's right folks! The rumors are true. CJ RAMONE is joining the Fat fold and we are thrilled! September marks the 25th anniversary of CJ's initiation into punk rock's royal “family,” and to celebrate, on September 30th Fat will release the single “Understand Me?,” a head-bopping melodic garage-punk screed addressed to an unnamed listener who really doesn't seem to understand him.

Was it actually written with someone in mind? CJ laughs and says, “Every girl I've ever dated thought I wrote hateful songs about them, or I've had friends like, 'Are you trying to say that to me?' It's nice to put it out there without explanation and let people take it however they want.”

Thursday, August 21, 2014

THE ROUGHNECK RIOT Announce 'Out of Anger' Album 13th October + UK/EU Tour Dates

By no means a traditional folk-punk band, ROUGHNECK RIOT are pleased to announce that their new album ‘Out Of Anger’ will be released on 13th October via legendary Manchester zine-turned-record-label TNS Records.
The 6 piece from Warrington, UK have been making their mark on the punk scene for nearly a decade with their heavy, melodic sound. Drawing influence from a host of folk, punk and hardcore bands, they’re intent on doing their bit to highlight the socio-political issues of the 21st Century to a brand new generation of punks.

“We’re reinventing and rewriting folk music to make sense to our lives today” comment the band on their attitude “We write music for people; regardless of race, nationality, age, gender or sexuality.The past 2 years have been quite ridiculous in the UK. We’ve been mostly writing when something has made us angry."
"There’s a disgusting amount of fascism and racism in the UK and Europe and we've included some more personal tales from our own lives too - Sam (accordion) has even rewritten an old song about Fox Hunting to be a tribute to the Hunt Saboteurs of the UK. We are a voice amongst many in the scene that’s ready to be heard. We are here to play folk punk music. From nowhere and everywhere, this is our day.”

Grindcorers PUIG DESTROYER on No Sleep records to release the new album

Nothing says “America” like good ol’ fashioned baseball and torrential grindcore. Combine the two and you’ve got Puig Destroyer, one of the most amazing bands to ever represent baseball in the hardcore arena. Today the band has announced they’ve joined forces with No Sleep Records and will be releasing their new self-titled record digitally on September 30th, which just so happens to be the first day of the MLB Postseason.

In addition to the band signing to No Sleep, Puig Destroyer has also released their first new song called “Mike Trout” today with The song pays homage to Mike Trout, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s 2014 All-Star MVP outfielder, with a crushing, neck-breaking grindcore anthem that shout’s “No doubt, Mike Trout, he can do everything!”

"Going in, we knew we wanted a song about Mike Trout on this record,” says vocalist Mike Minnick. “Riley [Breckenridge] is a die-hard Angels fan, and all of us love watching the guy play. You want to see every at-bat, every insane defensive play, just like Puig. He's absolutely electrifying."

Listen to “Mike Trout” streaming all over

Monday, August 18, 2014

CONTINENTAL release new LP "Millionaires" on East Grand Recording Co.

CONTINENTAL from Boston is going to release their new LP worldwide on November, 28 through East Grand Recording Co from Minnesota. The band completed an eight-week European tour in 2013 and re-realesed their debut album "All A Man Can Do" on German indie label Flix Records (Cargo) coincide with the tour last year.
Dropkick Murphys and The Street Dogs founding member Rick Barton produced those 11 songs of his band himself.
The result is even more personal, more powerful and more homogeneous than the debut and shows once again with how much heart blood and consequence the group pursues their way.
Continental is going on tour with The Tossers this October in North American. An European tour might follow soon.

Watch here the video for the song "1000 Miles"

Monday, August 4, 2014

NOFX + Agnostic Front + The Old Firm Casuals

words and pics by marcs77

I've had to wrap up the interview with AF's Vinnie Stigma cause at 8.00 pm THE OLD FIRM CASUALS timely hit the stage of Carroponte, Milano.
This band from San Francisco, I actually hadn't heard of until today, is around since 2010 and is the more recent Oi! project by Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, The Bastards), and has debuted their first full-length record "This Means War" just a few days ago. So the European fans are blessed to be the first to have a taste of what The Old Firm Casuals new stuff is all about when delivered from a stage.
The band plays well though I have the feel the reception from Milan crowd has been a bit aloof however, the guys have few good numbers like the pissed off hardcore "This Means War", "Perry Boys" (they shot a clip for this track) or "A Gang Like Us" which sticks to your mind at the very first listen and doesn't have to pray much for you to sing along top of your voice.
A more than decent enough opening to warm up the scant crowd in the pit while many of the kids are still queuing up to enter the concert area or just chilling out, feeding themselves and having a few drinks to gear up for the two headliners of tonight show.
The theme of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" gets cranked up by the PA system to introduce AGNOSTIC FRONT.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

KID ARMOR interview

by marcs77

I got to know this band through xCommitmentx records; again a solid reality among the international sXe hardcore punk scene like many other bands the cool Dutch label printed classic 7” vinyls of. KID ARMOR live in Mission Viejo, south Orange County, CA and got started in 2010. To this point they have lined up two releases: the “KXD” demo dated 2012, the 7” titled “Better Days” out on Commitment last year. And the five-piece is completing works for the new album “The Outcome Replays” for which they've, in the meantime, posted a track on bandcamp.
After positively reviewing their 7”, almost a few months ago I emailed a bunch of questions to offer the guys to the chance to introduce who they are, get their thoughts on being straight-edge and on those crossing the line after a period of their life, the values they took high care of, the “Youth Crew 2014” compilation their featured in and other things I thought you too would find interesting reading while blasting their record at full volume -all their stuff is up on bandcamp for you to listen to and download, if you're into the digital shit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IRON REAGAN release first song from "The Tyranny of Will"

Everyone who just starts thrashing all around whenever his/her hears are hit by fast, heavy and noxious slabs of thrashy riffing shall keep reading on the item news about the release of IRON REAGAN's new album and listen here to the track "Miserable Failure"...

IRON REAGAN's Relapse debut The Tyranny Of Will is a 24 song wrecking ball of hardcore-punk/thrash fury. The album was recorded with guitarist Phil Hall at Blaze of Torment Studios in Richmond, VA and self-produced plus it was mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. The album will be released September 16th in North America, Sept 15th in the UK/Europe/World and on Sept 12th in Germany/Benelux/World. The cover art was done by Alexis Maybree AKA NevaSafe.

Singer Tony Foresta on Miserable Failure: "Miserable Failure" is a Summer Jam unlike the world has ever seen. Oozing sensuality riff after riff, this song will take you into a hard rock crossover vortex of horniness, lust and confusion. You might need ear condoms for this one. I hate writing quotes for songs."

Listen to "Miserable Failure" here

Monday, July 21, 2014

SICK OF IT ALL – reveal international release dates, track listing and cover of “The Last Act Of Defiance”

I was recently listening to SICK OF IT ALL's  "Built To Last" after many years (still good solid shit) and here comes fresh news about the follow-up to "Based On A True Story". This last record dates 2010 so it's already 4 years since its release, not that meanwhile the New Yorkers have been twiddling their thumbs. How could they ? Read on about “The Last Act Of Defiance”...

After kicking off their European (festival) tour New York Hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL also announce the release of their upcoming album “The Last Act Of Defiance” which is scheduled for the following dates;

Europe, Australia / NZ: September 29th, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

WEAR YOUR BANDANA compilation (the first 5 years)

Please don't hire us as your pr dudes otherwise you seriously riski that the latest news goes up once your record is out or your megafestival is a already good (bad) memory for those who were there smashing the stage, singing along, moshing and partying in the crowd.
This news was planned to go up before the 5th edition of "Wear Your Bandana" Fest took place but that was actually on July the 5th and, see, we're definitely way too late. Well, whether you were not just the average hipster who would have perhaps checked out this year fest and then forget about it hopefully next year around this time there will the 6th edition. So, gear up with the 42-band compilation titled "Wear Your Bandana (the first five years)" featuring all bands that played the 5 editions 

Stream and dowload it for off this link

Saturday, July 12, 2014

ANTI-FLAG celebrates the 20 years milestone documenting their ages of dissent through Fat Wreck Chords

During the interview we did to ANTI-FLAG's Pat I couldn't miss the chance to talk about their 20 years stint as a punk band. Anti-Flag earned their spot in the punk hardcore history of the end of XX's century; a history that goes on to these days and has still to draw to a close.

Fat Wreck Chords recently announced that they'll be releasing a celebrative compilation called "Documents of Dissent: 1993-2013".
Read on the official press and watch to a promo clip for this release...

Friday, July 11, 2014

PAYBACK salutano tutti

Roma based PAYBACK crossed the finish line of their adventure as a band and decided to call it a day
after forming some 13 years ago and releasing their latest full-length "Usque Ad Finem" on Indelirium records in 2011.
Read on the farewell word the guys posted on their fb...

After 13 years of punk-hc, we finally decided to split.
It's getting harder and harder for all of us to follow this band with respect and dedication it deserves.
We played so many shows, doing our best, it didn't matter if we were playing in front of 5 or 5000 people. We had the chance to meet so many good kids, true friends, who helped us out booking shows, feeding us or giving us a place to sleep. We saw so many places, maybe we could never visit. We had fun and we hope you had too.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

DARKEST HOUR new long waited album out on 5th August 2014 via Sumerian

A piece of news I've been waiting with much anticipation. DARKEST HOUR has confirmed the release date
for the new self-titled album and follow-up to "The Human Romance" which dates 2011.
The five-some has pretty much spent the last three years touring and playing festivals like there wasn't gonna be tomorrow and has seen some important changes among their ranks as well as the move to a new label after signing with Sumerian records.

DARKEST HOUR's much anticipated, self-titled eighth full-length album is the Washington, DC-based band's first for new label Sumerian Records. It showcases each individual pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone implementing more clean vocals with expanded dynamic melodies rooted firmly in thrash metal with bombastic shredding guitar solos. This new offering is soon to be yet another benchmark in heavy metal history as it's years ahead of its time.

Listen here to the very first song the dudes posted on the net. It's called "Wasteland". The song shows to me some unexpected influences a la Soilwork produced by Devin Townsend (more audible than on the records DH did with him) and features a Dimebag inspired solo. Can't wait for the full shit to get in for review

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ATREYU are back on track

Love them or hate'em but So-Cal's ATREYU (I can still picture in my mind one of the days I was going through new bands and this curious novel inspired name came up) made it to stand out the metalcore mob throwing punches in the mid '00 and release at least a couple of records that had definitively some value to them and got more than a few heads turn and hearts bleed (this is so emo, shame).
Atreyu are back 10 years since "The Curse" and after announcing in 2011 their will to take an indefinite hiatus, read on the official press...

Southern California’s titans of metal, Atreyu, have risen from the self-imposed hiatus they embarked upon in 2011. The reunited lineup, featuring vocalist Alex Varkatzas, drummer Brandon Saller, guitarists Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel and bassist Marc Mcknight, will return to the stage for the first time in three years for an exclusive mainstage performance at AFTERSHOCK 2014 festival on September 14th in Sacramento, CA.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


X-STATE RIDE Self Titled (CD)

by marcs77

You look at the cover artwork, inner photos (picturing views of NYC) and listen to the fast angry punk hardcore contaminated with ample doses of fine melody and metal prowess and perhaps find yourself thinking X-STATE RIDE is a band hailing from the U.S.A. How could you be more wrong?
X-STATE RIDE is a 100% Italian outfit, around since 2001 and with other two lengthy works under their belt, and with this third self-titled outing they're back to prove, if necessary, that the lesson of the likes of Propagandhi, Strung Out, Belvedere or RKL taught to the hardcore punk scene won't be easily watered down, and particularly that burning need to speak out and take a socio-political stand the Canadians never hold them back to make it a staple of their delivery.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DOMINATION joins Innerstrength records

This one is about the latest act that joined the Innerstrength records ranks...

Innerstrength Records is pleased to announce the addition of San Jose, CA based DOMINATION for the release of "Bonded by Misery".
Forming in 2010 the band has completed several tours of the US with the likes of No Zodiac, Lionheart, Havenside, CDC, Merauder and others. They also did a tour of Japan with Loyal To The Grave.

The band has a previous release "Realty is Hell" on West Coast Worldwide Records. They have completed work on "Bonded by Misery" and are set to record at Castle Ultimate for a October release.

Domination comments on this achievement: so we would like to announce that we have joined the Innerstrength Records family! We will be releasing our new EP, "Bonded By Misery" with them in October of this year. We are excited to be a part of a label with such talented bands and some of our friends. Lots of new things are in the works! DHC 2014

A demo track "Poisoned Minds" is available here Domination - "Poisoned Minds" *NEW SONG*

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

REWARD's 'Painted Desperation' EP out now on Mutant League Records; Band Premiering New Video

You'll never feel too old to listen to some sounds...

Philly punk/emo rock outfit REWARD released their new
EP "Painted Desperation" today via Chicago-based Mutant League Records.

The band's new music video for the track "Hooked" (the closing track of the 5-song EP) is also premiering today. 

The video was was directed by Dan Centrone (Balance and Composure, Mayday Parade) and can be viewed here.

Monday, June 23, 2014

ONLY CRIME are back to Europe to tour "Persuance"

"Persuance" is the title of the new full-length album ONLY CRIME released last May via Rise records.
The band featuring Good Riddance singer Russ Rankin, Bane guitarist Aaron Dalbec and drummer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, All, Black Flag) has taken some seven years to get the follow up to their previous effort "Virulence" see the light of the day and now announces that they will be touring Europe on this record in July sharing the stage with Austria's Astpai.
So it's just a matter of days and you guys'll get your chance to catch them up on stage.

The tours kicks off on July the 6th in Scotland to end in Poland on 20th July 2014.

Follows the list of the dates confirmed:

Sunday, June 22, 2014

MISERY SIGNALS Malice X, 10 year anniversary tour feat. original line-up

A piece of news USA's MISERY SIGNALS followers will be happy to file under the "good news" folder. It's still unknown whether the pioneers of the more angular, complex yet melodic metalcore will be following up the US tour with an Euro stint. Let's keep fingers crossed...

Milwaukee metal band Misery Signals created quite a frenzy last week when they announced via social media that they would be hitting the road with their original line-up to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their acclaimed debut album Of Malice and The Magnum Heart.

Watch the Tour Teaser Video here:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

DESOLATED sign with Siege Of Amida / Century Media Records

UK hardcore heavyweights DESOLATED have inked a multiple album deal with Siege Of Amida / Century
Media Records for the world excluding the USA.

The band’s official statement for the signing went as follows:

'It's rad to have a label that actually understands what we want to do when it comes to our next record; I like the people that run it and support what they are doing. Our new record will be out next year via Century/Siege and it will be the heaviest record we have ever done. Peace and love' Richy - Desolated

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

THOSE WHO FEAR new album "Death Sentence" out on June 24, 2014

Facedown records' bruisers THOSE WHO FEAR will be dropping their sophomore full-length record "Death Sentence" in a few days, on June the 24th.
The new album follows-up to last year's "Unholy Anger" and Facedown press dudes introduce it with the following words:

Those Who Fear are back with their sophomore album “Death Sentence”, and the follow-up to 2013’s “Unholy Anger” is more furious than ever. After exploring the darker side of faith and ideology on their debut full length, Those Who Fear have allowed themselves to give voice to weighty personal and societal issues on “Death Sentence”. The new album bursts forth with a more aggressive interpretation of the east coast hardcore sound we’ve come to expect from TWF, while offering a new musical range thanks to the addition of new drummer Jacob Wilder and the return of engineer Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome.

Watch here the lyric video for the song "Bruised"