Saturday, March 29, 2014

MUD reveals the title for their new album

Teramo, Italy residents hardcore punk quintet MUD has recently announced the title for their brand new album and follow-up to 2011's "Violence Against Violence" (which we reviewed in our zine).
No release date has been set yet but consider that it will be a DIY production/distribution thing. The band posted the following words about "From The Bottom" on their fb... 

And finally here we are with some foretaste! The title of our new album is "FROM THE BOTTOM" (intentional tribute to Lou X).

BAD COP/BAD COP "Boss Lady" 7" out on Fat Wreck chords

We just got a 7" record for review by all-famale punkrock bitches BAD COP/BAD COP (the bitches bit comes off their fb where they define themeselves rock n roll bitches.)
The record entitled "Boss Lady" is out on Fat Wreck Chords on April the 1st 2014 (and it's not an April's fool).

“Shove your labels / we’ll flip your tables / and we won’t apologize / for causing a scene.” – Bad Cop/Bad Cop, My Life

The lyric above is essentially a mission statement for Bad Cop/Bad Cop, who prove that the best way to battle sexist stereotypes about women in bands is to play well, and to play hard.
With catchy hooks, three part harmonies, and a drummer who fires her ‘guns’ harder than most of her male compatriots, Bad Cop/Bad Cop bring to mind the ‘90s heyday of chicks who actually rocked, from the snarl of The Distillers and synchronized vocals of Dance Hall Crashers to the guitar prowess of The Muffs and wry lyrics of Lunachicks.

Friday, March 28, 2014

IN HEARTS WAKE announces new album and debut video

A band we shouldn't be featuring just because of the hipster-mustache one of the two guitar guys is sporting,
that really sucks man...

Australian metal / hardcore outfit IN HEARTS WAKE will release their second album "Earthwalker" via UNFD on May 2, 2014.
In an effort to counteract the effect global warming is having on Australia’s natural flora and fauna, In Hearts Wake have joined forces with Carbon Neutral – a carbon solutions provider and bio-diverse reforestation developer that helps organisations and individuals minimize their impact on the environment by measuring, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. The ongoing partnership between In Hearts Wake and Carbon Neutral has allowed the band to officially reach Green Supporter status through their efforts in planting native trees in the lead-up to the release of "Earthwalker".

Sunday, March 23, 2014

PANTERA's "Far Beyond Driven" 20 years and a few days later...

Not sure it's me only that somehow got out of the loop but I kinda expected to get to read tons of
celebratory blog entries, fb posts, tweets about that groundbreaking chart-crasher that has been Pantera (mark #2)'s fourth full-length record entitled "Far Beyond Driven". I didn't see any but, again, it can be me.
Twenty years a few days ago (March the 15th 1994) the metalmongers from Arlington, TX released their heaviest, groovier and brutal effort to that day -they possibly took the dirt and grime and blackness a full notch up with the 1996's follow-up "The Great Southern Trendkill".
I well remember Vinnie Paul (drums) during the interviews plugging this record with just one word "ABRASIVE". The guy kept going on and on...and it wasn't because he was suffering of lack of better terms to best describe their new soon-to-be-a-landmark album but in hindsight he could not pick a word as truly fitting as this, yeah "abrasive"!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

To React records signs FIGHTCAST

This post is about the nebie among the To React records clan. Italy's FIGHTCAST...

To React Records is proud to announce the signing of Italian melodic metal band Fightcast from Cesena, Italy.
Ten tracks full of rage, impressive riffs with killer vocals. After more than 200 gigs all over Europe opening for
band such as The Haunted, Demon Hunter, Sonic Syndicate, Caliban, Underoath the guys come back with new Record.

The band had this to add: “Fightcast are proud to announce their new partnership with to react records!
We are excited about this new experience and very satisfied about the professional approach the label has showed us so far.
We hope this collaboration will be as lasting and productive as possible. We can't wait to return back on stage and show you our best!”

Friday, March 21, 2014

PRAISE "Lights Went Out" LP out on React! records

For the uninitiated, PRAISE is a melodic hardcore band from Baltimore that pulls heavy influence from 80s
Dischord Record catalog (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty), classic bands like Turning Point and Verbal Assault, and a hint of that classic Northwest Hardcore bite (Champion, Go It Alone). "Lights Went Out" is their debut LP, years in the making (and recorded with Will Yip!), but has proven to be worth the wait. Deep, introspective lyrics combine with thoughtful and layered songwriting make for a record that will be spun for decades to come. If any of the aforementioned bands pique your interest, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by avoiding this record. PRAISE shares members with label mates MINDSET, PEACE and ANGEL DU$T.

MADBALL – begin working on new full-length album, Rebellion Tour #5

Nuclear Blast enlarges its hardcore punk roster with the addition of NYC own hardcore heavy weight
MADBALL. Read on this press item about the band's 8th album to be released mid summer 2014 and the "Rebellion Tour 5" that we'll see MADBALL and their homey label pals Biohazard on tour in Europe...

New York hardcore legends MADBALL have entered the studio to begin work on their 8th full length release, their first since 2010's "Empire".
The band is recording basic tracks with UNEARTH's talented guitarist Ken Susi at System Recordings in Grafton, Massachusetts. Additional recordings will take place at Pinecrust Studios, in Miami, Florida with Jonathan Nuñez at the helm.
The band will hand over mixing duties to acclaimed producer/mixer Chris "Zeuss" Harris (HATEBREED, SOULFLY, AGNOSTIC FRONT), who worked with the band on "Legacy" (2005) and "Infiltrate The System" (2007).
The still untitled album will feature some special guest appearances which are still kept a secret and is slated for a mid summer release.

Commented the band:

GHOSTxSHIP signs with Innerstrength

Innerstrength Records is pleased to announce the addition of GHOSTxSHIP. The band is all set to enter the brick hit house to record their next album “Cold Water Army”. 
 “Cold Water Army” will be released on July 8.
Innerstrength Records will also be releasing another special EP that will be detailed in the coming months. 

GhostxShip had to say...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

FORESEEN interview


by marcs77

Give a glance to the cover artwork imagery, look at the band logo and let the music of this band kick in. What would your very first thought be? Man, have I been despatched back in the midst of the 80's hardcore-punk and thrash metal scene or during the early 90's death metal days? Sure that's not really the case but those trade marks, straight off a period where DIY was not just some ethic to stick to but indeed was something out of necessity propelled by tons of real passion, are all there. The feel, if you can figure out what I'm blabbing about, the black&white roughly sketched illustrations, handwritten lettering, those unparalleled handcrafted band logos (nothing that could be compared to the pick-this-or-that-by-the-number-grunge-font we're massively trusting upon these days).
Thrash-HC-crossover-ist FORESEEN isn't an obscure band from that era surfacing from the dusty grounds to try and grab what they failed to catch in the heydays of the genre but these dudes from Helsinki, Finland formed in recent times, 2009.
They have three recordings under their collective belt, namely their self-titled debut tape dated 2010, a 7” split with Upright which dated 2011 and another 7” entitled “Structural Oppression” -6 tracks count to all their repertoire thus far (quality and passion over quantity).
Gotanerve-zine caught up via email with the band and the guitar player Erkka replied to our questions.

Friday, March 14, 2014

FORESEEN hits the studio to start recording their debut album

We'll be up with a full-interview about this crossover-thrash band hailing from Finland shortly, meanwhile, riuning part of fresh-exclusive-news-content featured in the piece, FORESEEN announces that they'll be holing themeselves up in the recording studio to work on their debut full-length album -which I'll be personally looking forward to. Here their words...

All right, we are officially hitting the studio in one week to start recording our debut full length LP. We are not giving away any more info at this point, but we'll do official release announcement later. The songs are ready, we are ready, Mårten has been pedalling his bass drums like crazy, Lauri has been dealing with some serpents from the abyss to get more fire into he's leads and Mirko has been hanging out in some dodgy neighbourhoods to get more insight on the moral degradation of the modern youth. Support our LP and buy some shirts. FORESEEN LP 2014, FIRE CANNOT KILL A DRAGON!


Fat Wreck Chords got circulating this news item about the new long waited album from the most-revered-
old-punkrock-farts-playing-in-allages-cover-band ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES.
Their new record is gonna be entitled "Are We Not Men? We Are Diva!" and drops in stores on May 13, 2014. Read on...

DEAD ENDING's "DE III" EP out next month on Bridge9 records

News from DEAD ENDING ranks...

Chicago's Dead Ending can be described as an '80s-influenced hardcore/punk band and includes members of Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Articles of Faith and All Eyes West.
The band boasts two releases already under their collective belt: 2012's self-titled EP and DE II the following year, both released on Alternative Tentacles.
Now, the band is gearing up for the release of "DE III" next month on 15th April.
The EP features guest appearances from punk legends Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) and Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun, the Bomb).

You can listen to the first song, "All the Villains You Call Boss" here or at B9 bandcamp

MXPX announce European/UK tour dates

It's not quite clear off the band webpage what members beside Mike Herrera will be up on stage but Pop-Punk legends MXPX have confirmed a set of European/UK dates.
The European dates will be supported by Kris Roe of The Ataris. Some dates include also Bodyjar, Get Dead and The Murderburgers.
The Bremerton-no-far-from-Seattle based three-man band, around since 1992, are gonna play three dates in Italy alone -this as a way to reward their loyal Italian fans.

Their latest album "Plans Within Plans" was released April 2012 on Flix Records (Cargo Records).

Follows the dates:

Sunday, March 9, 2014

THIS DEPRAVED SOCIETY latest "hot new band to check out"!

We've not updated this page that much but this is certianly not due to the lack of new interesting bands outhere -actually it's the other way around.
Germany's THIS DEPRAVED SOCIETY got it toch with the hope to get featured, and we could not let this band keep living on the shade. Here you are the latest "hot new band to check out".

Bio sent in by the band:

IRON CHIC announce European tour

Got to see a small flyer pasted over the lou door at one of the shows I've recently been to and it was about the Italian stop of the Euro tour that Long Island, NY residents IRON CHIC will be embarking on through 26th April to May the 17th 2014.
Here the official press item from Bridge9 camp...

Iron Chic continue bringing their love to everyone around the world with a European tour scheduled to kick off in late April, including an appearance at Groezrock. Dates below. Don't forget to check out their latest/greatest album, The Constant One, if you haven't already.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

ALL FOR NOTHING packaged a clip for the song "Under A Different Sun"

Anticipating the release of their brand new full-lenght record entitled "What Lies Within Us" (avialable on 18th April via GSR Music) ALL FOR
NOTHING has up on youtube a lyric-clip they put together for the song "Under A Different Sun", running behind the lyrics you'll get to watch in-studio footage as well as some live action from this enrelenting hardtouring quintet based in Rotterdam, The NL.

Watch the video here