Friday, November 30, 2012

GSR music, is wrapping it up?

It really sounds so! Read on the statement posted by Theo, the boss of Dutch hardcore label, on his fb page last night...

Saturday Dec. 1st is our official 13th anniversary. 82 records out; we worked or still work with great bands and awesome people. I never though it would be like this when I signed the first contract with Born From Pain back in 1999, and certainly not that I would have all my personal favorite European bands like Kickback, Knuckledust, Backfire!, Length of Time and Born from Pain with records out on GSR.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

"This Is How The Wind Shifts " is the title of SILVERSTEIN's new album

Burlington, ON Canada's SILVERSTEIN are back with the follow-up to this year "Short Songs", read on...

November 26, 2012 Los Angeles, CA/ Burlington, ON- Hopeless Records and Silverstein are very excited to announce their7th studio full length album "This Is How The Wind Shifts "- a concept album that includes 14 brand new tracks and will be released February 5, 2013.

“The idea of this album is how a persons life can change forever with just one event. It is the "what if" that everyone thinks about from time to time.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Beijing's UNREGENERATE BLOOD debut album coming soon

I must admit I haven't paid much attention to what's going on in the land of the great dragon as far as hardcore music is concerned so getting the chance to know about a band hailing from there it's really cool. UNREGENERATE BLOOD are based out of Beijing, China and according to the little English info available the guys state to be one of the oldest HC around in their city -they should have formed in 2007.
The fivesome has a 10-track album coming out entitled "Breath Live & Fight" that you can stream here in full.

WHITE FIELDS new EP out in December

Coburg/BY, Germany WHITE FIELDS has a new 12" EP coming out next month via Final Exit records.
The 7-track album is entitled "Miles From Home" and marks their third release. It follows-up to this year split with Australia's Perspectives.

On 15th December they are gonna play the record release show with band's close friends in Empty Handed, Blackstone, Client. and DRENCHES at JUZ Domino, Coburg.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

DROWING IN PRECONCEPTION debuted with a selfreleased EP

Wetzlar's Germany based DROWING IN PRECONCEPTION is a young oldschool hardcore foursome that debuted on the scene with a 5-track EP titled "What's Wrong?".
The guys are very rooted in DIY and selfreleased this first effort of which you can check out 2 tracks at their bandcamp.

Friday, November 23, 2012


The German DIY label started out earlier this year just announced that they will call it a day.
They have three official releases out and are gonna  post news on the last releases that they will make available before walking definitely out.

DR001 - HIEROGLYPHS - Consuming The Swarm (Tape - July'12)
DR002 - DROWN IN YOUR BLOOD - Golden Kids Reign The World (CD - August'12)
DR003 - ''Bring Back The Politics'', WOLF x DOWN & TRUE VALIANCE Split (Tape - August'12)

TRUE SPIRIT VOL.#1 tour in May 2013

European hardcore fans will be jumping off cliffs when they know what tour is coming their way in May 2013.
The likes of NO TURNING BACK, STRENGTH APPROACH, RISK IT WORLD EATER and REMPTION DENIED will be together on a tour organized by Stronger Bookings -unfortunately, the tour will not touch Italy.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

WHALES' ISLAND has a new video up

Palermo's melodicore finest WHALES' ISLAND has posted a brand new video for the song "Over The Reef". The track is included in their last 7" EP "Chronicles of Pretenders" and the clip was shot by band's friend and touring buddy Claudio "Stanga" Stanghellini.


Read here about the new adding to  Facedown evergrowing family...

Born and raised in the Pennsylvania Rust Belt, THOSE WHO FEAR are coming out swinging with the blue collar work ethic of their hometown, Pittsburgh, PA staunchly ingrained in them. Their brand of east coast hardcore comes at you like a wall of sound, and Those Who Fear make no apologies for the message behind the music. “The power behind our message is our main drive. Without that we’d be just another band.”

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

February 2013 - SHAI HULUD to deliver their new album

February 2013. A news many of SHAI HULUD's fans were in anxious wait for. Florida's hardcore/metal veterans announced the release dates of the new record. The follow-up to 2007's "Misanthropy Pure" sees NFG's Chad Gilber back on the mic. The singer seated behind the desk as well taking care himself of the production duties.

Shai Hulud's "Reach Beyond the Sun" will be released on February 19th in North America, and February 15th/18th in Europe.

Century Media Records welcomes DEEZ NUTS, new album out in 2013

Australia's hip-hop hardcore DEEZ NUTS signs with Century media and has a new record coming out in 2013.

Century Media Records is delighted to welcome DEEZ NUTS to the family. DEEZ NUTS is the brainchild of JJ Peters and started after his original band (and pioneering Australian metal-core outfit) I Killed The Prom Queen decided to split up in early 2008. Heavily influenced by hardcore and hip-hop styles of music JJ set out to do something different that incorporated both styles of music, thus DEEZ NUTS was born. To date DEEZ NUTS have put out 2 full length albums, one EP and a DVD. During countless tours throughout Europe, USA and their native Australia they have slowly, but steadily recruited a loyal fan-base across the world.

Monday, November 19, 2012

OUR DISHONOR s/t EP and 1-track EP feat.Milo up @ bandcamp

Alicante's (Vega baja) OUR DISHONOR have made available the self-titled EP and an another 1-track EP feat. Dias De Gloria's Milo on their bandcamp profile. Both recordings can be downloaded for free.
The young fivesome is still in their twenties, sings in Spanish and is composed of Xals vocals, Toni (End Of Ouroboros) guitar, Javito (Truths Like Fist) guitar, Alex bass and Victor (End Of Ouroboros/ex-Nervia) on drums.


Got this news from Let It burn...

‎POISON THE BLOOD are fucking dead! As a final farewell they posted this video with footage taken during the last Poison My Blood show ever on October 26, 2012 at De Klinker Club in Aarschot, Belgium.

RIP POISON MY BLOOD: 2006 - 2012

Sick Of It All's Lou Koller endorses BORN ANNOYING

In a recent interview Lou took the chance to endorse a couple of bands on Reaper records...

It's not too often that a veteran band publicly endorses a band just beginning to cut their teeth. Much respect to Lou Koller from Sick Of It All for including BORN ANNOYING in a recent interview for Top 5 Tracks. He also mentions SHEER TERROR from the 7" released by Reaper as well.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

KYLESA, ‘FROM THE VAULTS, VOL. 1′ – Exclusive album stream at

Has announced by Laura during the interview we did in Milan earlier this year KYLESA has been digging through their archives and they’ve come up with the new 12-song set, ‘From the Vaults, Vol. 1,’ which is due this Tuesday (Nov. 20). The band is teaming with  to bring you the exclusive album stream ahead of its release, and we’re happy too to provide this advance listen of the ‘Form the Vaults’ collection.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"This Heart Still Beats" ANCHOR's East Asia tour documentary online tomorrow

Göteborg's ANCHOR are well known among the HC scene to be a bunch of relentless road warriors.
They recently took their shows to East Asia and documented this tour experience with a tour-documentary entitled "This Heart Still Beats" that is gonna be online tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WOLFxDOWN interview

Here below is the interview to WOLFxDOWN a German hardcore band whose last work "RENEGADES" is the evidence they're worth to listen to and follow. Moreover, they're not just playing HC music: if you want someone who's really consistent with what they're professing, then support this straight-edge band who's fighting for a more fair world. Read on what Sven (drums) had to say and see yourself!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

REALITY CHECK new EP out soon

Warszawa's beatdown corers REALITY CHECK are gonna release a 7" EP soon and have posted on their bandcamp page two new tracks that will be included in the record.
The EP will be released by Elephant Skin Records and Last Warning Records.

"Fuck yeah! second track from our upcoming 7" EP is on BC! if you like it! share it!"
"Na BC okładka i nowy kawałek! zapraszamy do słuchania! jeżeli Ci się spodoba podaj dalej linka!"

WITHIN YOUR PAIN the last record up for free download

If you read the news last week you already know that Italian metalcorers WITHIN YOUR PAIN called it a day.
Now as per plans they have made available the last album "Little Stars And Perfect Yellow Keys" for digital download through To React records bandcamp page.
The record is up for free but if you guys wanna do your offer you can do that as well. The guys will be thankful.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


MUD Violence Against Violence (CD)

Born in 2004 as a HC/crossover band rich in metal influences, with their last album VIOLENCE AGAINST VIOLENCE, the Mud complete now their evolution towards New School HC, a process started in 2009 with Slow Degradation.
The new LP by the band from Abruzzo, made of 9 relentless (as the title of the 2nd song suggests) tracks, approaches now NYHC with a sound that really reminds me the first Madball and Agnostic Front. However, it seems like Mud didn’t forget their metal roots and this contributes to build the truly original, genuine ad solid sound which constitutes VAV’s backbone.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Roma's FEAR THE SIRENS joins Indelirium records

Read on about the latest adding to the Indelirium records family...

We're proud to announce that we're officially part of the Indelirium Records family! Our album "the ruins we used to call home" will be released phisically very soon and distributed worldwide soon! so make sure to get your copy! We're announcing news, dates around Italy soon and we're makin sure to tour Europe asap!
Our debut video will be out in December so...lots of news! just stay tuned and enjoy what we're preparing for you!!!

PENNYWISE reunites with Jim Lindberg

Did you get the chance to check out PENNYWISE fronted by Ignition's Zoli? I din't but I really can't picture  Pennywise without Jim.
Well, good news!, after the Ermosa Beach based combo was forced to cancel dates here in Europe due to Zoli's back-pain issues and switch themselves on standby-mode until the singer fully recovered Pennywise recently released a pretty surprising announcement saying that Jim Lindberg is back on board. Read on the full statement.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

THE STORY CHANGES to hit the studio next week

Dayton, Ohio's THE STORY CHANGES has some news for you...

"News! We are entering the studio next week to start recording our new album.

After laying low from touring and playing shows for a large chunk of this year to work on writing a new album’s worth of songs, we are happy to announce that we
are entering the studio next week to start recording a new album! Expect more info, updates, and photos from the entire process as we go along.

We are extremely excited for you to hear the new songs that we have been working on. We hope you are excited to hear them!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Esto Es Sudamerica" xNUEVA ETICAx DVD out

Veteran vegan sXe moshcore combo xNUEVA ETICAx from Buenos Aires, Argentina has a new DVD entitled "Esto Es Sudamerica" out through Seven Eight Life recordings.
The band started out in 1998 and has out four full-length records “Momento de la verdad” released in 1999, "La venganza de los justos" dated 2001, "Inquebrantable" dated 2004 and latest effort "3L1T3" released in 2008.
Together with the likes of Brazil's Confronto, Chile's Asunto (a couple of names that come to mind) the six-piece kept struggling to keep the Sud America hardcore scene alive bringing about their messages pro human and animals liberation.

WITHIN YOUR PAIN to play farewell show on Dec. the 8th

Italy's hardcore metal combo WITHIN YOUR PAIN recently announced that they won't be a band anymore after 5 years together, two full-length albums, two EPs and their fair share of Italian and European gigs.
In a statement (read below -Italian only) posted on their FB page the guys point out that the break up happened on amicable terms and that it was basically about the right time to give this project an end.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

MXPX "Aces Up" video

Bremerton, WA pop punkers MXPX shot a video for "Aces Up", their second single from "Plans Within Plans" (released on Flix Records / Cargo in Europe).

The song "Aces Up" is also included the new split 7" MXPX released with their label and Swiss tour mates in Cancer.
The colored vinyl record is limited to 300 copies and is still available in record store and through the Flix Records.

The guys had to say about this clip:
"Did you see our new video yet? This was such a fun video to make.. SO DIY and our budget was probably less than $500!!!"

Watch the video here

NO SECOND CHANCE began recording of their new album

London's beatdown hardcorers NO SECOND CHANCE just entered in the studio to record the follow-up to "Never Ending Fear" -their debut out last year via Goodlife recordings.
No date yet has been set for the release of the new record.

BEDTIME FOR CHARLIE Euro tour kicks off tomorrow

Roma's melodic hardcore four-piece BEDTIME FOR CHARLIE is gonna hit the road and take their van across Europe for one week -the small tour kicks off tomorrow ends in Leipzig on Nov. the 10th. 
“Bright Light City Skyline” is the latest work out, on No Reason Records and Fond of Life Records, from these guys who already released two other full-lenght records and an EP over the past 11 years Bedtime For Charlie has been around.

They shot a video, produced by Pitivision and the band, for the song "The Snake" that and you can watch it here.

The Italian melodicore is still alive and kicking so go out and check'em out.

Friday, November 2, 2012

LIVING SACRIFICE One night only reunion show: Stavesacre, Living Sacrifice, Puller, Ghoti Hook, and Everdown

Started as a facebook prank thing the 5-band reunion show has been confirmed to be happening for real on Saturday April 13th 2013 in Dallas, Texas.
And Little Rock, Arkansas Christian metallers LIVING SACRIFICE are confirmed to appear on the bill of Family reunion show.

ITALIAN PUNK-HARDCORE 1980-1989 the movie out soon

As kinda of follow-up/completion to the book "DRITTI CONTRO UN MURO" (straight-headed against a wall) -out in 2013- is gonna release a video documentary, on DVD format, about the Italian punk-hardcore scene of the 80's.
The movie, subtitled in English, will offer an insight of what went on among the scene in the years between 1980 and 1989.

LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAYS Russia/Ukraina tour kicks off on Nov. 4th

Alessandria, Italy based pop-punk ensemble LAST DAY BEFORE HOLIDAYS are packing their stuff and gearing up for the upcoming Russia/Ukraina tour that kicks off in Moskow @ Blur Cafe on Nov. the 4th.
The foursome will be on the road with Dance!NoThanks to further support the release of their sophomore record "THE WAY OUT"