Sunday, June 17, 2018

Now streaming: France's HC punk RISE UP s/t EP

We're now streaming this 5-track EP from Bourg-en-Bresse, France's based RISE UP.
There's little no info about this band but they play some old-schoolish hardcore punk that you may wanna check out!

Stream here the EP BANDCAMP

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Roma's hardcore TEMPEST (feat. ex TO KILL member) to release their debut 7" on Resist records

Australia's Resist records is going to release the debut 7" from Roma's hardcore TEMPEST, which will be out on
June 22nd, 2018.
The EP was recorded in Roma at Hell Smell studios.
TEMPEST is a band born out of the desire of five people, coming from backgrounds in activism, art and education, to use music as a tool in the fight against the destruction of our world. This band is the result of a combined love for music, animals and the environment that all members share.
Most of the band met through volunteering with the marine conservation organisation, Sea Shepherd, with the first Tempest riffs written aboard a ship amidst the waves, while campaigning to protect the oceans. Tempest's sound is the result of many combined influences.
From 90's bands such as Earth Crisis, Trial and Indecision as well as more modern influences like Bane, Incendiary and Stick To Your Guns.
With members originating from all corners of the globe, and from bands such as Undying, To Kill, and Meatlocker, Tempest draws on the past to create a new sound.

As a preview of the record the label released a clip for the song "Another Day To Live" that you can listen to here or on YOUTUBE

PASS AWAY (feat. members of I Am The Avalanche and Crime In Stereo) released new LP 'The Hell I've Always Seen' on May 25

Brooklyn, NY's punks PASS AWAY released on May 25th, 2018 their third outing entitled "The Hell
I've Always Seen" on Suburbia records.
The trio started as an idea between Mike Ireland and Kellen Robson of I Am The Avalanche and Eric Fairchild of Crime In Stereo.
The guys wanted to do a band that was strictly for fun and a total escape from daily work life and stresses.
A common love for 90s West Coast punk and the Replacements was the main influence for the first 2 EPs. 'Hey Death' was released in 2015 on Black Numbers and was well-received. Lots of shows and even more writing followed. The 'Sink Your Hooks In' EP came next in 2016 and offered a more dynamic shift in songwriting and more balanced sound within the band.

You can now stream the full record here or on bandcamp LINK HERE

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

MAD CADDIES "Punk Rocksteady" out June 15, tour dates 2018

News flash…we have a new MAD CADDIES album!

Rumors have been flying for the past few months, but today we can finally reveal the details of what Fat Mike and the band have been collaborating on. Mike wanted to put a reggae spin on some classic punk songs, so he enlisted the help of the Caddies, and Punk Rocksteady was born. The album features 12 classic punk songs, completely reimagined with a reggae strut! No joke… this album would even have Bob Marley jammin’ to standards from the likes of Bad Religion, The Misfits, and Descendents. It’s not due out until June 15th, but don’t you worry. Brooklyn Vegan is premiering Mad Caddies’ rendition of Green Day’s“She.” 

Listen to it also here and on youtube

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Streaming: Sweden CONSUMED IDENTITY 2018's demo

We're streaming a demo from Gothenburg, Sweden CONSUMED IDENTITY.
The band sees Robin from Disavow on guitars and vocals.

Stream the 2018 demo here or here