Saturday, September 30, 2017

THOUSAND OAKS record cover of Game Of Thrones theme, split with Too Close To See out in December

THOUSAND OAKS started out in Roma, Italy in 2015 after long-running skate punkers Jet Market called it a day.
The quartet has a split, with Japan's longtime friends Too Close To See, titled "Memories And Milestones" out through Milestone Sounds on December the 20th 2017.

They have recorded a skatepunk cover rendering of Game Of Thrones' theme that you can listen to here  -they're kinda The Raphsody of skatepunk here, right?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sweden's SET BEFORE US has a music video up for the song "Earth Destroyer"

These metalcore Swedes from Stockholm reached out to inform early this year they have shot an official music video for the song "Earth Destroyer" which is featured on the band's second EP titled "Enigmas".
SET BEFORE US, formed in 2012 in the suburbia of Sweden's capital city are currently holed up in the studio for the recordings of their third release and debut full-length.
With this five-some we're not really into uncharted waters but the dudes deliver some solid melodic metalcore as it should be played and without the superclean vocals, frills and lot of electronic shit newer bands throw in the mix. Did we say the Swedish melodic death metal hints sound more SWEDISH here than what you hear in other metalcore music?

Watch now the video for the song "Earth Destroyer" and stream the EP in its entirety off their bandcamp


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oldies but always goodies: LIFE OF AGONY "This Time"

Got first introduced to this band thanks to a show aired in the 90's on the late Video Music channel and titled INDIES.
Attilio Grilloni, the host, was using big words to present this hot new band from Brooklyn, New York named LIFE OF AGONY and debuting on Roadrunner records with the album "River Runs Red". When the video of the song "This Time" kicked off...baam! How couldn't the host be more right about LOA?
Their music just blew me away big time -that break at around 1:24 to 1:38 and the song speeding up into the 1st chorus "You said, "I've got time"But you ain't got time for me" is just freaking awesome. The best mix ever of heavy doomy metal and melodic hardcore.

Watch the video for "This Time" and discover more on this band if you're newby to the 90's so called alternative metal scene


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Los Angeles' TOTAL CHAOS "Street Punx" official video

Punk veterans and legends in their own right, after 28 years of punk rock sweat, blood and chaos, TOTAL CHAOS released a new 4-song 7" last July the 21st and toured Europe extensively over the summer.
The new EP is titled "Street Punx".
The band has shot an official video for the title track up on youtube.

Watch the video now


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Now streaming: "Annoying Truths For Humanity" split

We're now streaming a split titled "Annoying Truths For Humanity" shared by Northxwest Greece's PSYCOREPATHS and São Paulo, Brazil's UNDERGUST.

4-track each of mean straight forward metallic and crossover-istic hardcore with lyrical contents worth listening to and thinking about.
No idea whether this record is gonna be released physically but it's now up on band's bandcamp pages.

Stream and download "Annoying Truths For Humanity" here and support these bands

Sunday, September 10, 2017

France's post-metal STONEBIRDS unveil pre-apocalyptic new song "Animals"

The post-metal soundtrack for those wanting to slow-down, seat-back and relax while reflecting on time and life in general... summer is dead, summer is gone!

Enter the eye of the storm with post-metal trio STONEBIRDS and their new song "Animals", streaming now on The -but we wanted to have you the chance to stream it on GAN as well.
Their second full-length, titled "Time", is due out on October the 20th.
Qualified as "55 minutes’ worth of progressive heavygaze fluidity" by The Obelisk, new album "Time"confirms the unique, juggernaut brand of post-metal matured on STONEBIRDS' Pink Tank Records debut "Into The Fog...", and their ability to write deeply emotional and complex songs.
Once again recorded at Kerwax Studio, the atmospheres on the album get considerably heavier and darker, while relying on spine-chilling atmospheric climaxes. Living up to expectations rose by their debut effort, STONEBIRDS deliver an ambitious, pre-apocalypse worthy full-length that establishes them as a singular voice in the heavy music landscape.

Stream here the song "Animals" in its 8-minute+ entirety

GBH new album out in November - the music video for the title track "Momentum" is up

Hey! UK's GBH has a new record comin' out this November the 17th on Hellcat records.
The title track doesn't disappoint, I mean it's GBH-ish, perhaps, a bit polished (definitely sounding tight and good), but we're in 2017, right? Do you still wish the band to sound as rancid as back in the 80's?

Brazil's QUESTIONS "Lutar" video up now

Sao Paulo's QUESTIONS have a video up for the very first song sung in their own language -Portuguese.
Perhaps, it's hard or immpossible for you to understand the lyrics but the song truly kicks  some arses.

Watch  the video here

Saturday, September 9, 2017

DARKEST HOUR Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and a Half - A Thrashography Sequel!

Fresh off the release of their ninth full-length record "Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora"
Washington D.C.'s DARKEST HOUR, the dudes, released online (it's up since June so surely the die-hard fans will have watched it repeated times) the documentary "Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and a Half - A Thrashography Sequel!" -out also on DVD as "Party Scars and Prison Bars Two and a Half: Live - Undoing Ruin (DVD, 2017)".
The 36 minutes running video has been put together to capture the band while on tour and the stage during their 2015's brief celebrative Unduing Ruin tour for the 20th anniversary that, after seven dates, drew the curtain in their hometown at The Black Cat.

Watch here the video and don't miss the full-concert video of the gig they played at The Black Cat

Amsterdam's JAYA THE CAT announce new album "A Good Day For The Damned"

Never heard of this band until today but they are worth your attention...

Amsterdam-based Drunk-Reggae-Punks, JAYA THE CAT are back with their new album, 'A Good Day For The Damned' - Set for a November 17th release through Bomber Music.
Having finally taken a break from a relentless touring schedule through clubs and festivals all across the world, which have propelled Jaya The Cat to the forefront of the European punk rock scene, the band recently spent a month in Berlin’s Studio Wong recording their fifth album, 'A Good Day For The Damned'.

"We hope to have created something people can connect to." says vocalist Geoff Lagadec. "It's pretty eclectic, just a bunch of stories in different styles. We keep trying to evolve, yet stay grounded in a punk/reggae aesthetic."

Watch here the video for the song "Sweet Eurotrash"

"Sweet Eurotrash is a story about a night of sin, madness and questionable life decisions made in bathroom stalls, ...of overzealous hotel maids and unreasonably early check out times." -Jaya The Cat

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gothenburg's DISAVOW to release debut 7" on Epidemic records

Formed at some point in 2016 and with a demo under their on about these Swedes which are going to become a force to reckoned with among the hardcore punk scene.

Epidemic Records welcomes Disavow from Sweden to its family!
The band, based in Gothenburg, has previously released a demo and started touring across Europe right away after that. This new release is a 7” called “Half Empty” -six tracks of pure hardcore fury with no compromise, harsh, angry and dark, but still as sharp as a razor blade.
DISAVOW features current members and former members Anchor, Gust, Murderofcrows, Oak and Painted Wolves.

Watch here the official video clip for the 7" title track