Saturday, September 9, 2017

Amsterdam's JAYA THE CAT announce new album "A Good Day For The Damned"

Never heard of this band until today but they are worth your attention...

Amsterdam-based Drunk-Reggae-Punks, JAYA THE CAT are back with their new album, 'A Good Day For The Damned' - Set for a November 17th release through Bomber Music.
Having finally taken a break from a relentless touring schedule through clubs and festivals all across the world, which have propelled Jaya The Cat to the forefront of the European punk rock scene, the band recently spent a month in Berlin’s Studio Wong recording their fifth album, 'A Good Day For The Damned'.

"We hope to have created something people can connect to." says vocalist Geoff Lagadec. "It's pretty eclectic, just a bunch of stories in different styles. We keep trying to evolve, yet stay grounded in a punk/reggae aesthetic."

Watch here the video for the song "Sweet Eurotrash"

"Sweet Eurotrash is a story about a night of sin, madness and questionable life decisions made in bathroom stalls, ...of overzealous hotel maids and unreasonably early check out times." -Jaya The Cat

A bit of background history...

Originating in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998, Jaya the Cat promptly relocated to Amsterdam, Netherlands after their first European tour. With a crew of diverse and international musicians, they continue perfecting the art of making that pure musical cocktail to get you through this night and on to the next - With equal parts reggae, punk, ska, a splash of electronics and a sprig of dub with a shot of whiskey on the side.

'A Good Day For The Damned' is a natural progression of Jaya The Cat's unique and upbeat sound. Winding down city streets and across moonlit beaches, staggering past carnivals and drunken sunrises, come 15 new tales of heartbreak and happiness, political confusion (and who hell isn't confused nowadays with that orange haired maniac running things), existential madness, but in the end, overall optimism.

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