Friday, May 31, 2013

SET ASTRAY debut EP "The Way Of All" out soon

We've not been updating the "Hot New Bands To Check Page" as of late (you know we're very lazy at
times) but if we regularly did SET ASTRAY, from Central Scotland UK, would make a good cut on that spot.
The harccore band debuts their first 4-track EP titled "The Way Of All" which is graced by a stunning horrific artwork in a black & white good ol' school fashion.
The record is out soon on CD on Thanks For Nothing records and a run of tapes will be available through TFN and Icebreaker Records as well (the latter make "The Way Of All" look like a demo coming straight outta the 80's/early 90's).

Stream the whole EP here

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS premiered "What Counts" official video

Germany's A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS recently premiered the official video for the song "What Counts".

The brand new track will be featured on their full-length album entitled "Guerilla Heart" which is scheduled for release on August 23rd 2013 via Redfield records.
The five-some has been around for 10 years and the new effort follows-up to the split "Lifetimes" they shared with then labelmates Maintain in 2011. 

Watch the video here

INTO THE FLOOD - New album "Vices" in stores June 17th 2013, new video to be premiered soon

Seattle metal quintet INTO THE FLOOD has almost completed work on a new video for the title track of their Century Media debut album“Vices” due June 17th in Europe (digital only) and June 11th in the US.
The video was directed by Kyle Bishop and will be premiering soon.

Check out the video teaser:

Monday, May 27, 2013

WOLFxDOWN to release their debut full-length on July 2013

WOLFxDOWN, one among some of the most hardworking and committed European hardcore bands around these days, has recently revealed the cover-artwork (by illustrator Jon MacNair) of their waited debut on the lengthy distance due to be out in July 2013.
The new effort, the third recording from this German band hailing out of  Ruhrpott, is entitled "Stray From The Path" and will be out on Start A Fire Records, Powertrip Records,  Learn To Trust Records and Seven Eight Life Recordings (additionally to the new album the label will re-release "Renegades" 7" in South America as well).

Saturday, May 25, 2013

X-STATE RIDE third full-length out on Indlirium records

Guastalla, Bologna, Italy's melodicore X-STATE RIDE has been around just about more the other Italian punk hardcore bands last (X-State Ride become a band in 2001). After the release of "Against Me", dated 2008 and out via Indelirium records and led by their DIY anima the quartet kept on playing shows, festival and touring Europe to recently enter in the studio for the recordings of their third output.
The new 11-track album is entitled "Home" and is out again on Indelirium records (this release marks the 50th milestone reached by the Sulmona, L'Aquila based label).

Stream the whole record here

L'INTERNO, 2013's Euro tour DIY video

L'INTERNO, melodic punk hardcore five-some from Bologna, Italy, have been recently touring, on their sophomore record "Lay Down Comfort", through Europe (from May the 3rd to May the 11th).
Surely some of you was at their shows and perhaps have been brave enough to step out to just to say "Hi" or have a small chat with the guys.
However, if you missed them they have shot a nice DIY video report entitled "GARISH END AS IN HELL" packing together some fresh memories of this tour.

Watch the video here

Sunday, May 19, 2013


by marcs77

HATEBREED The Divinity Of Purpose (CD)

This is one of the record I've been on quite kinda interesting await-mood for a while when its release date was close and posts + various ads/news were taking over the net channels.
I had left HATEBREED at the times of “Supremacy” (Roadrunner - 2006) and after that I had just listened to the random songs here and there (not a loyal behaviour, right?).
Then, what actually triggered all this anticipation on the new album from Bridgeport, New Heven based metallic hardcore heavy weights? Was I waiting for a modern variant of Hatebreed highly roadtested trade-mark hardcore (read about the Celtic Frost hardcore thing)? No really, don't worry, I didn't and I'm not spending all these words to say they actually did either.
“THE DIVINITY OF PURPOSE” is 100% Hatebreed

Saturday, May 18, 2013

THE HOOKERS + EL CAMARO Milan's show report

Low-class whores chew high-grade metal- HC

by michela a.

It can be hard to step out of one of the Hookers’ shows completely uninjured. 'Cause these low-class-escorts of "heavy metal thunder from Kentucky” have been on stage since the mid '90s and are still terrorizing audiences all around the World with their raw, rude and supreme hc-metal cocktail Molotov. And the same they did last Saturday at LO-FI, in Milan, while sharing the stage with El Camaro from the Netherlands and the Clamps and Razorboy Hate Rock from Italy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

NOOSE "The Moral Law" just released on REACT! records

Chicago's NOOSE is really all bout angst ridden crusty produced vegan straight edge hardcore punk and
React! records just released a collection of all their stuff recorded since day one. 

The Chicago Vegan Straight Edge returns to REACT! Records, this time to take a moment, pause and look back upon the twisted path of shocked, offended and alienated witnesses left in their wake. Compiling “It’s Your Time” (REACT!), “The War of All Against All” (REACT!), “Depraved Indifference” (REFUSE) and obscure compilation tracks, THE MORAL LAW is the definitive collection of NOOSE’s recorded output to date. 20 tracks of vegan fueled, hate-filled philosophical rants you probably strongly disagree with or at least feel uncomfortable admitting to in public… cruelty-free (for the animals, at least).

Saturday, May 11, 2013

BULLET TREATMENT “Ex-Breathers” video premiere

BULLET TREATMENT has a new EP out and their record label informs that they have recently premiered a video off this album.

The first ever video for BULLET TREATMENT has just premiered and it is for the title track of their new e.p. “Ex-Breathers”.

Orange County, California's Bullet Treatment is one of one punk rock's most unique bands, featuring a revolving door membership with the only constant member being Chuck Dietrich. This version of the band also includes members of VULTURES UNITED, MARIACHI EL BRONX & SOCIAL DISTORTION. Watch for a subsequent video for the song “Sleepwalkers” to be released in the coming weeks as well -Basement records

Watch the video here

ATTRITO are gonna hit the road on May 24th to tour central Europe

"Stand By Your Van" the forthcoming Euro tour of Trento, North Italy based ATTRITO kicks off on May 24th in Cormons, IT to see the guys drive their van further into central Europe.
The tour is scheduled to finish on June the 9th but as we write this piece there are some dates that still need to be booked -your help would be greatly appreciated.

The foursome has a 7" split out with Bologna's Lyon Estates with brand new songs as kinda concept filled of feelings and personal thoughts on 2001's G8 in Genova and those dark days of Italian recent history.

Follows the dated confirmed and those still vacant:

Friday, May 10, 2013


Time ago I got to review "Big Dumb Kids" (GSR Music) the last work from Amsterdam's punks GEWAPEND BETON and today we got to a read a post about their band calling it a day in June and what's gonna be of their band members.

After more than 10 years of existence, Gewapend Beton is approaching its end. As of the 7th of June 2013 the band will be no more.

RYKER’S – Germany’s hardcore legends return; To perform at 20th anniversary of With Full Force festival!

It was really quite a slab of time we haven't heard of this combo around in the '90s -their latest full length "From The Craddle To The Grave" dates 2000. Kassel's RYKER'S are back and reunited for the joy of some older hardcore-metalheads.

After long years of silence, RYKER’S, Germany’s leading old school hardcore outfit and pioneers of the European scene in the 90’s, have announced to be reforming in order to perform a special comeback show at the 20th anniversary of With Full Force festival.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


by marcs77 

Jesse Leach is back and tonight before a pretty full-house show the frontman has showed the Italian kids, sweating out all the way around, how good he is, how missed he was and how his voice matured since those hectic early years with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. But we're not gonna hold longer on this subject because I'm rather sure you already read tons of interviews going very in-depth on every possible shade of this much talked about Jesse's reunion together with his brothers last year.
Before the KSE's gig in Milan at Magazzini Generali we sat down with bass player Mike D'Antonio, who his a nice and very passionate dude, and had very fun chat about “Disarm The Descent” the new album released early April via Roadrunner records,

the European tour they're on with Heartist, the intriguing front cover artwork he did and his side career as graphic designer and much more.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

FLUFF13 - FLUFF Fest 2013 incomplete line-up announced

Waiting for this year FLUFF Fest? The 2013's edition is named FLUFF13 HC/PUNK CAMP and the incomplete line-up revealed by the organizers sounds sweat, really!
What has righteously become the no#1 European hardcore-punk takes place on July 26th through July 28th at Rokycany Airfield, Rokycany, Czech Republic.
Follow a list of bands confirmed as we write. These bands will play on 2 stages on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
More bands are gonna be added and further details will be up on their web site and official facebook page. Be on the look out!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

xCOMMITMENTx Records on bandcamp

For those who haven't noticed this yet xCOMMITMENTx records long time running Straight Edge
Hardcore from The Netherlands has opened its own account on bandcamp.
Apart the more recent releases they uploaded almost all records they released since day one (1996) starting with the older one here "The Return Of The X-Men" double 7" going through  "Pride Is Everlasting" EP from Reaching Forward, "Truth Alone Triumphs" by Kids Like Us, "True Spirit" by our friends The Miracle, "Straight To A Point" FPO to the latest 7" vinyl from South Orange County's KID ARMOR -if you missed the news entry on this release go check out their fb for more info and stream the whole album here

Facedown to release new EXTOL album

California's Facedown records has come all the way to Norway to sign and release the new fatigue from
Oslo's metallers EXTOL.

We are beyond excited to announce that we will be releasing the brand new Extol album in North America on June 25! This is the band's first full length since 2005 and is easily the band's finest work to date. And while you are waiting for the record to come out, make sure to check out the brand new song “Open The Gates”.

Zürich's ANODIZER self releases their debut s/t 7"

Just reposting something off FB we think you should check out too...

Raffi and Roman (both formerly of Animal Instinct) have started a new band, ANODIZER, with the two brothers Patric and Dominik (both formerly of Begggars & Gentry) and Chris (formerly of Curb Dogs).

They have released the band's debut 7" by themselves. I am very much impressed how good this record came out. If you like stuff like Swiz or Blast, make sure to check out this new great band from Zürich, Switzerland.