Thursday, May 2, 2013

FLUFF13 - FLUFF Fest 2013 incomplete line-up announced

Waiting for this year FLUFF Fest? The 2013's edition is named FLUFF13 HC/PUNK CAMP and the incomplete line-up revealed by the organizers sounds sweat, really!
What has righteously become the no#1 European hardcore-punk takes place on July 26th through July 28th at Rokycany Airfield, Rokycany, Czech Republic.
Follow a list of bands confirmed as we write. These bands will play on 2 stages on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
More bands are gonna be added and further details will be up on their web site and official facebook page. Be on the look out!
Nothing dramatic, maybe a little more on the Thursday night, more bands maybe, but nothing's confirmed yet. We're still talking to the toilet people about a better cleaning service, with far, far more pissoirs, and a very different washing and water distribution system, putting a fence around the campsite for better camp safety and more people on day/night watch ... and sunny weather!

The open stage! Yes, we tried it last year, loved it, and we're keeping it. Vegetarian Bistro Satyr! Veggie food, that's what it's all about anyway. Remember the seitan kebab and veggie hot dogs from last year? These guys are pro and they will take over the main Fluff kitchen this year! They will make our tofu burgers, pancakes, couscous and add all the stuff we loved from their menu last year. Svoboda zvířat! The local animal rights organisation we've worked with since the very first fest! No stage barriers or stage security! We still don't like stage camping, but we trust you guys will respect that! Our non-music programme, distros, etc.! Remember that the idea of the fest is also to provide space for you and your activities, a lot of stuff is not actually organised by us … and cupcakes!

A-Z line up preview:
Agent Attitude (swe)
Arabrot (nor)
As We Were (us)
Between Earth And Sky (us)
Bernay's Propaganda (mac)
Birds In Row (fra)
The Black Heart Rebellion (bel)
Catharsis (us)
Circle Takes The Square (us)
Citizens Patrol (ned)
Clear View (bra)
Code Orange Kids (us)
Coke Bust (us)
Coliseum (us)
Dangers (us)
Deathrite (ger)
Defiance, Ohio (us)
Die! Die! Die! (ned)
Downfall Of Gaia (ger)
Drom (cze)
En Mi Defensa (chi)
Enough (us)
Esa z lesa (cze)
Full Of Hell (us)
Geraniüm (bel)
Goodtime Boys (uk)
Government Flu (pol)
Gride (cze)
Grinding Halt (ned)
Harm's Way (us)
Hessian (bel)
Holy (ita)
Hounds Of Hate (us)
Kain (aut)
Martyrdod (swe)
Mnmnts (ger)
Mouth Of The Architect (us)
No Guts No Glory (fra)
No Weather Talks (ger)
Nothing (ger)
Oathbreaker (bel)
Overthrown (mal)
Painted Wolves (swe)
Reason To Care (ger)
Remission (chi)
Risk It (ger)
Sectarian Violence (swe)
Sheeva Yoga (cze)
Strike Anywhere (us)
Violant Reaction (uk)
Vitamin X (ned)
We Came Out Like Tigers (uk)
Wolf Down (us)
Xaxaxa (mac)
Xerxes (us)

...more bands to be announced over next few weeks.


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