Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oldies but always goodies: LIFE OF AGONY "This Time"

Got first introduced to this band thanks to a show aired in the 90's on the late Video Music channel and titled INDIES.
Attilio Grilloni, the host, was using big words to present this hot new band from Brooklyn, New York named LIFE OF AGONY and debuting on Roadrunner records with the album "River Runs Red". When the video of the song "This Time" kicked off...baam! How couldn't the host be more right about LOA?
Their music just blew me away big time -that break at around 1:24 to 1:38 and the song speeding up into the 1st chorus "You said, "I've got time"But you ain't got time for me" is just freaking awesome. The best mix ever of heavy doomy metal and melodic hardcore.

Watch the video for "This Time" and discover more on this band if you're newby to the 90's so called alternative metal scene


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