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WOLFxDOWN interview

Here below is the interview to WOLFxDOWN a German hardcore band whose last work "RENEGADES" is the evidence they're worth to listen to and follow. Moreover, they're not just playing HC music: if you want someone who's really consistent with what they're professing, then support this straight-edge band who's fighting for a more fair world. Read on what Sven (drums) had to say and see yourself!

by Roberta P.

You're only born in 2011 but you've already released 2 EP ("Renegades" and "MMXI") and done a well-large European touring. You seem to work very well together! How long have you known each other?

Sven: Ciao! Before we started WOLF DOWN, Merlin, Larissa and me played in another Hardcore band called SINK OR SWIM. Once we were forced to break up we had a struggling search for members to start a new band. After a year we found Tommy, who had left his other band in the meantime and was just available to start something new, so we gave it a shot, just started practicing, wrote the first few songs and recorded the demo.

Two words about the origin of the name of the band WolfXDown.

Sven: eat hastily;)

Wanna talk about your last work "RENEGADES"?

Sven: "Renegades" is our current 7". The title suspects what's behind. We released the record in June and it contains 4 new tracks. We're quiet satisfied with the outcome as the sound is more evolved than on the demo. We got a first pressing of 1000 copies which is almost sold out now but I guess there will be a reprint. You can also download the record for free on our bandcamp or facebook page. The vinyl was released by one of our best friends Danny in Start A Fire Records, and a new dedicated DIY label from Australia called Life.Lair.Regret.Records. The latter is run by young XVX twins doing a good job!

You've also several merch products. Who got the idea of promoting the band in such way?

Sven: Larissa is doing all the graphic work for WOLF DOWN, some stuff she does by her own inspirations, other is just implemented after getting ideas by other bandmembers. We also got a few drawings done by friends. We love doing merch and got a thousand ideas and the requests are high and growing so we keep it going.

Which was the best date you've done until today?

Sven: Oh, I can't really commit to one show, we had a bunch of overwhelming shows.
I firstly remember shows in Hamburg, Berlin, Prague and Bratislava.

What about the Fluff Fest in Czech republic?

Sven: Supernatural.

Which are the straight edge bands who most influenced you?

Sven: Minor Threat, Youth of today, The First Step, True Colors, Gather, Have Heart and Allegiance are just a few bands to mention which inspired and fueled me back then. I'm also grateful for the shared times I experienced with bands I became friends with like FloodXWaters, xIn One Piecex and xCurraheex. They all rest in peace but they're definitely worth being checked out.

Let's talk about the straight edge "philosophy": which is the extent with which you agree with it? Are you all vegan?

Sven: Yes, we're all dedicated to veganism and enjoy a plant based diet for years.
Veganism is somehow an extension of our SXE philosophy, that's right. It matters to us because being Straight Edge means to respect life. Respecting our own life and health and also the life of other individuals where animals are included, because humyns are animals too -mammals; which is why we should correctly speak of "humyn-animals". (Non-humyn-) Animals are individuals with feelings and needs which exist for their own reason. Being Straight Edge means also to take over responsibility for your actions concerning yourself and the world around you. It's taking freedom while giving freedom.
Straight Edge is a tool to get a free and open mind, a clear sight and strong will to achieve your goals and dreams. Our dream is a liberated emancipatory society requiring a sense of justice and equality which implies responsibility towards other living things and ecosystems. Due to the Edge we feel encouraged to make a positive change on this planet, to speak out against injustice and to merely be confident enough to say NO! to something that seems to be wrong.

Last year you refused to go to Edge Fest because Thomas, a promoter, was said to be a nazi symphatizer. He then said you made a rush judgment based on some of his tatoos and that yours was just a "little phony war". To some it could really seem you've been too radical...but, if you don't mind, we really wanna get your view on this?

Sven: No, of course we don't mind. Thomas is not just known as a sympathizer or stupid follower, he's been active in the Netherland's extreme right for a long time, he's been well organized and also played in well known Nazi-bands and also in one of the most popular German Nazi-bands. He emerged as leader of dutch "Combat18", the terrorist and armed wing of the world wide "Blood&Honour" -network. After power fights between the leaders, he got death threats by his comrades and was forced to fall back. So whilst he was forced to drop out of this organizations he proclaims that he dropped out of the Nazi-scene. Considering that he's not left because of changing his mind and still wearing Nazi-merchandise and scene-brands he also listens to such music and surrounds himself with Naziskinheads and old comrades (all facts that were visible on his facebook and approved by locals).
During the outrage we unleashed due to our official cancellation statement it came to several discussions with him, his girlfriend and his fascist friends which showed that his mindset did not change, which should be the foundation for a drop out. As this did not happen and he has in no way obstruct his way back, he just got no status where he deserves a 2nd chance or new start.
That's the fact why we don't made a "rush judgement" but unmasked a fascist infiltrating Hardcore and Straight Edge which is sadly not an individual case. Thomas uses the constant recurring of his anonymity to keep promoting small shows under the name of "true hardcore events", whilst most bands refuse to play, some foolishly (or cluelessly) do. He's also behind the clothing company XLions RoarX with which he is selling some stupid Straight Edge clothes. Where the money goes to is unsure, some assume that it flows to right wing structures like the "Blood&Honour" music movement as him is also known as promoter of Nazi-concerts and events in the Netherlands and Belgium.
What we're facing here is a cheeky Naziasshole of a "third position"-mindset brooding in our scene also willing to bully and menace violence to antagonists.
Get the fuck out!

What about your future? Any Italian dates in your plans?

Sven: We're actually writing new songs for our first 12". Besides that we're booking a winter tour around new years eve and some big plans for 2013 are boiling up. The first festivals are booked, we want to go to Asia, Russia and hopefully South Africa. It's also over a year ago that we've been to Italy so we hopefully manage this as well. Would be great to come back and see our Italian friends again. Especially Gab de la vega and The Smashrooms! Besides these mainland necessities we have an open offer for a Sardinia tour which we really want to do.
So many plans and so little time, it's stressful leisure hehe. If you want to book us in Italy do not hesitate and drop us a line.
Thanks a lot for the interview! Question authority and support the resistance against TAV!

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