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IN.SI.DIA interview

by marcs77

You’re free not to share this view but Italy has had its fair share of good heavy metal bands over the years since the obscure times when the term was invented.
IN.SI.DIA from Brescia, Italia, is a thrash metal band -that’s the scene where they moved the first steps back at end of the 80’s early 90’s- that after reuniting a few years ago, following an indefinite long-standing hiatus, has recently managed to work on and write a bunch of new tunes and hole themselves up into the studio to record and produce the new full-length album “Denso Inganno”.
I’ve been a fan of this band since the early times I was gonna get introduced to the heavier and more underground music and I’d never thought to be here, 20+ years later, and get the chance to interview Manuel (Manny) Merigo, guitar player and founding member of the Italian metal combo, for our webzine.
Let’s read on what Manny had to say to gotanerve-zine and check out their new album, out on Miagliano (BI), Italy based metal imprint Punishment 18 records, if you haven’t yet.

gan: Hey IN.SI.DIA how’s life treating you?

Ok, thanks! We are playing a lot and the new album has been well received by critics and audiences alike! We could not ask for more!

gan: First off, I wanna let you introduce your band to our readers who may not know IN.SI.DIA. You have quite a history…

We formed in 1987 with the name of INVIOLACY and in 1991 we released the demo: "NO COMPROMISES". In 1993, we released our first album "ISTINTO E RABBIA" and, given the choice of singing in Italian, we’ve changed the name of the band to IN.SI.DIA. After an intense live activity, in 1995, we released the second album "GUARDA DENTRO TE". In 1997, the band melted down for musical divergences and inner problems with some members. We reformed in 2014 during the METALITALIA FESTIVAL and, subsequently, the band started off playing numerous live shows around Italy. In November 2016 we entered the studio to record the third album "DENSO INGANNO". The album was released in March 2017 and, at the moment, we are playing live to promote it.

gan: So, last March you have released your third full-length effort titled “Denso Inganno”. After a few months off its release what are your feelings about this record? Wanna talk about the making of process and anything related you think it worth sharing with your fans?

We are really happy to be back on track! Many years have passed since we were loose and now we taste every little thing. We are no longer kids too and this makes us stand grounded. We are doing a lot of dates around Italy and it's great to see people singing to our songs! "DENSO INGANNO" took about a year and a half of pre-production and we went into the studio with clear ideas about the new songs's sound.

gan: It’s passed really a long time since the release of your sophomore album “Guarda Dentro Te” (1994). How your new baby fits among your discography?

I think "DENSO INGANNO" sounds IN.SI.DIA 100%. Of course, with the most modern sounds and up with the times. We did not want to make an album that sounded Thrash old school! We wanted a modern album without altering our style. So, as we see it, "DENSO INGANNO" is the most mature of our albums.

gan: What does the title “Denso Inganno” embodies to you? –I know that whether the readers translate it with the help of online tools they’ll get back something like “Dense Deceit”… And would you mind talking about the lyrics of your songs?

The lyrics are about topics that strike us in a particular way. What we write is our moods ...our state of mind....what we live every day. We are less naive than twenty years ago but the anger remained intact.

gan: I’m always interested in observing every details of a record and trying to understand what’s behind the cover artworks’ concepts. How did you come up with the piece adorning the cover of “Denso Inganno”? And what you wanna convey with it?

The recurring theme in the cover and graphics is the time. The central concept is the idea that time is a deception. You are misled to believe that you have access to it but, in truth, you have to tell yourself that you have never enough of it. A bit like taking a break and realizing that twenty years have passed...

gan: You guys play Thrash Metal. How’s this genre doing? Over the recent years it’s definitely been living a resurgence but, it true, there are loads of new young bands just sticking to the Thrash metal 101. How do you see this?

The Thrash is more alive than ever. The historic bands continue to make excellent albums and the new bands are so many; it’s hard to be able to listen to them all!

gan: What you remember about the time when IN.SI.DIA and Extrema were hailed as the present and future of Italian Metal? Unfortunately, despite of Italian metal's recognized quality and potential to stand up to what came out from US, Germany and Europe it didn’t really break through…

The Heavy Metal was fashionable in those years… METALLICA came out with the "Black Album" and they brought Heavy Metal to the masses! As a result all movement has benefited from this.

gan: What keeps you going after so many years? Can you picture yourselves calling it a day being pro musicians?

Playing is a lifestyle…it's something you feel in. I like making music!

gan: In 2016 lot of historical thrash metal bands had albums out (Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Death Angel, Anthrax to name but a few) and in 2017 Kreator and Overkill hit the stores too. Did you listen to any of these? Any other records you liked and would suggest us to check out? Hot new Italian bands?

All of these bands continue to make some great albums, I have found in "DYSTOPIA" by MEGADETH fantastic! Even the last METALLICA has some great songs. I do not think they can reach the levels of the first 4/5 albums but the album is still nice.

gan: Since the release of your new record you have played quite a few gigs and festivals, especially over this summer. How’s the reaction to the new songs been? And how’s your fanbase made up today?

We have noticed a good reaction from who comes to our shows when we play the new pieces! Many fans who follow us are the historical ones but we also see many guys who could be our children!...absolutely fantastic!

gan: Time to wrap this interview up! Thanks so much for taking some time out to answers our questions. Do you want to add something?

Thank you! Support the Italian Metal, because now it's more than ever enjoying great health!

Watch here the video for the song "Il Mondo Possibile"

Photo credit: Luca Santoro Photographs

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