Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ROSETTA new album out on September 1st

Philadelphia avant-metal band ROSETTA is releasing their 6th studio album, entitled "Utopioid", which is due out digitally on September 1st 2017 through bandcamp -later on classic formats will follow.
"Utopioid" was engineered and mixed by Francisco Botero with assistance from Alexis Berthelot at Studio G, Brooklyn, NY, July-August 2017.
The record was produced by Botero and Rosetta, mastered by Carl Saff with artwork by Jordan Butcher for Studio Workhorse.

You can watch here 3 studio-update video the guys released on their youtube channel for everybody to get some insight about what went on during the recordings:
Rosetta / Utopioid studio update #1 https://youtu.be/8MZIwmLMQ38

Rosetta / Utopioid studio update #2 https://youtu.be/iWHsS7LYrnQ

Rosetta / Utopioid Update #3 https://youtu.be/4SJAZpzi3S4

The band about their new work:

"Composing Utopioid, we were wholly devoted to realizing the concept, disciplining ourselves to let the narrative shape all parts of the album -- not just the lyrics, but everything down to the subtle ways rhythm or effects could alter the mood. We quickly let go of the imperative to write for live performance; although we will play many of these songs live, we felt freedom to explore the furthest reaches of our skills and imaginations." - Eric Jernigan, guitar/vocals

"It's the first album we've made where every single element, top to bottom, was created collaboratively -- each of us has more of ourselves invested in this record than ever before." - Matt Weed, guitar

The cover for Utopioid was made by Jordan Butcher, a longtime friend and also the mind behind the art direction for 2013′s "The Anaesthete".

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