Sunday, July 30, 2017

Venn records newest signing is CHEAP SURGERY, demo '17 out

Some UK based PR checked in to share this bit of news here about a new  young punk hardcore act from Leeds, read on... 

Venn Records has been at the forefront of modern punk, hardcore, emo and everything in between in the UK since its inception five years ago. As a label Venn has been there from the start with bands like Milk Teeth, Marmozets, HECK, Moose Blood and more recently Higher Power, Nervus and Youth Man. Venn's newest signing is a DIY hardcore punk band from Leeds called CHEAP SURGERY.

You can listen to and download the demo for the name your price deal off CS bandcamp. Go here

Cheap Surgery formed in April 2017 and recorded their demo instantly. The demo clocks in at just over 5 minutes and packs one hell of a punch. At times it lends itself to the ferocious yet upbeat side of punk akin to Australian punks Royal Headache and Total Control, other times it leans closer to the sounds of the hardcore world of Latinx Punks, Los Crudos. It's fast, it's fun, it's progressive but most importantly it's hard as fucking nails.

Cheap Surgery's 'Demo 2017' will be out digitally and as a limited edition pink tape on August 25th through Venn Records. Label Partner/Gallows guitarist Lags had a few words to say on the recent signing:

"As soon as we heard the Cheap Surgery demo on Bandcamp we had to get involved. Leeds has always had a progressive scene when it comes to punk and hardcore and this band do not disappoint."


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