Friday, January 25, 2013

THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER to release a 7" single on March the 1st

Let It Burn records just released this press item regarding a 7" single Waghaeusel (Karlsruhe area)'s based THE HAVERBROOK DISASTER are putting out to break down the wait to the upcoming release of the follow-up to last's year split with Demoralizer.

"THE CHOSEN FEW", is the title of the record, which will come out on March the 1st via Let it Burn Records and Acuity.Music.

So here we go, we're kicking the new year off with a very special release: The Haverbrook Disaster "The Chosen Few" Vinyl-7inch and Digital Download. This harbinger of their upcoming full length album includes 2 brand new songs which are by far the best we ever heard from The Haverbrook Disaster SO FAR! On their upcoming album there are quite a few other tracks that can compete with this masterpiece of melodic hardcore so I suggest you keep your eyes on this great band.

"Finally being able to release a piece of vinyl is something we always wanted to do. Being a vinyl fan and collector myself, I (Andy) know the feeling of holding beautiful new black gold in hands. A feeling of nostalgia and euphoria you hardly ever get after buying a CD or some MP3s on iTunes. So releasing the first single of our upcoming album on 7" just felt so right and we want to thank our friends over at Let it Burn Records once again for giving us new opportunities!

Talking about the single, "The Chosen Few" is a very special song, not just because our good friend Jesse from Stick To Your Guns is doing a few bits on it. It really brings the message we want to spread with this album straight to the point. It's a wake up call for people who lost faith and hope in this world. It's an invitation to join "The Chosen Few" to finally CHANGE something. We are more than stoked over hear at the THD camp for you guys to finally here some of our new stuff!"

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