Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Italian's SNIPERDOGS to tour Europe this August

Italian trog'n'roll band (they labelled themselves this way don't blame me hehe...) SNIPERDOGS, who started out in 2008 in Soncino and just released their lenghty effort entitled (guess?) "Trog'n'Roll Rumble" last April -after two EPs and a fair share of gigs under their rock n roll belts. 
With L7's "Smell The Magic" blaring through my PC speakers I just wanna let you know that the guys are gonna pack their wrecked van and hit the road to take their music through Europe this August. They're gonna play Germany, Czech Rep. and Hungary.

Tour Dates:

- 10 August 2012 - 2th Tattoo Convention - Mainz (D)
- 11 August 2012 - Mau Club on Hanse Sail - Rostock (D)
- 12 August 2012 - Cafè Instinkt - St. Peter-Ording (D)
- 14 August 2012 - Klub Strelnice - Kadan (CZ)
- 16 August 2012 - The Rambler - Eindhoven (H)
- 17 August 2012 - Rockkneipe "Jungfer" - Arnstadt (D)
- 18 August 2012 - Flame Diner - Berlin (D)

And a bit of additional info on the band:

The Sniperdogs were born in September of 2008 and, after one year of live shows and their first homonymous EP, they change formation and say goodbye to the ex-singer Mr. Brown in the summer of 2009.
In September they return to live with the new line-up and, after several concerts, they publish in December 2009 the EP "Only two love songs (but good)" and changing the general "sound" of the band, less marked with the "metallic" guitars but more sounds like Rock'n'Roll, especially with the rhythm.
In July 2010 the band found its final formation (almost), with the entrance of the bass player Ale (mug found accidentally one night to pig out in one of the worst kebab of Cremona) and Batta return to the rhythmic guitar.
In September 2011 they released the new EP with two covers, "The Late 70's Revenge", a tribute to the punk of the late 70s.
The year 2012 star with big news...they decide to record their first album, "Trog'n'Roll Rumble", with 11 songs written over a period of 4 years of the band. The pieces range through hard rock to rockabilly to surf , but always maintaining a certain punk line, which is the underlying theme of all the songs. The Sniperdogs like to call our music just "Trog'n'Roll", an attitude rock'n 'roll with a primitive approach, troglodyte, with heart and impact, impulsive both on live and on disc. The album, out in April 2012, is lined with the departure of Ilie from the band for personal reasons (the right hand got stuck in a box of Pringles, in an attempt to take the last, stubborn, fries) and the arrival of Bodo, which replaces the excellent solo guitar Ilie, learning by himself all the songs in less than two months and integrated into the spirit Trog'n'Roll bringing a more pronounced punk attitude.

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