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SUBWASTE interview

Örebro's punks!

Punk rock ensemble SUBWASTE just toured Europe with USA's Stabbed In Back -a fivesome hailing from Albuquerque, NM- but since I really couldn't make it to attend any of the three shows the guys played in Italy, the first plan was to do an email interview to be up before the tour kicked off. You know, things go as they go and this interview was replied by Tobbe (vocals and guitar) only when back home. So, meanwhile the tour is off and the new split that sees Subwaste and Stabbed In Back share the 7” wax is out via Warbird entertainment.
We talked about the tour, the split, the scene in their hometown, Millencolin and much more...

As you'll read here the Örebro Burning Hearts rec. years (the melodic skate punk rock hey days in the mid 90's) are gone and the scene changed a lot but these Swedes, who are the new blood of that scene, entered under my radar when I found in my boxmail their split with Tommy Gustavsson & the Idiots dated 2008 and since then they are definitely a name I'd heartily suggest looking out for to anyone who likes punk rock. So read on what Tobbe replied and support this band.

by marcs77

Hey Tobbe, how's all in life? And where are you now?

Hey Marco, it's all good besides that we're all a bit tired after our tour:) Just got back home to Sweden a couple of days ago and life is slowly starting to get back to normal again!!!

So, being this the first interview with your band I wanna give you guys the chance to tell our readers when you formed, who you are, who play what, your age and what ever you wanna add on SUBWASTE's history so far.

Well, Subwaste was formed in 2005 in our hometown Kumla (20 km outside Örebro) today we all live in Örebro. My name is Tobbe Pettersson (29) and I'm the leadsinger and I play the guitar, my brother Daniel Pettersson (23) plays the bass guitar, Erik Ersson (28) plays the second guitar and Daniel Petri (24) plays the drums. There has been a couple of lineup changes over the years but we're all very happy how it's turned out, none has ever been kicked out of the band, it's just that people get kids and families and don't have the time to play any more, it's just the way life goes.

What are the releases you have out?

The first thing we released was a Mini-CD in 2007 "Straight out of the underground" (Randyarchy Media, a small local label!). Shortly after that release we got in contact with an American record label called Warbird Entertainment and we released a split album with another Swedish band called Tommy Gustavsson & the Idiots, couple of years later we released yet another split on a 7" vinyl, this time with a punk band from St. Louis, (US). Earlier this year we finally released our debut full-length album called “Broken Machine” and as we speak we're releasing a split 7" called “Allies” together with Stabbed in Back from Alburquerque, NM (USA).

Let's talk about your latest work “Broken Machine”. What are your feelings about this album? Do you think it makes justice to Subwaste year 2012?

It's hard to explain, I always look ahead of things, I always have unfinished songs playing in the back of my mind. We recorded “Broken Machine” in late 2010 but it wasn't released until early 2012, “Broken Machine” is definitely a very important milestone in "the history of Subwaste" but I'm always so excited about things to come and I know that we have so much to give. I like alot of songs on “Broken Machine” and some not as much but I think that's just normal, I mean, what's the point of keep on playing music if everything comes out perfect???

Lyrically you draw inspiration from life, the street and everyday struggles. Who's the mind behind these lyrics, and is there one lyric which has a special place in your heart?

I write all the lyrics and they all have a special meaning to me, some more than others of course but I can't say any song in particular. It depends on what mood I'm in... My favorite song to play live is a love song that I wrote way back called "Red lips, red shoes", love that chorus.

I wanted to ask one thing about “Pay In Cash” which is kinda reggae punk number with a slow sad guitar melody that reminds me of the Pixies (“Trompe Le Monde” era). Have you ever listened to Pixies and to that record? What do you think of my comparison?

Haha...I'm sorry but I've never listened to Pixies, I'll have to check it out, sounds promising:)

You toured with Stabbed In Back from USA. Did you know the guys already? How are things going? And what were some of your expectations on this Euro tour

No, we had never met each other in person before but we became like a big crazy family from the moment I picked them up at the airport! We had such a good time together on the European roads and it's definitely not the last time we share a van! One of the things we all looked forward to see on this tour was all the cool cities and to see how the punk scene were in Italy for example. I've never been to Italy before and I was blown away by all the beautiful mountains and beaches!!! We actually slept on the beach after our show in Fermo, I'll never forget waking up that hot sunny morning (I'm sure the American dudes wont forget about it either cuz they all got bitten by sand fleas) we played 3 shows in Italy, the first was with Radio Shakedown in Fermo, the second show with Sexsaints in Rome and here's a picture from our last show in Genova with Jagherbomb.

What's your typical night on tour like?

We arrive too late to the venue, we unload the van faster than the speed of light, play one hell of a show then we all drink and hang out until it's time to sleep (or sometimes don't sleep)

How did you hook up with Drew “Bird” at Warbird Entertaiment, and how's the relationship you have with the man?

We were looking for a label who wanted to put out our music and Warbird Entertainment was actually the first label we got in contact with, the label was just started and we've been working together ever since, my relationship with Drew is really good, we talk over mail usually several times a week, the first time we met for real was last year when I was in the states for The Fest in Florida (awesome punk festival)

When Subwaste is not rocking out, what's your job and such?
Both me and my brother Daniel works at the same warehouse, it's cool, there's usually never any trouble getting time off work to go and play with Subwaste, Daniel the drummer works with computers and Erik is studying at the moment.

You guys hail from the famed Örebro, the home of Swedish punk rock. It's this city really such a hotbed for all punk things ? How's the scene like today? And how you guys were initially received by it?

No, not anymore, I'd say it was more like this in the 90s to early 00s and it had alot to do with Burning Heart Records being located in Örebro. Every kid with a heart beating for punk rock got encouraged to start a band, sooo many bands in Örebro at that time, not so many left of them now though.

Millencolin celebrated their 20th birthday with a festival in Örebro. Do you like this band or are they too pop for you?

I went to that festival, it was cool!!! I think their old stuff is cool but I don't listen too much to their new material. It's good but it's just not my cup of tea.

What are some of the bands you grew up with and those that you find influential to the sound of your band?

When I was like 12 years old I listened nonstop to Green Day, The Offspring, Nirvana... Don't know if any of those bands have anything to do with the way I'm writing songs today, they probably do but I get so much inspiration from everywhere, like now when we got back home from tour, I have like a million ideas in my head.

Who’s your favourite new punk band out there right now?

When I'm at home or driving my forklifter I listen to Off With Their Heads, The Flatliners, Dead To Me, The Explosion, Tragedy and tons of other bands...

So you guys have a split with Stabbed In Back coming out in September via Warbird Entertainment. Are these all new tracks? Mind giving more details?

That's right, it's a 7" split called "Allies" and all the tracks are new, we have two songs each, our songs are "Umbrella" & "Skeleton Key" and Stabbed in Back's songs are "Cave in" & "Parasight"

Last April I saw Cancer live in Milan and Joel was sporting this sleeveless denim jacket with a Subwaste back-patch on it and I caught at other gigs a few others with a t-shirts of yours. How do you feel when you're around and see someone wearing your colours?

I think it's awesome that people are supporting us, makes me feel so proud of what we're doing, at the same time it's also very surrealistic to meet someone at a pub with a Subwaste shirt when you're far away from home

Any final words or shout outs?

ITALY RULES!! we hope we'll get the chance to come back and play more shows soon, don't forget to check out our new split "Allies" w/ Stabbed in Back, STAY PUNK!!! 

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