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MARISOLV interview

by marcs77

Could starting this out mentioning that Germany's (Bad Hersfeld/Gotha based) MARISOLV born out of the ashes of metalcorers Bury My Sins but it would only be pretty reductive to say the least.
The quintet (or old fuckers as Marco says) behind this project are well into in their thirties and have been involved in the hardcore for many years being in bands, releasing records, promoting bands, setting up shows, doing paper fanzines or running webzines and supporting their local HC/Metal scene. You know, all the good things about hardcore punk and DIY; the things that kick ass to all the fashion bullshit.

Formed in 2011 Marisolv didn't loose time and early 2012 they recorded tracks like "Black Water" and "The Simple Sound Of Our Last Days" that went on to be included in their debut 6-track effort out on cassette tape via the new born label Toxic Tape records (label run by Marco Marisolv's voice and some friends).
Marco and Normen replied our questions. Read on what these guys has to say and support this band (we'll hopefully get new stuff this way hehe...).

Hey guys how's all in life?

normen: Live has been good to to us. Both of our guitarists became dads not long ago, we all are healthy, what more can we ask for? (old men you know) ;)

How did you feel being one of the "band to check out" at gotanerve-zine?

normen: Honored, happy, feels good to be here.

Let's start this with a standard. When and where you formed, who play in Marisolv and what have you been up to since band inception?

normen: Formed at a pizzeria called Il Caminetto I think, while talking about the leftovers of Bury my Sins, looking for a new drummer at the same time. So things started to happen.
marco: at the beginning it was Harald, Normen and me. Harald recorded the first songs with the help of a drum-computer, later Christian re-joined us on real drums, and Rolf came as the second guitar player.

You recorded a six-track EP which is up for free download at your bandcamp profile. Wanna talk about these first recordings and how they represent Marisolv?

normen: Doing everything yourself is cheap, but if you consider the huge amount of work it takes to do everything "diy", with pretty much no equipment and almost no background and technical knowledge it still costs a lot of energy. We all were pretty psyched about the results we got from the "Temple of Disharmony" where our good friend Engel was in response for the mastering results!
marco: these songs present our first output, without any live experience, so maybe our sound will change with the time. I think we have lot of possibilities within this band, we just need some time to find it out ;-)

You guys have been many years in the hardcore. In your view how the scene, bands and kids changed over, say the last 15 years?

normen: I think everything became much more versatile, which is good! I don't know if there is still something to be called "the hardcore". Take Marisolv as an example: We are 5 different guys with completely different approaches to Metal Music. Marco is a punkrocker with a good hardcore influence, while Christian is a more Dark, Black and Ambient Metal guy, also with roots in Punkrock and Hardcore. Both of our guitarists are Metalheads, born and raised with Slayer, Metallica and Tool. I think we all love bands like Bad Religion, Machine Head, Kyuss, Life of Agony and Vader maybe :) …just to pick some examples.
marco: doesn’t the scene change all the time? Over all these years? …that’s the way it is, if you like it or not, hahaha...

And what drive you to be still in a band and involved with this scene?

normen: We all love being in the "hardcore scene" and considered as a hardcore act, the places we've been where (and so god will: will be) awesome, the support and friendship were amazing and the best of all: the fans, who make this shit happen in the first place! :)
marco: I like to hang out with my friends and have good time, meet new people, traveling,…and since I don’t play football or party hard in discos I need to play in a band ;-)

The EP is recorded, what's up next for Marisolv? Are you guys looking for a label to release it or are you gonna keep this as a DIY thing?

normen: Only time can tell. At the moment we focus on putting a solid live-set together, for that we need some more songs and still a lot of practice!
marco: yes, that’s true. We never talked about this label stuff because at the moment we’re not able to play live. Personally I don’t know if we need or want that. If someone likes to give us a helping hand, nice, if not …no problem ;-) I really don’t care anymore about that. At the moment DIY works out great, but there is not that much to do ;-)

In your bio you state "named after an exceptional mexican woman". Mind to explain how you did come up with your band name?

marco: classic story, some guys are looking for a bandname, without making a philosophy out of that, and a few days later we heard the story about Marisol Valles, a young woman in Mexico crazy enough to stand up against the drug mafia, after only four month she ran away …it has nothing to do with drugs, violence or running away (I hope so ) the name just sounded good to us, so we decided to call our new band Marisolv …said and done.

I love the cover of this EP (it reminds me the feel of John Constable paintings). Who did come up with the idea behind this artwork and who's the author?

normen: To be honest? I've never heard about John Constable before so hats off to you ;-) After I've seen his paintings I have to admit there are some parallels!
marco: I never heard of John C., I just found this photo (like all photos we use at the moment ) in a gallery of a facebook friend (she runs a zine called, and since we decided to make no big deal about our name or outlook we just said “let’s take this” …said and done again!

In tracks like "Blackwater" and "The Simple Sound Of Our Last days" I hear some more rockish even stoner influences. What are some of the bands that somehow influenced your sound -all other names but Bury My Sins please hehe...

marco: don’t worry ;-) it’s not easy to turn around, walk a different way with a total different sound when most of the guys played together in another band before. We just wanted that our new sound isn’t that heavy, fast and brutal as before. Some more groovy and rockish parts were welcome, less Gothenburg-influences, less blast or mosh parts ...just heavy loud and strong songs, that all...

What about the lyrical content? Who's the author for these lyrics and where do you draw inspiration from?

marco: it’s still my inspiration. But don’t dig too deep please, all lyrics are extensions of feelings, reflections, snapshots, fears, joy, ideas… I hope that someone out there understands;)

Where the spoken word sample opening "Life And Death And You And Me" come from?

marco: that was a long search… and the speaker Jiddu Krishnamurti is worth tons of stories by himself, but to make it short visit Wikipedia for more background knowledge about him. He just found the right words, taken from a long speech about life and death, that fit perfect to our song.

How can kids keep up with latest news on your band and contact you?

Marco: Very easy, myspace, facebook, …you can find all links at

Thanks for taking the time to reply my questions. Anything you wanna add in closing?

marco: thanks for your work!!! maybe someone will notice that we are out there ;-)

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