Sunday, February 19, 2017

DIPLOMATICS relased new LP on Go Down records

DIPLOMATICS is a retro-punk-rock band founded in 2012 by members coming from Vicenza, Italy rock'n'roll and punk scene, and on Feb. the 14th they have put out their brand new LP “I Lost My Soul In This Town” through Go Down records -a small Italian label digging the psych rock, stoner, desert rock, '60s, hard rock, ‘70s sounds since it enstablished itself in 2003.

Watch here the video clip for the song "Hey Loser, You Poser" taken off the new record

 “I Lost My Soul In This Town” is the new album which tells the hardly way to find your bearings and keep standing in the north/east of Italy. This post industrial area is full of factories, crumbling and empty urban centres, foggy country where the only faith is in gaining money.
Most of the songs are about feeling lost in this grey homeland, without the chance to grow and share your own expressivity and creativity. The opening track “Love Boat” is inspired by the passion of the band for partying hard, with rivers of Prosecco wine flowing in the soul music. This song is influenced by The Rolling Stones, with a Motown sound, almost R&B. That’s the same mood of "Sunshine Glow", "Nothing But You" and "Fill It Up”. “You Make Me Crazy” has no space for blues, it is a straight, acid, noisy and sick song. "Hey Loser, You Poser!" is a glam rock song, it has been written in one go, pointing an accusing finger at young people who are too much involved in sharing selfies on social networks and blinded by vanity. “Today” is a ballad with a brit sound which combines the emp- tiness feeling of everyday life with the everlasting need to make some noise. “Moving On” and “Falling Down” are probably the most representative tracks of the album, because they want to put together rhythm & blues, funk and soul with the dark atmospheres of urban punk. “lost” “town” and “soul” are the keywords of this work, so the title is a perfect recap of the mood of the DIPLOMATICS. The album’s arrangements are remarkable: harmonica, sax, trombone, trumpet, piano and chorus help to create the right sound for each song.

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