Monday, May 1, 2017

VLADA INA interview

by marcs77

After having had to go through quite a few email exchanges and countless phone calls, with managers, PRs, you name it, we have finally somehow managed to get hold of the up and coming and hottest a cappella boy-band from Leipzig, Germany. The stylish tanned boys named themselves VLADA INA and while gracing the stage, wearing fresh-from-the-runway looks, they’ll be moshing your asses up with their sounds; ah, these dudes don’t lip-sync, ok?. The Vlada Ina’s are addicted players of Pok√©mon and all things Pok√©monian and, thus far, they have two recordings out; the latest being entitled “True Chill” and out through Toxic Tape records, on cassette, and on 7” vinyl via Powetrip records. Well, here we are, some of above facts are true but a good bunch of other stuff is totally false bullshits. So, read on what Max had to reply to our questions and discover yourselves how to tell the truth from complete falsehood about Vlada Ina. Have a good read!

gan: Hey VLADA INA what’s up?

Hey mate, it's all good! Thanks for your interest in us. It's an honor, really.

gan: You just played the release party show for your second EP “True Chill” (actually you had one post up on fb listing a string of release shows). How did that go? Any kiddo so into you to actually buy the album or they’ll be just going and download that on the internet?

Yeah, we played a couple of release shows the last weeks. They all have been real great, no lies!!! We got good feedbacks and yes we sold a few of that new records. Some kids asking for vinyl but we only got 'True Chill' as tape yet, hopefully the vinyl is ready real soon!

gan: I’m pretty sure you have got to disappoint and even offend some true hardcorers out there with the artwork of your album. Was it something you did on purpose? How and who did come up with such unconventional boyband-ish artwork?

We're still pretty stoked we've done this boyband artwork. It was like a dream come true seeing the finished cover for the first time haha... MarKiss came up with the idea and we did it - as always haha…
But yes I can imagine some people might be offended because of our unconventional style, especially the artworks and designs. We're just 4 dudes making music and we don't take ourselves too serious, we just wanna have fun.

gan: Wanna go a bit back into your band history? You won’t need to go back that far to get to day-one but I’m quite sure you can make it coming up we something interesting. Am I right?

Sure, let me think for one moment... ah… yes haha… I got a story nearly one year ago. We said it was the worst tour ever haha… We were out for 3 weekend shows in Germany and the Czech Republic. Somewhere real deep in East Czech all our money got robbed. Furthermore, we got into a border control on our way back to Germany. We stayed like years in the cold cause the police checked the whole car. When we finally arrived back home Fred and MarKiss had to go straight to work without sleepin'. This was a hell of a ride haha… But to be honest it was a good tour though cause we as friends stuck closer together.

What are some of the bands that influenced your sound and how did you end up being part of this “new” crossover-ish scene that saw many bands like Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, Rotting Out, Angel Du$t, Risk It!, My Turn, Human Touch, our Italians Slander (to name but a very few) mix late 80’s/early 90’s NYHC and crossover hardcore?

There are a lot of bands we're lookin' up to. Gone To Waste (rest in power), Guns Up, Expire and Biohazard just to name a few. Everyone has its personal influences I guess. This all comes together when we're writing new tunes.
gan: Over the last few years, to say the least, everything seems to be oriented towards going back to the heyday of past music genre, sounds or trends and revival them. How does this come?
Because people finally realized the old times were better haha... I personally appreciate this revival a lot.

gan: I like the tune “Working Through Pain”. It’s damn heavy, dark and with that bit of spoken part in it got that mainstream 90’s hardcore metal feel to it. Do you have any songs which cracks what Vlad Ina is all about?

Thanks a lot! I think you can't define a band in just one song. It's more a constant progress in which you try to define you as band and as musicians.

gan: You have been recently on tour with My Turn, Peace Of Mind and Eat Me Fresh. What’s the reception you got? Do you feel like kids like more the newer or older stuff?

Yeah, these were real cool days! We love all the dudes from the bottom of our hearts. The reception was really good, we met new people and had a lot of fun!
It feels like the new tunes got accepted haha… I think the kids like it but 'No More Kisses' is still the most appreciated track of our set.

gan: You’ve got your very first release out on cassette tape through Toxic Tape records (which is putting out “True Chill” as well). How did you get hook up with Marco and what do you think of the cassette tape format? Besides yours, have you actually got to play some when growing up or you’re just too young for these things?

Yeah, Marco did so good both times! Since we knew him already and we said 'let's do tapes' - so we did tapes and never regret it haha… I think tapes are real great, it is old-school! Yes, for sure, we all got our Walkman's smashing music like the coolest when we were kids!

gan: The “classic” release is handled by Leipzig’s Powertrip records, right?

Yes, that's right. Hannes of Powertrip Records hooked us up and handled the release. We're really glad to be part of a label alongside to some of our closest friends and bandmates in EAT ME FRESH, PEACE OF MIND, DEATHBEARER, DEATHTRAP and sick bands like GUILT TRIP, LOSING END and many more.
Besides this we're really thankful for Hannes passionate work and his effort he puts in young bands like us.

gan: Sound-wise I have already stated where do I see you guys but, since the beginnings, Vlada Ina has an attribute, which makes it stand out among the hardcore mob, and this is definitely your 80’ish colorful, tropical, summer, sun and surf themed graphics, logos and visuals –illustrations where Miami Vice meets MTV. Who’s the mind behind all this? It happens your just random fans of that era or there’s something deeper going?

As I said before we're trying to create something different than other bands -we're trying to break new ground. I (Max) did all the artworks but it wasn't something we planned to do, it just happened. Crazy ideas became crazy actions and yeah, the kids went with us and like it, so it's all good haha… And to be honest, who doesn't like sun, palms and beaches?

All these sunny-boy, happy, random visuals which create positive vibes are the complete opposite of the lyrics. MarKiss yells about lost, broken dreams and his rage about society. 'True Chill' not only means 'to chill', it also means 'freezing cold'. That's what we're about: some dudes in a fucked up world.

gan: The infamous Body Count are out with a new record. Do you like it? Or it is just too mainstream for you to care?

WE FUCKING LOVE IT! This album is the real shit.

gan: Ah, what does Vlada Ina mean? It sounds Eastern-ish to me but it could be Mexican…

Haha…none of it. It's an anagram of 'Lavandia', the city in Pokemon which got the damn scariest soundtrack of all fucking time, maybe you heard about the "Lavandia"-syndrome. So it's just as usual: random Vlada Ina content haha…

Stream here their new record "True Chill"

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