Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hardcore-post-everything STORM{O} new album out and first official music video

While writing this entry the guys in STORM{O} are down and busy on the 72-hour-non-stop release party tour for their sophomore full-length record entitled "Ere" -the ride ends tomorrow at Scugnizzo Liberato, Napoli after the four-piece will have played 20 gigs around Italy.
The new album, which has been featured as "album of the day" on bandcamp on Feb. the 6th, 2018, is out through through Moment Of Collapse, Shove records.
The mesmerizing hardcore-post-everything band from Belluno, Italy has just released also the first music video for the song "Mantra" that you can watch here

Stream here the entire album

The link to the bandcamp feature


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